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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dhee Jodi in 5th Episode

Udaya Bhanu gave an excellent performance with Sheker and Kalai Masters . In this 5th episode of dhee5, participants  had given a folk performance on dhee platform.


Masters                    Contestants               Chinni Prakash      Rekha Prakash

Sheker              Prasad and Anusha                    10                            10

Dhana Kumar    Varadharaj & Sruthi                    9                              8

J.V.S                   Sachin & Anshu                       8.5                            8

Poppy                 Tharak & Aparna                      10                            10

Kalai                  Bhushan & Ramya                       8                              8

Dev Kishore        Anil & Anushree                        8                              8


This marks will be carry forwarded to next episode and least scorer will get eliminated. Poppy and Sheker master are in the top spot.

Facebook Center in Hyderabad- Facebook Center of Asia

                     Facebook is the social networking website. Everyone feels that Facebook is the best place for meeting friends, making new friends, sharing photos, play games and many others. They are millions of users using this facebook world wide. Facebook has it’s offices at Palo Alto in California, Dublin in Ireland and Austin in Texas. Now a new branch is going to be opened on 30th September 2010 in Hyderabad which is going to be the center of Asia. This would be the first facebook office in Asia. 400  million people use facebook regularly worldwide.  Of which, 8 million users are from India. The New facebook center has been headed by Mr.Kirthiga Reddy and Manoj Varghese. Facebook center will try to reach the new customers locally as well as internationally. The gossip is that the new facebook center is going to recruit more then 500 members. The company is going to invest $150 million in the initial phase. Mr.Don said that they need a talented people who can understand the needs and serve the users, advertiser, developers. It would be a lucky to have a Facebook office at Hyderabad.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Largest Express Avenue Shopping Mall in Chennai- High Parking Price

                Express Avenue is a largest shopping mall that is constructed in Chennai. All the customers who visited express avenue say that they are charging more for parking than a movie. In Express avenue the movie costs Rp.120/- where as for parking  4 wheeler they are charging 40.Rp for an hour, for bike 20.Rp for 1 hours. For every 1 hour we have to pay extra charges depending on the vehicles type. The another type of parking available at Express avenue shopping mall is premium parking. In this type of marking you can park your vehicle near to the gate. So, that you can easily drive your vehicle while leaving the mall. Buying a movie ticket is very cheap when compared to the parking charges. So, It would be comfortable for the customers if they charge reasonable rates for parking.

Vodafone ZOO ZOO Branded T-Shirts at Shoppers Stop

                        T-Shirts are the common men’s wear which is preferred as a casuals in their daily life. In T-Shirts we can see huge varieties of collections in different stores or showrooms  like pothys, R.S Brothers, J.C Brothers and many. A new pattern of “Zoo Zoo” branded T-shirts in been designed in the year 2010 by Vodafone. This type of Zoo Zoo branded T-shirts are available only at “Shoppers Stop”. You can purchase this zoozoo Vodafone branded T-shirts at Chennai or Hyderabad’s shoppers stop. Zoo zoo T-shirts are available in various colors like black, orange, red, violet, yellow, green and others. On this T-shirts they have designed a zoozoo picture. On each color of T-shirt different zoo zoo picture with different title is present. A small Vodafone tag is been given at the edge of T-shirt’s hand. Zoo zoo T-shirts are very attractive and quite different. Different sizes of  Vodafone zoozooT-shirts are available for men, women as well as kids. The cost of this zoo zoo T-shirt is just for Rs.299/-.

Zoozoo on t-shirtVodafone ZooZoo Branded t shirtVodafone tag on t-shirt

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jasmine oil is a medicine

                 Jasmine is a common flower that is liked by every women. Women loves to adorn the hair with Jasmine flower. Jasmine flower smells good. You can find more then 200 variety of species. The plant can grow up to 15 feet. Jasmine flowers are available in different colors like pink, orange, yellow, white… Most of them prefer white jasmine flower. The oil can be extracted from jasmine flower which can be used as anti-septic and anti depressant. Not only for medicine it is even used for preparing perfumes, syrup, Tea (in China). Jasmine flower will be plucked in the morning because the petals of the jasmine flower will be closely packed. The petals will get opened in the evening during to low temperature. Normally, Jasmine flower should be stored in the cool place (like refrigerator) tightly packed in a cover with out any air inside. This method will keep the flower fresh for 1 day.

GVK ONE Mall at Hyderabad as Biggest Aquarium

                    GVK ONE is one of the biggest as well as famous shopping mall that is located in the Hyderabad. In GVK ONE you can see many stores. Here you can get every items like Clothes(for Men, Women, Kids), Accessories, Electronic items, Jewelry and Food. It would be the best place for the people who wants to do their shopping at one place. As soon as we enter into the GVK ONE shopping mall, we can see a Big Aquarium in a cylindrical shape. In that aquarium 100’s of fishes are been placed. We can have a enjoyable time while seeing those fishes in aquarium. Different colors of fishes are placed in aquarium. GVK ONE is maintained in a clean and hygienic way. Most of the people get crowded to see aquarium. This Shopping mall was launched on 1st May 2009.
                    In GVK ONE we can see a largest parking area for vehicles. In this parking area we can see thousands of cars and bikes are parked. GVK ONE is biggest shopping mall which is constructed in 3,25,000 Sq.ft of space. In GVK ONE shopping mall we can see the international brand products like Calvin Kline Mac, Lerros, Levis, Nike, Adidas and many other. Not only this we can even see other stores for food like KFC, Food Court, etc..,
                   GVK ONE is also having a play area for kids. It consists various video games, basket ball game and others… It will be a good enjoyment spot even for kids. We can also see American Corn stand, Chocolate fountain, ice cream stall and many. This GVK ONE is located at Banjara hills, Just opposite to Taj Krishna Hotel.
Aquarium at GVK ONE
GVK ONE shopping mall Hyderabad
GVK ONE Aquarium
GVK ONE Aquarium
GVK ONE Shopping mall
Biggest Aquarium in Hyderabad at GVK ONE shopping mall

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Latest Virus in Orkut & Twitter Which affects Your computer

Which virus affected the “ORUKT”????

                        While operating the internet, we should to be careful. The unnecessary downloads and accessing some sites will cause dangerous virus affect. Now same virus problem is faced by the famous social networking website “Orkut”. Orkut is been affected by a new virus called as “BOM SABADO”. Bom Sabado is a Portuguese word. The meaning of it in English is “Good Saturday”. Bom Sabado virus affects the profile of a person. Virus started to spread on this Saturday i.e.., 25th September 2010.

How this virus is spread in “ORKUT”???

                          This virus is been spread from one person to another person via “SCRAP”. When a person signs into his/her profile and reads the affected scrapbook (that is affected by this Bom Sabado). Cookies gets stolen and automatically it generates the message and send it as the scrap to the friends from that affected profile. In this way it is been spreading to many profile. The automated scraps looks like a normal scrap. So friends beware of the this virus and be careful while opening a link in the scraps.

How to protect your Orkut profile or computer from this Bom Sabado virus???

                           If your profile is been affected by virus then immediately change your Password as well as Security question. Then log out from your account as soon as it possible. Don’t open your orkut account until the virus problem get solved. This type of virus attack was faced by orkut in February 2010.

Similar type of virus attack on “Twitter”???

                          Twitter is a another social networking website or micro blogging website. It is been attacked by the computer worm. Twitter received XSS exploit. If this virus attacks your computer then it may get shut down.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Culture Meter Middle East & Africa - In Focus : Bahrain

The name ‘Bahrain’ is derived from an Arabic word meaning ‘two seas’. This refers to the freshwater springs and salty seawater found around the country.

History, Language, Places of Importance and Interest
Bahrain is a group of 33 islands in the Middle East. It has been occupied since prehistoric times and was the seat of the ancient Dilmun civilization and also a key trading centre. After being under Portuguese and Persian rules, the al-Khalifa family (also the current ruling family) secured it. The family approached the UK for help in protecting the region following which Bahrain became a British protectorate. In 1971, it became an independent nation. Since then it has witnessed rapid modernization and is considered the fastest growing nation in the Arab world.
Some facts
 Capital : Manama
 Population : 728,709 (Jul 2010 est., CIA factbook)
 Religion : Islam
 Languages : Arabic (official), English (widely spoken)
 Time   zone : GMT +3
 Currency : Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Places of importance and interest
·  Manama: The capital city, Manama is the largest city in the country and is the economical, political and cultural hub of the country. Al-Fateh Mosque, the largest mosque in Bahrain with a capacity to house around 7000 people, is one of the attractions in Manama. Other places of interest include the Bahrain National Museum, the Pearl Monument and the Manama souq  (traditional market). Two landmarks in the city are the Bahrain World Trade Centre and Bahrain Financial Harbour. The Tree of Life, a solitary tree in the middle of a desert, is situated near Manama.
·  Bahrain Fort: Located on Bahrain Island, the fort is UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The Qal’at Al Bahrain, as it is known in Arabic, is an archaeological site and offers a glimpse into the country’s history as the site of the Dilmun civilization.
·  Khamis Mosque : It is said to be the first mosque to be built in Bahrain. The foundations of the mosque date back to the seventh century.
·  Other interesting places include the Arad Fort, the Riffa Fort, Dilmun Burial Grounds and the Al Areen Nature Park.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cartoon Balloons at Tank Band

               Hi friends, Tank band is a place where most of them come on the week end to enjoy with their family. Tank band has a excellent view because of the presence of water, lights, Buddha Statue, garden and so on… Especially for kids, tank band would be a great place for their enjoyment. At Tank band Cartoon Balloon is available which would be a best toy for the kids. You can see various cartoon on the balloons like Donald Duck, Elephant, Zebra, Teddy Bear and So on… Cartoon balloons are even available at very cheap rates Just for RP.20. Most of the kids hold cartoon balloon in their hands, walk around the tank band and many kids play with Cartoon balloon. Since it is present at low cost each kid carries even two balloons with different cartoon. This cartoon balloons attracted the children very much with their different colors. Every kid must get the wonderful cartoon Balloon and wish that they have wonderful time !!!!!
Cartoon Balloon
Donald Duck Balloon

Scientists say that World ends on 21st Dec 2012

Hi friends, no one knows that when world is come to end but their is a myth that the world would end on 21st December 2012. Most of the scientist say this with a reason, that all the planets in the orbit is going to come in a straight line which leads to the loss of attraction force between them. Due to this a serious damage will be occurred to the earth and no human being will be alive. A solar tuffan will be occurred which will emit a fire rays which causes damage. Most of them belief that the Earthquake, Floods, Tsunami and others are the symptoms of the world coming to end. So, no one knows what happens to the earth on 21st Dec 2012. To know the truth we have to wait till 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Ganesh Laddu at Highest Price in Auctions

              The Ganesh Laddu will be in auctions after offering puja for 11 days. The Ganesh Chaturithi came to an end on 22nd September 2010. In this year 2010, Ameerpet Laddu was the most costliest laddu. Most of them will bid for the laddu and the highest bidder will be the winner of the laddu. Some of the laddu’s fetches in lakhs of rupees. This fetched laddu will be spreaded in the plots or in the farming area. Their is a myth that this will increase the agriculture as well as fertility of the land.


             PLACE                            PRICE( COST)                   WINNER OF LADDU

Ameerpet (Hyderabad):           6.5 Lakhs (18kg)-                  Vaka Vasudeva Rao

Dechavaram (Guntur):              5.99 Lakhs (21Kg)                 Pemmasani Srinivas Rao

Balapur(Hyderabad Old city) :   5.3 Lakhs (21 Kg)                  Sridhar

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Balapur Laddu Sold at 5.35 Lakhs in 2010 (Missed 5.5 Lakhs)

             Balapur Ganesh is quite famous for laddu. Every year Balapur laddu fetches in lakhs of rupees. In this 2010, Saritha has bidded for 5.5 lakhs but she was unable to pay that amount on spot. So, they declared Sridhar has a winner who was the close bidder for Saritha. He got Balapur laddu for 5.35 Lakhs (5,35,000 Rupees). 

Dhee Jodi Marks in 4th Episode for Jodi Performance

In Dhee Jodi 5 Special gave a excellent jodi performance on 22nd September 2010. Since it was the first performance, they got many drawbacks that they need to correct it. The points were given to each jodi according to their dance. The following are the scores that each participant scored.

Dhana Kumar’s jodi got-   9 & 9 from Chinni Prakash and Rekha Prakash

ShekerMaster’s Jodi got-  8 & 8

Poppy Master’s Jodi got-  8.5 & 8.5

devaki kishore jodi -          7 & 7

kalei jodi-                          8.5 & 8.5

JVS Master’s jodi-             9.5 & 9.5

They declared that ths marks word be carry forwarded to episode 5th Episode.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thanjavur – Thanjai - Tanjore

Thanjavur also known as Thanjai is situated in the Eastern Part of Tamil Nadu and Southeastern Part of India, properly situated in the Cauvery delta known as the rice – bowl of Tami Nadu. It is one of the oldest cities in India, which has a long and varied history. Thanjavur is an important Town for South Indian arts and Architectures. The famous Thanjavur Doll which is very famous named ( “Thanjavur Thalayatti Pommai” in Tamil)

The Big Temple ( “Thanjai Periya Kovil” in Tamil) which is situated in Thanjavur is announced as World Heritage Monument by UNESCO. Thanjavur Town is surrounded by agricultural lands. Thanjavur is connected by roads and railways with other cities in Tamil Nadu. The Airport which is nearest to Thanjavur is situated in Tiruchirapalli is about 56 kms from Thanjavur and The Harbor which is nearest to Thanjavur is situated in Nagapattinam is about 85 kms from Thanjavur.

The Name Thanjavur is derived from the Word Tanjan and also has been derived from the Word Than-sei-oor, it means that the place is surrounded by green paddy fields and rivers. There are 90 temples situated in the Thanjavur Town, which is favored by the Chola rulers. The Big Temple which also known as Brihadeeswara Temple, built by Rajaraja Chola was completed around 1010 A.D. Thanjavur is located in the center of the Indian State of Tamil Nadu also located in the center of the Cauvery Delta about 350 kms from Chennai which is the State Capital of Tamil Nadu.

The Sarawasthi Mahal Library is situated in the Center part of the Town, in that Library over 30,000 Indian and European written on palm leaf and papers are available. Thanjavur economy is mainly based on agro. Major crops of Thanjavur are Paddy, Banana, Coconut, Ragi, Sugarcane, Black Gram, Green Gram and Red Gram.

Diwali or Deepavali Date's for Coming Up Years

Diwali is one of the best festival for Hindu's. Every one can enjoy the festival with crackers, Sweets as well as new dress. Every one would like to know when would be the diwali festival for next years:

In 2010- November 5,  Friday

In 2011- October 26,   Wednesday

In 2012- November 13, Tuesday

In 2013- November 3,  Sunday

In 2014- October 12,    Thursday

In 2015- November 11, Wednesday

In 2016- October 30,     Sunday

In 2017- October 19,     Thursday

In 2018- November 7,    Wednesday

In 2019- October 27,     Sunday

In 2020- November 14,  Saturday

In 2021- November 4,    Thursday

In 2022- October 24,     Monday

In 2023- November 12,  Sunday

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Latest Movie Villain in Maa Tv on 25th Sep 2010

              Hi friends, Every one likes Aishwarya rai's acting, she attracts every one with her beauty. Here recent film was Vellain in Telugu. It was even released in Tamil and Hindi with the name "Raavana". In the movie Villain, Aishwarya is the heroin and Abishak Bachan and Vikram are the heroin in that movie. A happy news is that Maa Tv is going to telecast the Villain film at 25th September 2010 i.e.., Sunday on 1'o clock. So stay tuned to Maa Tv and enjoy the movie Villain.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Akshaya Samman & 1 lakh to Llaiyaraaja in October

              Next month ie.., in October a function is going to be held by Akshaya Mohanty Foundation. A surprising news is that in this function 1 lakh rupees and a appreciation letter is going to be awarded to the great llaiyaraaja. For his excellent performance in music field, he received a prestigious Akshaya Samman in this year 2010. Ilaiyaraaja is the famous Tamil composer, singer as well as lyricist. Ilaiyaraaja is a 67 years old Indian music director who worked with London Philharmonic Orchestra. Government of India awarded him 3 best music composer awards in 1984,1986 and 1988. We can say that he is the king in this music field, because he did his cultural doctorate of music by world university round table. He hold a doctorate degree from annamalai and Madurai Kamraj University.   

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Pictures in Hyderabad

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Pictures in Hyderabad
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010
               During "Vinayaka Chavathi", Lord Ganesha's idol is placed in each and every colony and worshiped for 11 days. In 2010, "Vinayaka chavati" was on 11th of September and "Ananta Chaturthi" is on 22nd September. On Ananta Chaturuthi, idol of ganapati is immersed in water which is called as Nimarjanam (in Telugu). The tallest and biggest ganesh is placed at Secunderabad (Hyderabad), in a area called as Khairatabad. So, the Ganesh placed in that area is called as "Khairatabad Ganesh". The ganesh at Khairatabad is 50 feet tall and 500kg laddu is placed on his hand. On the day of nimarjanam, the laddu will be sold i.e.., bidding will be done by people. The higher bidder will get this laddu. The ganesha is designed with 5 heads and a 5 headed snake is placed behind him. Two peacock is placed near his leg. On the right side of ganesha, God Lakshmi and venkatawara Swamy idol is been placed. Similarly on left side, Naga devata idol is placed. The Lord ganesh with 5 head is called as "Panchamuka Ganesh". Swamy Ganesha is well decorated with flowers & money garland . Most of them come to Khairatabad to see this idol as well as to worship him. Below are the pictures taken on 12th September 2010.

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Pictures in Hyderabad
Right Side of Khairatabad Ganesh 2010
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Pictures in Hyderabad
Left Side of Khairatabad Ganesh 2010
Click here to view more images of Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 !!!!

Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad

Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
Floods on 16th Sep 2010 at morning 6'o clock in Old City Hyderabad
             Hi friends, a incident occurred in old city Hyderabad on 16th September 2010 at Shivaji nagar Colony Aliabad due to heavy rains. Heavy rain started at 4'o clock morning, by 6 rain water started flowing on the roads and even water entered into the house's. The water was flowing in such a way that no one can come out of their houses. The rain stopped at 9'o clock. As soon as the rain stopped drainage water starts flowing but flow of drainage water was continued for 2 days. . Water will come from the near by colony's and flows from this Shivajinagar colony. After 9am school children and adults started going to schools and offices. The colony people were planning to give a complain to government at that time joint collector came to the old city and visited the area of floods. Lets hope they will solve the problem of this water flowing. This are the photos taken while floods on 16th September 2010.

Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
Floods in Old City Hyderabad in Shivaji Nagar Colony
Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
Water entered into the house
Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
Children going to school at 9.30am after the completion of rain
Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
Flow of Drainage after the rain at 10am
Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
People Started their routine work after rain
Floods on 16th September 2010 at Old City Hyderabad
Completion of rain cut still water flows at 2'o clock

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dhee Jodi 5 Special Couple

            In 3rd episode of Dhee Jodi, We all came to know about the couples or partners participating in this reality game show Dhee Jodi.

Dhana Master- Varadaraj & Sruthi
Poppy Master- Tharak & Aparna
Sheker Master- Prasad & Anusha
Kalia Master- Bushan & Ramya
J.V.S- Sachin & Anju
Dev Kishore- Anil & Anushree

To know more about this jodi we have to wait till next episode.

Dhee Jodi Male Contestants on 3rd Episode

             Every one is eagerly waiting for knowing about the male participants. In the 3rd episode of "Dhee Jodi", they have announced the male contestants who are going to participate and masters selected them by using the card which has been telecasted in ETV on 15th September 2010.

The male participants in Dhee Jodi were:
1. Varada Raj
2. Tharak
3. Prasad
4. Bushan
5. Sachin
6. Anil

The masters selected them by using the following cards:
a. Dhana Master- Varada Raj (Diamond Card)
b. Poppy Master- Tharak (Diamond Card)
c. Sheker Master- Prasad (Gold Card)
d. Kalia Master- Bushan (Diamond Card)
e. J.V.S Master- Sachin (Gold Card)
f. Dev Kishore- Anil (Diamond Card)

In next episode this participants are going to perform a couple dance.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Immersion of Ganesh in Tank Bund during Vinayaka Chaturti

               We all know that Ganapati will be immersed in water on "Ananta Chaturti" i.e.., 22nd of September 2010. Lord Ganesh is immersed in water after 11 days because water is called as "Ganga" Mother of Ganesha. Various Ganesh idol are immersed in various areas like Rajanabai, Hussain Sagar (Tank band) and many others. Among them most of them prefer to immerse the Lord ganapati in Tank Band which is located at Hyderabad. The immersion process at tank band is taking place since 1980's. Many cranes has been arranged during this festival in various areas. Even in tank band most of the cranes will be placed to help out the disciple. On the Ananth Chaturthi most of them visit tank band to see that immersion. This Lord Ganesha's immersions process will start from third day of "Vinayaka Chaturti". We can observe most  of the crowd at tank band during this event of immersion. The biggest, huge and tallest ganesh like Khairatabad ganesh, Balapur ganesh, Aliyabad ganesh and many others are also immersed in tank band. So, from this itself we can come to know the important role of tank band during the Vinayaka chaturthi festival.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suma Best Telugu TV anchor

        Suma is one of the best tv anchor in Telugu. Most of the audience like the suma's anchoring because it consists of silly jokes, funny comments and innocent smile. She has stolen the heart of all the Telugu audience by her innocent and dignified look. She is popular in various channels like ETV, Gemini Tv, Maa Tv, Zee telugu and many other. She also anchors for the various movies audio release and movie release functions. She did anchoring in various game shows like Pattu kunta pattu chira, Lady boss, Star Mahila and many more. She started her career with a tv serial named as " Pelli Chupulu". The show which she has done got a good remark from the Telugu audience.

Suma Best Telugu TV anchor
Suma the Best Telugu Tv Anchor

          A interesting news is that a game show of her that is "Star Mahila" has made a record of completing the 500 episode successful. It may even reach to 1000 episode soon. For this show it self we can say that suma is the best anchor in Telugu Channel.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Balapur Ganesh Laddu 2010 price

         Hi friends, Balapur is located at Old City Hyderabad. We all know that during Vinayaka Chavati, every Hindu rise a statue of ganapati and worships it for 11 days. Khairatabad Ganesh is given importance as a bigger and taller Ganesh statue at Hyderabad. Whereas Balapur Ganesh is quite famous for Laddu. Most of the bidder come to Balapur early in the morning of immersion day. The bidding starts at 9 Am. Every year the laddu at Balapur Ganesh fetches in lakhs. The Ganesh Statue will be placed by Bhagayanagar Utsava Samithi every year respectively.

          The biding was started in the year 1994, the winner of Balapur laddu was Kollan Mohan reddy for 450 Rp. Gradually the price of Balapur laddu increased to lakhs.

List of balapur laddu price:

1994- 450 Rp
1995- 2,500 Rp
1996-18,000 Rp
1997- 28,000 Rp
1998- 51,000 Rp
1999- 65,000 Rp
2000- 66,000 Rp
2001- 85,000 Rp
2002- 1,05,000 Rp
2003- 1,55,000 Rp
2004- 2,01,000 Rp
2005- 2,08,000 Rp
2006- 3,00,000 Rp
2007- 4,15,000 Rp
2008- 5,07,000 Rp
2009- 5,10,000 Rp
2010- ???????? Rp -------- Lets wait and see

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Latest Khairatabad Ganesh 2010
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Images

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Khairatabad Ganesh Right Side
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
khairatabad ganesh Left Side

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Khairatabad Ganesh at Center

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Panchamuka khairatabad ganesh 2010

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Tallest Khairatabad Ganesh 2010
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Biggest Khairatabad Ganesh 2010

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
khairtabad ganesh's Right Side Idol

Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Lakshmi Idol
Khairatabad Ganesh 2010 Latest photos at Hyderabad
Venkateshwara Idol

Ganesh with 5 head and with a 5 headed snake behind
Best Ganesh of 2010

This is the photos of 2010 Khairatabad Ganesh. Lets wait and see how 2012 Khairatabad Ganesh is going to be designed.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Floods at Old City Hyderabad

Floods at Old City Hyderabad
Floods at old city
Floods at Old City Hyderabad
Situation at old city Hyderabad during floods
Floods at Old City Hyderabad
Completion of rain
           Hi friends, We all know that during heavy rain most of the colony get filled with water. The same condition exist in the old city Hyderabad during rainy season. The people at Shivaji nager colony at Aliyabad also faces the problem of overflowing rain water. Even if the rain continuous for half an hour the water starts flowing but the one advantage is that as soon as the rain stops we can see that the flow of water also becomes less and stops with in 1 hour completely. During this heavy rainfall, most of the water gets inside the houses and gates. Below are some of the photos taken while heavy rainfall during rainy season.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Made Chilli Chicken- Restaurant Taste

            Making tasty and delicious Home Made Chilli Chicken is very simple and easy. If chilli chicken is more juicy it tastes really fine. This chilli chicken can be served as a side dish or snacks. To make home made chilly chicken we need basic items as following.

Boneless chicken- 1/2 kg
Pepper powder- to taste
Salt to taste
Chilli powder- to taste
Ginger garlic paste-1 spoon
Corn flower- 2 spoon
Egg- 1
Cumin seeds- 1/2 spoon
Soya sauce- 1 spoon
Curry leaves- 10 leaves
Chilli pieces- 5 chilli
Saffron Color

Home Made Chilli Chicken 
Preparation Process:

1. Take Boneless chicken in the bowl and clean it well.
2. Add little amount of chilly powder, Salt, Pepper Powder, Ginger Garlic Paste, Cumin seeds to boneless chicken.
3. Then add cornflower powder and egg.
4. Fry this in oil until it becomes light golden in color.
5. Take a frying pan, pour 2 table spoon of oil.
6. Add cumin Curry leaves, Chilli pieces, Cumin powder, Ginger garlic paste, Pepper powder Soya sauce, Saffron color and soaked boneless chicken pieces.

Easy Home Made Chilly ChickenHome MadeChilly Chicken

    Read more about Hyderabad Pista House Haleem & Ganesh Laddu

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010

    Masters and Female Participants in Dhee Jodi Special

                      At last we came to know about the maters in dhee jodi spical. They are 6 masters who are going to entertain us with a dance war between them. The masters were:
    • Dev Kishore Master
    • J. V.S Master
    • Kalai Master
    • Dhana Kumar Master
    • Poppy Master
    • Sekher Master
    For each masters they are going to give 2 participants i.e.., 1 female and 1 male. In episode 2 the female participants were introduced.
    • Ramya
    • Sruthi
    • Anju
    • Anusha
    • Aparna
    • Anushree
    In this episode 2 each master selected the female contestants using a following cards:
    • Kalia Master- Ramya (Gold Card)
    • Dhana Kumar Master- Shruthi (Gold Card)
    • J.V.S Master- Anju (Dimond Card)
    • Sekher Master- Anusha (Diamond Card)
    • Poppy Master- Aparna (Gold Card)
    • Dev Kishore Master- Anushree( Silver Card)
    Read about ETV Dhee4 Winners

    Google Ball Logo – No Links

    Google have introduced a new Ball Logo, which is not having any links to know the meaning of the logo. Usually if you click the google logo link you could see the meaning of the logo.  But this is not possible with the new Ball Logo by google . Watch the interesting video of google’s Ball Animated Logo.


    Tuesday, September 7, 2010

    Geographical Indication for Hyderabad Haleem

    With the list of Geographical Indication for Tripathi Laddu, Kanchi Silks, Haleem is also awarded for GI (Geographical Indication). This will be known as Hyderabad Haleem. In Hyderabad, Haleem Makers Association selling the delicious dish  called Haleem. Owner of Pista House Mohammad Abdul Majad said that, To stop fake Haleem they have got the Geographical Indication for Hyderabad Haleem. 

    Hyderabad Haleem prepared with ghee, mutton and wheat. The process of cooking this Hallem is a time taken one. In a low heat, nearly 12 hours  haleem should be cooked to get  such a paste like form.  Muslims enjoy this food in their Ramalan Month. Chennai, Mumbai, Madurai, Bangalore are also famous for this Haleem, But with the latest GI then we except Hyderabad, no one will use the name Hyderabad Haleem in any other cities.

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Genes Game Show On ETV

               A new game show is going to be telecasted in ETV. The game is named as Genes- A king of all game show is the caption of the game. They have given some promos in TV. From the promo we can know that is a matching game. Suppose Krishna father of Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan Tej and so on.... According to public talk this game show is going to start on 4th September 2010. To know more information about Genes games show we have to wait for a while. Let's hope this show would be  a grand success like Dhee, Star Mahila and so on....

    Thursday, September 2, 2010

    First Day in Office

    The first day in the professional career would be a memorable one for every one. It is important to put up with the new environment since it is the first step in one’s career. All the people whom an individual meets in the office would be new and we would have to build a comfort zone with them. There are few points which have to be followed in the first day at office

    Be on time to the office – reaching office little early has many advantages like we would be able to analyze the environment etc.

    First impression is the best impression – Be in formal business dress and carry yourself with ease and comfort.

    It is ok to be nervous since the first job will create lot of butterflies in our stomach but one needs to overcome that with a pleasant smile.

    When you are being introduced to your boss offer a firm hand shake and have a straight eye contact. Wish your boss and introduce yourself briefly to him.

    When you are being introduced to your team mates, extend a friendly smile and tell your name. Don’t maintain too much of distance with them, since that would make them not to stick with you. Also don’t be very casual with them since they might take you for granted.

    Ask your HR for the employee hand book since that would have all the information an employee requires to know about the organization.

    By following the above simple rules one can create a positive impact as well as have a successful career start.

    St.Mark Boys Town High School, Jahanuma, Hyderabad

               Education is very important aspect in life. Every parent wants to provide good education to their children. When a child becomes 2 and half years parents start inquiring about various schools to give good quality of education. So, when you join your child in a school we see facilities provided by them such as classrooms, playground, library, computer lab and many more.

               In old city Hyderabad the best school is St. Mark Boys Town High School which contains all the facilities that is required for the students. It has a  50 years of history. The children studied in Boys town high school mostly have good communication skills. The faculties over their always speaks in English with the children. The regular attendance will be taken to maintain the records of the children. Every Saturday exercise classes will be taken to keep the children’s mind active. The class rooms and playgrounds are maintained neatly. The school has Computer lab, play ground, play area, basket ball court, Library and many more. Every Monday assembly will be arranged to know various information's. From every class the house leaders are made. They are responsible for maintaining the class. This leadership was given to increase the leader ship quality and responsibility. Admissions are available from nursery to 10th class. In each class they are 5 divisions called as A,B,C,D,E. This school is located at Jahanuma, Near Shama Theater,Hyderabad.

                Various events takes place on special occasions like Gandhi Jayanthi, Teachers Day, Children 's Day, Annual Day and many others. On that day various cultural activities will be performed like dancing, singing, drama, prize distribution for the winners in various competition like essay, sports, story telling, etc.., So,I think it is the best school in Hyderabad.

    Address of St. Mark Boys Town High School:
    Near Shama Theater,

    Wednesday, September 1, 2010

    Dhee Jodi Special Masters announced on 1st September

             Dhee jodi special has started on 1st September 2010. This dance show was started with anchor Undaya Bhanu. Then Rekha Prakash Master and her husband Chinni Prakash gave a fabulous dance performance. Next it was continued with Masters who are going to participate.
    • Firstly, Dav Kishore master gave his performance on Dhee platform.
    • Secondly, J.V.S Master had a dance on dhee show.
    • Thirdly,Kalai Master (Chinni Master's student)
    • Fourthly, Poppy Master (She already participated in dhee4)
    • Fifthly, Sekher Master (Participated in Dhee2)
    • Sixthly, Ravi Kumar Master
    Let wait and see who are the corresponding dancers for those dance masters.