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Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day in Office

The first day in the professional career would be a memorable one for every one. It is important to put up with the new environment since it is the first step in one’s career. All the people whom an individual meets in the office would be new and we would have to build a comfort zone with them. There are few points which have to be followed in the first day at office

Be on time to the office – reaching office little early has many advantages like we would be able to analyze the environment etc.

First impression is the best impression – Be in formal business dress and carry yourself with ease and comfort.

It is ok to be nervous since the first job will create lot of butterflies in our stomach but one needs to overcome that with a pleasant smile.

When you are being introduced to your boss offer a firm hand shake and have a straight eye contact. Wish your boss and introduce yourself briefly to him.

When you are being introduced to your team mates, extend a friendly smile and tell your name. Don’t maintain too much of distance with them, since that would make them not to stick with you. Also don’t be very casual with them since they might take you for granted.

Ask your HR for the employee hand book since that would have all the information an employee requires to know about the organization.

By following the above simple rules one can create a positive impact as well as have a successful career start.

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