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Friday, May 22, 2020

Precautions to be taken while shopping due to corona virus infection

We all know that the covid-19, which is also known as corona is spreading rapidly in India. Not only in India, it has created a threatening pandemic all over the world. 

After a long period of lockdown, India had got some relaxations to start up the business. But all the people of India should remember that we are still in the hands of this deadly virus. We can stop this viral infection only if each and every person should be very careful and take some set of precautions when they go out.

Here they have opened up all the shopping places so you might think to have shopping for this RAMZAN. you can have  wonderful shopping if you follow set of rules

Here are some of the precautions to be taken when you go out to have shopping. Shopping can be vegetables, fruits, cloths or anything.
  • Before starting from home for shopping, set all your dress and towel ready in the bathroom.
  • Make sure that you will always wear mask when you step out of the house and carry alcohol based sanitizer with you.
  • Should be very alert that you never touch your eyes, nose, mouth and ears especially when you go out. (this the only way through which the virus may enter your body)
  • Avoid touching the other surfaces (such as tables, walls, gates and so on) with your hands because it might be touched by many other peoples.
  • Avoid going to the crowded places for shopping. If you enter stores for shopping maintain some social distance with the shop keeper. Ensure that even they wear mask.
  • Avoid eating outside food for few more months because we don’t know will they follow hygienic issue (like wear mask and gloves while cooking). 
  • Take your own water bottle and snacks with you and make sure that you sanitize your hands before touching your belongings.
  • Once you finish your Ramzam shopping during this pandemic. When you return home it will be better to keep all the things in sunlight for 2 hours. Some scientist says that virus can’t be active in sunlight for more time. Keep those thinks untouched for min 3 days. (Fruits and vegetables can be washed in salt and turmeric water because we need to use it as fresh it is).
  • Immediately once you step into the house wash your hands well with soap. Remove your mask and wash it with soap and water. Have a fresh bath and put those cloths which you were worn into the hot water.
  • These steps can be followed by each and every one who even goes to the office for work during this covid 19 pandemic.
Hope that by following this set of rules or precautions we can have a wonderful shopping. India can overcome this pandemic if each and everyone follow this precautions.