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Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Nathella Designer Jewellery Collections

Looking for jewells,that too for your little princess & prince,put stop for searching all the online shops,here is the solution for all your little one's need, here is nathella, yes i know, you are very familiar with this name this is the same jewellery shop where you buy all your jewels for the past 6 decades,the nathella jewellery has started its new unique collections for the little dolls. We know that in India jewels takes a big part in each and every day,we have so many festivals, so may customs and celebrations, for all these we will and we have to buy jewells. Starting from the birth of the child, as her or his age grows number of jewells grows,so we should know the latest designs and prices of the jewells.
unlike selecting sarees we will not give choices for the shops especially when it comes to Jewells, we will always stick with one or two jewellery shops, but when we look for the latest designs we can’t satisfy our little one’s, we have no other choice of moving to another jewellery shop if they don't get the jewells of their choice ,but nathella has a uniqueness of bringing the new customers and keeping their old customers with them, this time they have come up with the new thought of having collections for kids.

No other stores can offer you this wonderful saving schemes because this is a great chance for you to save your money. Now while purchasing the product you can able to enjoy the zero percent wastage, making charges and vat. You can able to purchase the gold on monthly installment payable basis for 12 months.

antique jewell collections are always evergreen, like we say old is gold, you can see the detailed work in our antique jewells, nathella always show their specialist in carving jewells especially for kids, here i have shown only some examples of their designes,when you ornament for kids with this antique nahtella Jewells, you can imagine your kids as a real goddess who has directly come from the heaven. You can able to get excellent nathella gold jeweler designs over there. If you just visit the nathella gallery then you will come to about the collections they have for kids. They are amazing image for diamond collections for kids.

These are the diamond collections for our little diamonds. This precious diamond jewell collections for our little ones are really adorable, in which they will glow like a diamond doll
Forgot about boys no way, here is some beautiful platinum jewell collections for boys
what do you think when you look at these collections, imagining your prince wearing these Jewells, don’t just stop of imagining, get ready soon to go to little nathella Chennai, take your little prince with you,buy some good collections for him & make him as real prince.

take your long breath to some more awesome ruby,emerald jewell collections
Oh!! that's enough of making fun with just showing these images, start glowing today, buy these beautiful ruby,emerald collections,make your princess & prince to proud of their parents.
here i will tell about their beautiful new arrival of jewell collections,
when there is some new arrival in our family I mean new baby,definitely we will buy something for them, why it shouldn't be gold that too from little nathella chennai,they have some lovely heart shaped diamond pendants for the cute little ones.

for brahmin community they will have a grand celebration for their boys,we call that as poonal kalyanam,for that we have to buy something, yes we call that as panchapathram,in that also they have shown their talent,they have created a beautiful lotus printed panchapathram set, imagine how will you be proud when you do that grand function with these beautiful set.

we will never forget to celebrate our krishna jayanti, what do we do on that day, we will decorate our little prince as little krishna rite, little nathella really do wonders by making little krishna ornament set with anklets, lord krishna surely will come directly on that day to see our little krishna wearing these Krishna Jewell set. If I have to say about these collections from little nathella chennai, it will take one more year for finishing. ok I am getting ready now to buy some lovely collections for my prince, see you there in little nathella chennai bye

Take your little angels with you and give them a huge choices of selecting their own jewels with their full satisfaction. Let all your festivals glow with your little nathella Jewells glowing angels.
You can Find the little Nathella advertisement video in the following link.

Nathella Ads Video


37, South Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017

225, Purasawakkam High Road, Chennai - 600 010

C 36, Second Avenue, 
near 12th main road 
Anna Nagar, Chennai.600040

27, Velachery Main Road 
Velachery, Chennai 600042.

Have a sparkling celebration with little nathella

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