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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ahmed Bros–Special Textile Showroom For Men and Women

Ahmed Bros is the textile and readymade shop found in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Ahmed Bros shop in Trichy is mostly famous for MEN’S. Apart from other textile shops in Trichy, Ahmed Bros has a large variety of collections especially for MEN’S. Ahmed Bros is located in Singarathope Street of the rock city, Trichy. All college guys and young smart men’s walk-in to Ahmed Bros shop to grab their favorite shirts and new designs of pants on best rates. The quality of Ahmed Bros dress is good and the prices are reasonable. You can find exciting discounts for Ramzan, Muharram, Bakrid, Christmas, New Year, Pongal, Diwali etc...


  • Half Sleeve Shirts
  • Round Neck T shirts
  • Collar Neck T shirts
  • Short T shirts
  • T shirts
  • Denim Shirts
  • Silk Material Shirts
  • Kurta with design works ah
  • Pyjamas
  • Formal Pants
  • Jeans Pant
  • Cargo Pants

Apart from Men’s collection, you can purchase readymadeclip_image004 materials for Women’s and Kid’s. You can also get large varieties on Salwars and Churidars. Anyone from Trichy surely recommends Ahmed Bros showroom as best shopping place for guy’s to check out first in the whole area. Ahmed Bros is started long back in Trichy district and this shop is still the famous and preferred one by its valuable customers. Inside this shop, you can see chat items and ice cream shop for the kids to enjoy the place.

Ahmed Bros also have large varieties of designer sarees collection. Customers are always happy to purchase dress in Ahmed Bros due to its excellent customer service and giving new varieties to the younger generations.

Ahmed Bros contains lots of collections in all sizes and also attractive, gentle and cool color shirts. This shop is always crowded with its unbeatable customers. Ahmed Bros motto is to provide great satisfaction to its customer’s at anytime and make them happy by providing them the best dresses for all occasions.


21, Singarathope Street, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), India 620008.

Phone Number: 0431 – 2705570.

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