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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Senthil Murugan Jewellers Madurai SMJ

Senthil Murugan Jewellers Madurai SMJ
Senthil Murugan Jewellers Pvt Ltd is one of the best leading Jewellery showroom in Madurai City.  Senthil Murugan jewellery store is located at West Masi Street in Madurai city. This jewellery store is now maintained by Sri.N. Pandurengan sons – Mr. P. Kamal and Mr. P. Srinath. They are working hard to bring the brand name to the next level. Senthil Murugan Jewellers is the new and biggest showroom with around 8500 square feet.

SMJ Lucky Gold
You can exchange your old gold jewels in senthil murugan jewellary using their lucky gold. There is no seikooli ( making charges ) and setharam ( wastage ) for your old gold.
There is no making charges and wastage added for all silver jewellery.
Senthil Murugan Jewllery discounts
For all silver gift articles you will get 20 percent discount. Senthil Murugan Silvers Senthil Murugan Jewellers Madurai   There are a lot of collections of designs, styles and trends in jewellery which are both traditional and as well as contemporary tastes and best in its quality of service. Senthil Murugan Jewellers are dealing with gold, diamond and kundan ornaments. All precious stones, birth stones are available here.
Senthil Murugan Jewels
The online website of Senthil Murugan Jewellery is updated daily with the current gold rate and discount offers for that particular month which gives there customer better idea and the best or auspicious day to purchase gold.  Senthil Murugan Jewellers includes Senthil Murugan Jewellersuncountable collections of bangles, bracelet, chain, pendant, haram, studs, necklace, rings and closet. Senthil Murugan Jewellers introduced their own industry TV commercial and AD campaigns.
Senthil Murugan Jewels
This jewellery store is now more than 40 years old maintaining its tradition and expertise in this golden industry. It has modernized the market today with the innovative concept of gold supermarket. Senthil Murugan Jewellers topmost goal is bring new way of shopping experience Senthil Murugan Jewellers Silverand to present customer with latest styles and awesome designs in the Jewellery industry.
Senthil Murugan Jewellers is known for TRUST, SERVICE, HOSPITALITY and QUALITY.
SMJ Madurai

Senthil Murugan jewellery shop was started in the year 1960’s and the founder of this elegant showroom is Sri. N. Pandurengan along with his brothers.  First it started as a small shop which primarily focused on customer requirement and quality service. With the years passing, Senthil Murugan Jewellers became expertise in the business and now it is a successfully FAMILY SHOP to all its dynamic customers.
SMJ Lucky gold offer 

253A, 254, 255, West Masi Street, Madurai - 625 001.
TamilNadu, India.
Phone: +91 452 4230415
Website: http://senthilmuruganjewels.com

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