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Friday, September 8, 2017

Big Boss Wilson Raiza in pulimottil Silk Advertisement

Wilson Pulimoottil Silk is one of the famous garments in Kerala. Raiza also starred in the pulimottil advertisement. After her participation in BIG BOSS, she became more popular and well known model in Chennai. The costume she worn in that saree advertisement was really awesome. It brought a great look of a bride.

She as done many advertisement which are coming into light. Hope here after she will get many offers in future. Recently she started to act in movies for small role.

List of the Big Boss Raiza advertisement in tamil:

  • Big Boss Raiza in meera shampoo advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in myntra advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in arvind store advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in maiya's rasam advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in maiya's sambar advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in pulimottil silks advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in smirnoff advertisement.
  • Big Boss Raiza in wurfel kitchens advertisement.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lungi - Indian traditional wear

Today let's have a view about the Indian traditional wear for men.
Nowadays most of them are preferring to wear the track pants, shorts, trousers and so on..., but we are going to know about the lungi for men which is existing since a long time. This men's lungi is very famous in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand.

Indian Lungi:
                      Lungi is nothing but similar to the sheet of cotton cloth. Even some lungies are stitched into a tube shape. This kind of garments is mostly preferred in hot regions. The standard lungi size is 126cm in height and 200cm in length.  

Lungi Designs:
                         Mostly this kind of lungies is worn in nights when going to bed. This lungi comes in cotton cloth with different colors and patterns. Some special lungi is available in silk which is worn during the special ceremonial like a wedding. This lungi will even have a small golden border which brings the great look to the wedding lungi.
                          In India, some of them were this “pattu lungi” or “silk lungi” in their daily life. 

Lungi Dance Song:
                                We all know about the most famous and GIMA award winning song “LUNGI DANCE”. Even in this song, you can see actor Sharkukhan and actress Deepika Padukone wear lungi and dance. 

Lungi Collections For Men:
                                             This lungi is available in different colors and patterns which are the really very attraction. This lungi is available in shops and even purchase can also be done through online. One of the most famous shops for lungi in Tamil Nadu is Ramraj lungi.

Wedding Lungi for men:
                                       This kind of long price will be crossing more than Rs. 1000 as cloth have the shine on it. And even it has golden border on four sides. Men surely get the bridal look when he wears it. This silk lungi will also be available in low price but the fabric may not have shine and it would be in plain white color with pattu border.

Lungi price:
                    The starting price of the lungi begins from 220 ( Basic lungies will have printed designs). Then depending on the patterns and quality the price changes.

                    Next coming to if you need the best quality of silk dhoti for your wedding then it will be around 1,100 and depending on the design and quality the price varies.

Lungi for Women:
                              Lungi is very rarely worn by the women. But you can find some people are wearing it. This pattern of lungi is not available in all the shops. But this kind of lungies gives a sexy look to the women. This women's lungi collection comes with 2 pcs, one is tops and another is lungi ( long skirt with frills). For women, this lungi is designed in satin cloth which as a great shine in the cloth.

Different names for lungi or dhoti in different languages:

        In Bangladesh lungi is called as longi.
        In kerala cotton lungi is called as kaili mundu. Plain white lungi is called as vella mundu. Bridal lungi is called kasavu mundu.
        In Tamil Nadu cotton lungi is called as kaili and silk lungi is known as vesti.
        In Bangalore and Andhra this lungi is known as panche.
        In Punjab is is called as tehmat and women lungi is called as laache.
        In  Myanmar it is know as paso or longyi
        In Thailand is it called as pakaomah( for men) and patoong (for women)

Here the above is the list of lungi names in different countries.