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Friday, November 2, 2012

Largest Diamond Exhibition in Bangalore

Hi Friends, Do you like to present a beautiful diamond jewel for your wife or daughter? Then this would be the great chance for you as Kalyan Jewelers started the largest diamond exhibition in bangalore which will be held in 17, Dickenson Road, Bangalore , from morning 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. Here they have the sales also available. It will be ending tomorrow 05-Nov-2012 (Sunday).  So try to use this best opportunity as they are having lots of discount offers for this special occasion.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Things to be remember during a flight travel

 Things to be remember during a flight travel

Traveling through a flight would be very exciting for every one. Most of us would be waiting for an opportunity to travel in a flight. But there are a lot of things one should remember during a flight travel. Due to excitement and enthusiasm one would forget few points during the travel and that would make the travel highly complicated and miserable.  The first thing one should remember is to pack their things in a proper way. Packing would reduce half of the problems if done properly at the same time can cause problem if not done well. Some of the airlines offer 20Kg of baggage allowance and few others allow 30 or 40Kg. One should take care to see to it that they carry the prescribed weight.

For a single passenger around 7 Kgs of weight would allow to be carried in hand (it is called as the cabin luggage). It is very important to note what one should carry in this cabin luggage. No liquids should be carried in this cabin luggage. Also any sharp objects or pointed objects should not be carried. Food items should not be carried in this cabin baggage. How ever if one is traveling with infants and kids these rules would be some times relaxed accordingly. Easily accessible items should be kept in this cabin luggage. If one in carrying medicines in this cabin luggage they should also carry the prescription along with them. Batteries are not allowed in the cabin luggage and electric items should not be carried in the cabin luggage. Flammable items and lighter should not be carried in the cabin luggage.

Always keep in mind that a safe packing will ensure safe travel for you and for others. Always be in time for the travel. It’s better to be in the airport 2 hours in prior for domestic travel and 3 hours in prior for international travel.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Flora is a textile shop in Pondy Bazzar. It has very good collections of kids varieties. For many years now, Flora has been known for selling babies and kids garments and accessories. This shop has many good varieties of babies clothing which includes new born babies dress and their accessories like feeding bottles, sipper, teethers and many more. For grown up kids they have a huge variety if dresses. When it comes to boys they have shirts, pants, short pants, t-shirts, jeans and many more. They have a numerous collection of party wear collection which cannot be seen in any other shops. The modern dresses for boys are in plenty and one would find it difficult to choose from it. The boy’s kurta and dhoti with tops are very famous in Flora.
For girls they have excellent variety of frocks, skirts, tops, pants, leggings, choli’s, pants and many more. They also have shoes for both boys and girls. They also have kids play items in the first floor. They also have dresses for fancy dress parties like police dress, spider man dress, military dress and many more. They also sell towels and small kerchief for the kids. They also have caps and hats for the kids. On the other side of the store they have the men’s collection; they have the men’s shirts, pants and t-shirts. The clothes they sell are of good quality and of good range. The children and parents are sure to love the collection in Flora Textiles. One can try this Flora for a change instead of the regular garment stores.

They offer very good customer service and they have been in the business for a very long time. If you happen to pass by the Pondy Bazzar areas for shopping do remember to peep in this store and you would definitely find something of your choice. This store is located opposite to Balaji Bhavan hotel in Pondy Bazzar.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nalli Jewelers - Jewelry showroom in Chennai


Nalli a household in the textile industry has ventured into the gold business. For a longtime nearly 84 years now, Nalli has been known for selling silk sarees and other variety of sarees. Now, Niranth Nalli – grand son of Nalli has come out with the idea of taking their brand name to the next level. After a huge and competitive market research they have come with the idea of starting a jewelry showroom in Chennai. According to the management they have invested 100 crore in setting up this showroom.

They say that they came out with this idea because they thought that gold is very much related to wedding jewelry. They also said that people keep buying costly sarees for wedding though the rate of the silk sarees has doubled over the past two years. Similarly they say that people would buy gold jewelry since it is an important part in the wedding ceremony. This idea of starting the gold showroom was conceived before three years and it took some time for them to materialize it.

Nalli set up its first showroom in T.Nagar which is known to be hub of textile and gold shops. This showroom has five floors and the first three floors have the gold and silver jewelry. The rest of the two floors are yet to be set up with diamonds and platinum jewelry. They are sure to win the hearts of their customers with the brand name they possess. They are looking forward to reach great heights with this jewelry show room.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Pothys is a very popular textile store in Tamilnadu. It is known for it spectacular design and craftsmanship. Pothys has many customers attracted towards it due to the customer service they offer. They keep coming with new ideas and these ideas are sure to impress the customers. Recently Pothys has launched their new boutique store in GN Chetty road Chennai. With this new opening it has stepping to the chain store territory.

This new boutique Pothys store was inaugurated by Nalli Krishnasami Chetty of the Nalli silks fame along with Sudha Raghunathan – the famous carnatic singer. This new Pothys boutique store operates in 12 storey building and has huge space for personalized service.
This 12-storey boutique house has everything in men and women’s collection. They also a personalized wedding collection for men. Out of the 12 floors four floors are dedicated for sarees alone. The rest of the floors are divided among men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s wear.

Pothy has come with this new boutique idea to offer personalized experience for the customers along with special shopping experience. This boutique would cater to the needs of a specific group of people. Pothys is sure to offer a unique range of shopping experience with this new boutique show room in GN Chetty Road. 

Healthy Food For BABIES - Infants


It is really important to give the right nutritious food for the infants. This nutritious food will help the development of the baby both physically and mentally. Given below are the foods which can be given to the babies once they turn four months. Till four months it is strongly advisable to give only mother’s milk and that will suffice the need of the baby. After four months one can start introducing solid and semi solid food to the babies. The first food one can start is with rice liquid. We can get the baby starter food (Rice) in many packed form but it is better to prepare at and it is very easy too. Take a cup of rice wash it in water, then dry it well under the sun and put it in a mixer and make it a powder. When ever you want to prepare the rice liquid for the baby take one spoon of rice powder mix it in water and boil it for few minutes till it turns semi solid. Add a pinch of salt to it. This first food is a very healthy choice for the babies.

Later fruits and vegetable can be given in boiled form. To start with vegetables one can give potato, peas, carrot, beans, and beetroot. It’s always good to start with one vegetable at a time. For example start with potato on a day and continue it for the next four days before starting with the new vegetable. These four days of time will help one to know whether the vegetable is accepted with the baby’s body or its showing any allergic reactions. The vegetable has to boil well in half glass of water then it should be smashed well. It’s ok to add a pinch of salt to it. Fruits like apple, banana can be given in the similar format by boiling it for some time and then smashing it.

Ragi powder can be boiled by mixing it with water and can be given to the babies. They are good source of iron and calcium. Toor dhal can be boiled and only the water can be given to the babies as it is a good source of protein. After nine months one can start with solid foods like idly, rice etc. When giving idly one can combine it with curd and offer it to the babies. The curd should be fresh. The health mix power which has a combination of ragi, rice, corn, peanut and many more are available in the stores and this could be given to the babies. This has lot of fiber and strengthens the bones.

It is good to start with bakery products like bread, biscuits and chocolates after one year. Orange juice and pomegranate juice can be given to the babies during day time. Remember the juice should be prepared fresh and little amount of sugar can added to it. Try to avoid fatty foods since they will put on weight and create problems in the later stage. A healthy and nutritious food will support the babies in their fabulous growth.

Monday, October 8, 2012

KIRTILALS diamond and gold shop

KIRTILALS diamond and gold shop

Kirtilals is a diamond and gold shop which offers unique and stunning collections. The Kirtilals was founded by Kirtilal K Mehta in 1929 at Coimbatore. Later a jewelry retail shop was started in Coimbatore selling only Diamonds. Later in 1956 they added Gold to their portfolio and started selling Gold jewelry too. In 2004 the ISO 9001:2000 certification was awarded to Kirtilals.

There are many collections in Kirtilals which includes the Soul mate collection, Shinde collections, Bridal collections, Traditional collections, Divine love collections.  The soul mate collections are designed to make every heads turn and every jewel has an enchanting and everlasting sensation. A single glance into this jewel will make one’s eyes set to it and will cover one for a life time. The Shinde master piece collections would revive the historical collections. They are created with a blend of harmony and sophistication to impress every one. The bridal collections are crafted with perfection to impress every bride. For every bride there is an unique collection for their special occasion – Wedding. The traditional collections are made keeping in mind the grand old tradition and they are sure to imbibe the rural and urban trend. The Divine Love collection is the magnificent Diamond Crown for Lord Venkateshwara.

The Kirtilals design studio is created to design and craft jewels exclusively for every individual. The design studio can create the jewels one can proudly wear. The jewelry lounge will definitely impress all the customers and one will return again and again to it to experience the phenomenal customer service they offer. The individual design, attention to the details, the knowledge and skills of their craftsman are sure to stun every one. Their team is very famous for excellence in craftsmanship.

The Kirtilals showroom is located in Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore, Ludhiana, Vishakapatanam and USA.

For Kirtilals online shopping, http://www.kirtilals.com

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toyota Etios Q class

Toyota Etios Q class

The Toyota Etios is a luxury car which offers great performance and value for money. It would definitely win many hearts with its style. One would surely consider it a prestige to own this car. The car’s visual looks enhanced because of the sculpted line that run along the sides of the car. The front bumper is very strong and looks very bold. The front grill is something different and it looks like the shape of a smile. The side skirts are designed with care to impress the owner with urban looks. The interiors are designed ergonomically. The steering wheel is looks sporty with the audio control buttons in it. They are Etios Q class would definitely impress the privileged.

Technical Specifications

The engine power is 90 PS (66kW) @ 5600 RMP. The fuel supply system is accelerated through electronic fuel injection. The ground clearance in 170 mm and the fuel tank capacity is 45 liters. The boot space is 595 liters. The front brakes are ventilated Disc and the rear brakes are drum.


The Etios is available in the following colors: White, celestial black, Harmony beige, serene bluish silver, Symphony silver, Vermillion red.


The bumper corner protector is designed to protect the bumper from small scratches. This protector is available in black and body colors. The car cover is silver is color and is protects the car against high temperature, dust etc. There are different fabric seat colors available and one can choose the seat covers according to their interest. The seat covers are elegantly designed and give a luxurious interior look. The rubber floor mat keeps the car neat and tidy in all weather conditions. The mudguards are perfectly installed and they give a great look from the sides. The Toyota security system is installed in the car and one can have peace of mind with this security system. The trunk mat covers the boot and protects it. It also gives good look to the car boot.  

Audio system

The audio system has a variety of features including CD, MP3, WMA, AM/FM, iPod compatibility with a remote control. The audio (DVD) a host of features like DivX, MP3, AM/FM, iPod compatibility with remote control.

Other Features

The fog lamps are made of high quality to send the warning signals in different weather conditions. The gear knob is in red color and it matches the car interiors. The shift boot chrome bezel enhances the richness of the car. Specially designed USB ports would make a personalized driving experience. It has the air conditioner with heater facilities. Power windows, electric power steering, central locking, cooled glove box, speakers are few of the other stunning features.

Safety and Security

The SRS air bags and ABS (Anti-lock breaking system) are available in the Toyota Etios Q class. EBD (Electronic break distribution) and immobilizer add to the safety of the car. The driver seat belt warning and door ajar warning are other security features. The keyless entry feature is also available in this car.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Malabar Gold Madurai & Kurnool in AP

Malabar Gold jewellery grad opening in Madurai by celebrity on September 9th September 2012 (09- Sep -2012). Inauguration of malabar jewellery Showroom will be a celebration for the people of Madurai.

Malabar Gold is one of the famous jewellery showroom which consist of excellent designs according to the latest trend. We all know that this jewellery showroom is located in various places like Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other areas. Now it is going to be opened in Madurai which is really very popular for Meenakshi Amman temple, Jasmine flower and many others. So I hope that, it will even become a famous for the jewellery at Malabar Gold. The Madurai Malabar Gold showroom is spread over the area of 7000 ft.² and it includes the wide range of jewellery collections like traditional and designer ornaments.

In advertisement of Malabar Gold, you can find the Tamil actress Surya.  Surya is the model of Malbar gold in Tamil. Soon, they will establish their showroom in Coimbatore, Salam and other cities.

Opening of Malabar Gold Jewellery in Kurnool:

The opening of malabar gold at Kurnool will be a great news for the people of Andhra. The inauguration of malabar showroom in Kurnool will be done by the Shri. T Venkatesh(Minster of minor irrigation). and the first sale by Tapsee (film actress). It is the 68th malabar showroom which they are going to open. Special inauguration gift is also available for  you.

Address of Malabar Gold at Kurnool:

SP Square, Park Road, Kurnool.

Ph. No: 08518 278916.

Mine Diamond Show in M.G Road Kerala:

Mine diamond show in Kerala from 15th to 30th August. So, you can get the best diamond jewellery for you from the kerala showroom.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chennai Silk Sarees Collection

The ancient Tamil epic ‘Silappadhikaram’ describes the exquisite beauty of the South Indian drapery of the women, namely the saree. Silk Saree has always been a highly revered fabric in India. Silk Sarees are the one that are mostly preferred by all the Indian Women. Every Saree shop has a variety of silk sarees. Silk Saree is considered ceremonial wear at religious rituals and weddings.


Most dreams of many women in India are to buy lot of silk sarees with latest collection. So there are lots of Silk saree varieties found and every saree shop is very keen on the silk saree varieties sales. For Silk Sarees Karnataka, south of India, is the silk hub of the Indian Country. Karnataka is famous for the production of regal silk sarees which is the traditional costumes of the Indian Women. These silk sarees not only decorate the state women, but also establish its influence in other parts of the country and in foreign nations.


A silk saree combines the glamour and shine associated with silk and creation of a myriad traditional saree styles associated with each region in India. Every kind of silk saree lends its unique flavor to the Indian ethnicity and cultural heritage.


Different types of Silk Sarees:

1) Karnataka Silk Saree

2) Kanchipuram Silk Saree or Konjeeveram

3) Mysore Silk Saree

4) Arani Silk Saree

5) Valkalams Silk Saree

6) Kora Silk Saree

7) Patola Silk Saree

8) Mushidabad Silk Saree (West Bengal)

9) Rajmundri Silk Saree(Andhra Pradesh)

10) Dhakai Jamdani Silk Saree

11) Synthetic Silk Saree


12) Chinese Silk Saree

13) Banarasi Silk Saree

14) Dharmavaram Silk Saree

15) Gadwal Silk Saree

16) Kora Silk Saree

17) Bandhani Silk Saree

18) Narayanpet Silk Saree

19) Pochampally Silk Saree

20) Seemanaram Silk Saree

21) Uppada Silk Saree

22) Venkatigiri Silk Saree

23) Surat Silk Saree

24) Paithani Silk Saree

25) Tussar Silk Saree

26) Chanderi and Maheswari Silk Saree

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chickpet – Best Place for Shopping in Bangalore

Hi friend,

have you ever heard about the place Chickpet in Bangalore. It is a famous shopping India which is located in the old city of Bangalore. You can get each and everything which you need either it may be bangles, costumes, cosmetics, clothing, handbags, designer sarees, pattu saree and many others. There are hundreds of sari shops who are genuine of silk sari dealers. 

If you enter into the chickpet market then you can see a line of sari shops on both the lane. You can even find some of the stores in chickpet our existing for more than 50 years. The shop, Kaiser-i-Hind is existing for more than 70 years, it was started with the collaboration of German company.  If you have a talent to bargain and get the product at reasonable cost then you can get it at a reasonable cost. At chickpet shopping area, they may more cost but if you bargain then they will surely reduce the price. Even though there are various shopping places in Bangalore, most of the middle class people go to chickpet for purchasing the products which they need. There are various famous and old retailers of saree in chickpet such as Dhonduse silks, Adikrishnaiah Bros, All india textile traders and many others.

If you are tired after purchasing all the products which you need, then you can even have snacks and it is available in small stores nearby. You can even find restaurants and hotels but you need to walk a little distance from chickpet market area. If you feel hungry and would like to have some snacks and then make the shopping then you can purchase some eatables from small wanderer. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Soch Sarees Bangalore

You already might have heard about different types of saree showrooms which are located in various important places such as Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and many others. Now like to tell about a most famous and well reputed showroom in Bangalore. You already might have heard about the Soch sarees which are really unique in designs. I

In various important shopping malls such as Central, total, signature you can able to find this showroom. Many people get attracted towards the sarees which are available over their. If you're looking for the best designer and fancy saree especially for the occasion like reception then it is best to choose the soch. Over there you can find that the most of the sarees are designed with beats, chimki, kundans, stones, embroidery and many others.

When you go out for a party especially during night, then a woman will prefer to were a sari which is designed with kundan, stones, beats and others. Because it can give bright look for them.

if you get the soch brand then you can enjoy the quality in the product which you purchase. They offer different types of fashionable range of fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk, voiles, crepes and many others. They have the blends of materials from all over the India which includes Mysore, Banaras, Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai and Kancheepuram.

They offer the best range of fashionable clothing for all age groups.

Soch Clothing Collections:

you can get the best products such as

  • 1. Sarees
  • 2. Stitched Suits
  • 3. Kurtis,
  • 4. Mix n match medley
  • 5. Unstitched Suits

Soch Saree Collection:

Often sarees are available in different fabrics and depending upon it the price varies. If you want to get the best cotton saree at soch then you can get it at the cost of Rs.500 onwards.

If you want to get the designer work completely on your Saree then it will price you around Rs, 5000 onwards. Depending upon the price the other work on the saree varies. R

If you are interested in wearing the traditional thread work saree then you can even get it at soch. You can get each and every kind of saree which is needed for an Indian woman.

Stitched Suits Price:

even in Punjabi suits there are different models and you can get the best one from the Soch collection because they offer the extraordinary models in it.

A college going students, always prefer to wear a synthetic cudidar suit, tussar, raw silk and so on  because it is very easy to maintain and it even gives a decent look. The price of a synthetic chudidar suit ranges from Rs.500 onwards.

For Office use most of the women prefer to wear cotton suits because I will bring you respect and neat look. Even the cotton suit price ranges from Rs.500 onwards.

If you want to go out for a party, at the time you can move on with the fashionable zari, thread, mirror and embroidery work. It will make you to look cute and bubbly. The price varies depending upon the work which you select. The prize may range from Rs.1000 onwards.

Unstitched Suits:

the unstitched suits may price lower when compared to stitched suits. You need to spend some money for stretching it. Even in this chudidar material you can able to find different models and with different fabrics such as embroidery, raw silk, tussar and many others. Some of the unstitched chudidar suits will be available with pattu, gota, thread work and many others.

Soch Designer Kurtis:

if you want to go with the designer kurtis, then you can visit the soch showroom because they are the leading service providers who offer different models of kurtis. It is a place where you can able to find the traditional along with modern attitude of dressing. If you want to get something which is different from casual wear then you can choose crushed cotton or printer handlooms. Some kurtis are also designed with sensational embroidery.

Soch Showroom in Bangalore Shopping Malls:

Most of the Bangalore shopping mall consist of this Soch showroom. It is available in various shopping malls has listed below:

  • 1. Forum Mall (Koramangala)
  • 2. Commercial Steet
  • 3. Garuda Mall (Magrath Road)
  • 4. Central-1 (Residency Road)
  • 5. Central-2 (J.P. Nagar)
  • 6. Forum Value Store (Whitefield)
  • 7. Central-3 (Sarjapura Road)
  • 8. Total Mall (Old Airport Road)
  • 9. Mantri Square (Malleshwaram)
  • 10. Orion Mall (Malleshwaram)
  • 11. Phoenix Market City (Whitefield)
  • 12. M.G Road
  • 13. Formum Value Store

Soch Showroom in Chennai Shopping Malls:

  • 1. Ampa Mall ( Aminjikarai)
  • 2. Express Avenue (Royapettah)

Soch Coming Up in Chennai and Cochin Mall:

Soch showroom is going to come soon in Lulu mall in Cochin.  And it is even going to establish at Forum mall and Phoenix mall in Chennai.

You can visit soch saree website and gather various information about them and get the online shopping service. You can get the great chance to look into the soch saress catalogue.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gopalan Signature Mall Bangalore

Gopalan Signature Mall is one of the biggest mall which consist of all the facilities. It coves the total area of 2,00,000 sft on the Old  Madras Road. It is spread over four floors. Gopalan Signature Mall consist of food court, entertainment zone, Madura Garments lifestyle, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Nike, Westside,  Nokia,  Raymonds, Provogue, Landmark Group, Proline, Indus League, McDonalds, Identiti,  Arvind Brands, Adidas, Welspun,  Navigator,Sony and many more prestigious brands. This Mall is located at the distance of 2.5 km from Indiranagar and 7 km from Whitefield.

Parking at Signature Mall :

They have a parking area where almost 400 cars can be parked in the basement car parking and there is even a huge area for two wheelers parking.

You can get various kinds of products in Bangalore Signature Mall such as books, cards, perfumes, cosmetics, electronics, entertainment zone, fashion jewellery, McDonald's, hot brands, Kwality walls, sweet world, Baskin Robbins, shoes, footwear, beauty saloon, health club, Carmichael House, ladies fashion, watches, household items, sports goods, multiplex, men's fashion, Hotel and restaurant

Other Malls in Bangalore:

The Gopalan takes a further step and they have introduced there four another malls in different locations that is

  • Bannerghatta Road
  • Old Madras Road
  • Rajarajeshwari Layout
  • Mysore Road

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Suvashshika Furniture Madurai , Thirunelveli

Suvashshika Furniture

One of the leading and best furniture showroom in Madurai and Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu is Suvashshika Furniture. It is considered to be the no: 1 furniture showroom in Madurai. Suvashshika Furniture was started in the year 1996 and involved in importing, manufacturing, supplying and trading of furniture’s. In Madurai Suvashshika furniture is located at Chinna Chokkikulam which is 22,000 sq. ft and in Tirunelveli, it is located at Kokkarakulam, Vannarapet which is 22,000 sq.ft. The first showroom was started in Madurai and then in the year 2009 Tirunelveli showroom was established.


Suvashshika Furniture products are imported from International vendors like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. Major brands includes Stanley Furniture, Kitchen accessories, kurl on mattress, peps mattress, Maspar home fashion products, Italian Luminarc crockery’s and Wipro Office furniture.


The products of Suvashshika are:

1.       Bed Room Package

2.       Bar chairs

3.       Chairs

4.       Center Tables

5.       Couch Italian Corner Sofa

6.       Couch Italian Sofa

7.       Dining Table

8.       Diwan Sofa Sets

9.       Educational Institute Furniture’s

10.   Indonesian Teak Wood

11.   Kids Chairs

12.   Leather Sofa

13.   Office Furniture

14.   TV Stand

15.   Wall Units

16.   Wooden Cot

17.   Wardrobes



Suvashshika furniture offer superior quality Teak Wood Cot to their clients. Due to high quality and durability these Teak Wood Cot are famous among its valuable user. Suvashshika products are available in market at most economical and conformable rates. Suvashshika is one of the foremost provider of Fancy Diwan Sofa Set. Due to high tensile strength, dimensions and long service life , these are most welcome by the clients. Suvashshika is considered as one of the reputed importers and exporters for Educational Institute Desks. These desk are designed using high premium quality wood and also appreciated for the features like fascinating designs and excellent finishing. They are mostly used in schools and colleges. Diwan Sofa set are acclaimed by large number of customer for its high quality of raw material which ensure durability.


Fancy Indonesia Sofa set are manufactured using the latest technology and advanced machinery. These Fancy Indonesia Sofa set are highly reliable as these are fabricated using optimum quality material. They provide a wide range of these to their valuable clients. Fancy Italina Sofa are procured by most reputed manufacture that always take good care of standard and quality and also these products available in market at competitive rates.

Teak Wood Chair use high grade raw material and latest technology. Also a team of dedicated professionals stringently tests on several parameters to ensure the flawlessness of its products. High quality and durability Wooden Wardrobes are also famous among its other products. These are available at most economical rates.

Couch Italian Sofa are known for its durability, corrosion resistance, elegant designs and for its dimensional accuracy. Backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Suvashshika are capable of providing their clients the superior quality of Couch Italian Sofa. You will be excited with the designs and the quality of the products found in Suvashshika Furniture and also the customer service is good. So visit Suvashshika Furniture for better experience at best price !!!

Contact Details:


#No.4A, Gokale Road,


Madurai-625 002,

Phone - 0452-2534650.

FAX NO - 0452-4360839.




Near district science center,



Phone - 0462-4001112/4001113.

FAX NO - 0462-4001114.

Kerelagold Bangles collection

Bangles collection:
There is a lot of marvelous collections of bangles found in http://www.keralagold.com. Let me introduce the various varieties that are unique among other collections.

1) Gold Bangle that is studded with Ruby and Emerald Stones which weights for 10 grams i.e. 1.25 pavan. As per today gold rate the price of this unique bangle is Rs. 30,925*.

2) Gold bangle that is studded with small bud motifs where the gold weight is estimated as 12 grams (1.5 pavan) and the price of the bangle is Rs 35,510*.

3) Gold bangle with curvy pattern design. This collection and design is rarely found and are very attractive for eyes. The gold weight is estimated as 12 grams (1.5 pavan) and the price is estimated as Rs. 36,010*.

4) Gold Bangle that is studded with Pearls. See how wonderful and attractive. Gold weight is estimated as 6 grams (0.75 pavan) and the total estimated price of this bangle is Rs. 18,855*.

5) Plain gold bangle with contains green stones. You can also have stones of your desired color. The gold estimated weight is 12 grams which is 1.5 pavan and the price of this bangle is Rs. 36,160*. This design is simple yet good looking.

6) Gold kada Bangle which has intricate floral design. You will really love this floral design as it is lovely to wear. The estimated weight of gold is 20 grams which is 2.5 pavan and the price of this bangle is Rs. 60,850.

7) Star Shaped gold bangle studded with diamonds. Star shaped collections of bangles are rare and these rarest one’s are found here. You heart will be melted too when you see the designs of Kerala gold. The estimated gold weight is 16 grams (12 pavan) and the price is Rs. 133,840*.

8) Solid Kada Bangle with floral motifs. Wear this bangle and you look attractive among the croud. The gold weight is estimated as 14 grams which is 1.75 pavan. Guess the price for this bangle and it is Rs.42,135*.

9) After the Star shaped gold bangle here comes the Zigzag bangle in yellow gold and white gold. This is also one of the unique design that is found in Kerala Gold. Zigzag bangle weight is estimated as 12 grams which is 1.5 pavan and the price of this bangle is Rs. 36,030*

10) Kada Bangle with embedded geometric design and the price of this bangle is Rs. 36,310. The gold weight is estimated as 12 grams which is 1.5 pavan.

11) Curve Shaped bangle which is joined with round motifs which is simple and best to use for daily. The total estimated price of this bangle is Rs 24,020 and the gold weight is 8 grams which is 1 pavan.

12) Bangle which is encircled with Humpy pattern. The weight of the gold is 14 grams i.e. 1.75 pavan and the total estimated price of this particular bangle is Rs. 41,935.

13) We saw lot of Kada bangles with various designs. Here comes the Kada bangle with Wavy pattern. The gold weight is estimated as 14 grams which is 1.75 pavan and the gold price of this bangle is Rs. 41,895.

14) Bangle embedded with Wheel shaped Motifs are also found in Kerala gold. The gold weight is estimated as 12 grams which is 1.5 pavan. The total estimated price of the bangle is Rs. 36,030.

15) Solid gold bangle which is encircled with net shaped pattern. The total price of this bangle is Rs. 36,010* as per today gold rate and the gold weight is estimated as 1.5 pavan.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Inauguration of joyalukkas in Shimoga by actress Ramya

A happy news for the people of Shimoga. Now you can able to get the best designer jewellery for you from the very reputed showroom of joy alukkas. The grand inauguration is going to be held on 18th August 2012 at 10:30 AM. The grand opening of the showroom is done by the cine actress Ramya.

The showroom is going to be located at Balaraj URS Road, Shimoga. Ph: +91 81 82 270 222.

Friday, August 10, 2012

upcoming mall in Bangalore

You can find various shopping malls in Bangalore. Even those their are many shopping mall which are going to be open shortly in 2012.

Here are the list of upcoming shopping malls in Bangalore city:

  • Gaduda Mysore: Gaduda mall is present in Bangalore city and one more branch of it is going to open in Mysore soon.
  • Orion Mall: This mall will open shortly with in few days of 2012. So get ready to recharge your self.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Samudrika Pattu

Pattu is one of the famous and popular clothing in India. When you go out for any traditional marriages, at the time you will find this kind of traditional pattu sarees which are worn by the woman. You can able to find huge list of pattu sarees namely Parampara pattu saree,vastrakala pattu saree, vasundhara pattu, kancheepuram pattu, Samudrika Pattu and many more.

Now I'm here to explain about the beauty of Samudrika Pattu which is really very popular nowadays. This is one of the new Samudrika Pattu collections which was introduced by the famous and popular showroom pothys. If you visit the pothys.com then you can able to get different varieties of Samudrika Pattu which you need. Even if you get this type of saris anywhere but purchasing the pothys samudrika pattu is something special and worth for your money.

The speciality of the Samudrika Pattu at pothys are many. You can able to find the artistic diversity of the master weavers on this pattu sarees. In each and every sadly, you can able to observe the enhancement of colour by the border design. Most of the border of Samudrika Pattu carries the meena work. The quality of the pattu sarees offered by pothys are 100%. The silk which are used for weaving the pattu has 100% quality and purity.

Samudrika Pattu Model:

Trisha is one of the popular actresses. Now she has been involved in Samudrika Pattu ads. Trisha Samudrika Pattu has became very popular after her advertisement. Every ones heart skips when they see trisha in pattu sarees. Trisha pattu saree a really unique in ads. You can even find the images of trisha in pattu saree and purchase those sarees for you.

Pothys online shopping is available with which you can get the trisha sarees pothys. If you want to look at the gorgeous pattu saree then you can visit the pothys trisha ads.

Samudrika Pattu Cost:

next coming to the price of Samudrika Pattu, it varies depending upon the design and creative work on it. If you want to get Meena work on Samudrika Pattu border then it may cost you more. You can even get creative complete design on full Samudrika Pattu saree and it may range around 30,000 to 40,000. If you want to go with lowest cost of Samudrika Pattu, then it may be around 5000+.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daily Use Earrings

Earrings are one of the important accessories for women. While going out, they normally prefer to wear the earrings which are well decorated with stones, pearls and many more. But now I've like to tell about the daily use earrings for kids and women which are available in the market. Normally the traditional woman always prefer to studs. There are various gold earrings which are stylish and perfect for daily use. Especially if you're a student and you need to find the earrings which are durable and suits each and every dress which you wear.

If you think that gold is a precious ornament in which you cannot wear for daily use. Then you can even go out with 1 g gold earrings which are really best and worth.

Now let's know what are the daily wear earrings which are available in the well repeated showrooms.

Earring studs: in this model of earrings, it is normally designed with a single large stone. And it is available in various styles and colours so you can choose any from those. It even have a little bit of sparkle and with which would suits work the outfits and casual weekend wear.

Hoop Earring: College students prefer to wear hoop earrings. They are really trendy and stylish. Even in this hoop earrings you can able to find various sizes and designs. It is even very easy to wear. Gold and silver hoops or also available in the market and if you want to go from the new can choose the diamond studded hoop earrings.

Drop Earring: in this pattern of drop earrings, some stylish pearl will be hanging over the ear. By wearing this, you can get great look to your earrings. Or even all this models are available in gold. But most of them prefer to purchase the gold drop earrings because even it can be worn on any special occasion or party. Depending on the weight of the jewellery the price varies.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wedding Bridal Collections / Wedding Jewellery Set / Jewellery for Brides

What are the jewellery needed for Bride (in English), pellikuturu (in Telugu), dulhan (in Hindi)???

Here are the list of traditional jewellery needed for a bride:


It is called as “Choker” in English. We can see that most of the women wear this for any special occasion. It is also called as necklace in general. You can get the best model of necklace in the well reputed showrooms like malbar gold, Navaras jewellers, mujtaba jewellers, msb jewellers, RS brothers jewellery showroom and many more.  Now a days most of the college going students are preferring to purchase sigold necklace jewelrymple necklace and best models are available in it. Gold necklace is one of the common injury which is most preferred by the woman. If you visit any showroom, you can able to find different models of gold necklace design. Some of the designs which are mostly preferred by the modern woman are designed necklace, flowers necklace, Peacock necklace, aesthetic gold necklace set, antique design gold necklace, traditional gold necklace design, modern gold necklace set, crucifix gold necklace, Bikaneri handcrafted kundan necklace, meenakari gold necklace,  filigee gold necklace, rainbow choker necklace, fancy gold necklace design, jadau gold necklace pattern, handmade Egyptian gold necklace, diamond necklace, pearl necklace, samurai necklace, light weight gold necklace with tiny gold balls and so on… But the brides always wear the heavy weight necklace.   

kaasu maalai:

It is a long chain which consist of number of points connected adjacent to each other. You can able to get various information about different models of kasu mala  by clicking the link over here.Kasu Mala Designs , Kasumala Designs, Kasulaperu Designs,  Kasumalai Designs, Kaasu Mala design

Kasu Mala Designs , Kasumala Designs, Kasulaperu Designs,  Kasumalai Designs, Kaasu Mala design


it is nothing but a “waist chain”, “waist belt” ,“hip chain” or “belly chain” in English. It is worn around the hip, it looks great when you are in saree. it is called as “vaddanam” in Telugu “Kammar Patta” in Hindi. If you want to see the traditional Oddiyanam design, then it would be in the best model which is thick enough. It may decorated with diamonds, stones, enamel and many others. But the latest modern woman are preferring to wear the Oddiyanam  chain model. It is a thin chain and it consists of wonderful designs of chain hanging on it. Some people go with the gold Oddiyanam or else some people have gold coating on silver Oddiyanam. You can find different models of Oddiyanam. Most of the Kammar Patta  have goddesses design on it.Kammar Patta

Kids vaddanam is also available in the market in different styles so most of the parents purchase the Oddiyanam for the kids because it looks gorgeous on pattu pavadai.

If you want to know about the list of Oddiyanam  models then it would be gold Oddiyanam , diamond Oddiyanam , designer Oddiyanam , chain Oddiyanam , belt Kammar Patta , meenakari Oddiyanam , modern Oddiyanam  and many others. If you go with the lightweight Oddiyanam  than the cost would be less and some people even prefer to go with heavyweight Oddiyanam . But normally when you go for purchasing hip chain, the cost would be really very high. Because the weight of the hip chain increases. Here is the image of oddiyanam:


arm Vanki is called as wrist band or armlet in english. NexVanki t coming to the vanki designs, you can see band vanki, gold vanki, pearl band vanki, antique kempu vanki, fancy gold vanki, antique vanki, diamond vanki, kundan vanki, meenakari vanki, designer vanki, kundan vanki design, traditional vanki and so on. You can find the best picture of vanki below:


Married traditional women wear gold bangles in their hands. Now a day most of the jewellery showroom are offering the daily wear gold bangles design at low making charges. Designers Bangles ModelsIf you want to know about the best bangles models then  here is the list: gold bangles design, diamond bangles design, kudan bangles, meenakari bangles style, trendy bangles, designer bangles, antique bangles pattern, jennifer meyer bangles and many more. Bangles are also called as  “Valayal” in tamil and “Gajulu” in Telugu.

Salangai or ghungroo (ankle bells), payal:

Salangai is the ornment for the leg. It makes the sweet voice which you walk. Normally most of the people wear this anklet in silver. But some people even where gold anklet which is really costly. Normally the anklet are light in weight. The price of the anklet may vary depending upon the price and weight. Even most of the small kids wear anklet. Nowadays you can even get the fancy anklet which brings great beauty to your feet. Normally it consists of pearls and stones. It is one of the best model of anklet which is worn on any special occasion.

kids anklet

You can get the information of various other products like mathi patti, nethi chutti, mattal, mokkuyhi, jhumka, earrings, Billa Braid Braid Hair Jewellery and many others. Just have a click on the link below: INDIAN BRIDAL JEWELLERY

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Manappuram Riti jewellers Kerala and Bangalore

Riti jewellers is one of the popular gold showroom in our India. They always bring the latest designs of desire. They provide the first preference for the customers who come to their showroom. You can able to enjoy the best collections which suits the youth, teenagers and elders. You can even find the great wedding Riti jewellery collections at their showroom. Daily, they bring latest promotions and offers which will attract the customers towards them. Within a short period of time, Riti jewellers has occupied the many peoples heart. Manappuram jewellers have started their journey into your 2008 of November. They have started their headquarters complex at thrissur on March 2010. People prefer to make the purchase at Manappuram Riti jewellers this is because they offer the best quality of gold, price charged by them is affordable so it is quite comfortable for the middle and lower middle-class market.

Quality of gold at Manappuram Riti jewellers:

you don't need to get compromised in the quality if you make a purchase at Riti jewellers gold showroom because they use the exclusive gold which is having the certification of the BIS 916 hallmarked gold and IGI and SGL certified diamonds to ensure the fool proof assistance. They have imported the Karat analysers from German, with which you can able to get the free testing of gold purity.

Riti Collections:

most of the jewellery showroom get the fascinating jewelries in diamond, gold, silver and platinum. You can get unique collections of jewellery such as ring, earrings, pendants with chain, bracelet,  hangings, necklace, anklets, Manga Sutra, thali and many others.

riti jewellers

If you want to go with the latest collections, then you can choose Bengali collection, Calcutta collection or chicken are a collection. There are specialist in offering this three types of collections

Riti Wedding collections:

now you can make your wedding more wonderful with the help of the riti wedding collection. They offer unique wedding collections for everyone either it may be a Christian, Hindu, Brahmin, Muslim or any other religion. You can able to get the perfect religious jewellery at one and only Riti showroom. If you want to know about the riti wedding offer, then it starts from 3%.

Majewel Club Privilege Card:

to add extra value added services for customers, they have introduced Majewel Club Privilege Card.

Do you want to know how Majewel Club Privilege Card works or advantages of it???

1. For every purchase of rs.100 you can get five reward points.

2. If it is a wedding purchase, then you will get 2.5 reward points for Rs.100.

3. The reward points are redeemed from 5,000 points onwards.

4. You can able to get the redeemable at riti jewellery outlets.

5. If you misplace/ lost your card then they will replace with a nominal fee of Rs. 50.

6. Note that, if the accumulated reward points will be collapsed after three years if it is an redeemed.

Making Charges of Manappuram Riti Jewellers:

Riti jewellers making charges in Kerala:

In Kerala, Riti jewellers are offering the best promotions with which you can get only 4% making charges for bangles and chains. for every purchase of diamond worth of 25,000 and get 1 gm gold coin free. 10% discount on making charges for platinum and silver.

Karnataka Riti jewellers Making Charges:

in Karnataka, you can able to get Rs. 10,000 discount and gold coin free on diamond per carat. With a low making charges of 5% is charged for daily wear bangles and chains. 10% discount on making charges for platinum and silver.

Riti Jewellers Tamil Nadu Making charges:

in Tamil Nadu, if you get diamond worth Rs. 25,000 then you will get 1 gm gold coin free. They charge minimum making charge of 5% for daily wear bangles and chains. Making charge for platinum and silver with a discount of 10%.

Andhra Pradesh Riti Jewellers Making Charges and Discounts:

Rs. 10,000 discount and gold coin free on diamond per carat. You can get daily wear bangles and chains at only 5% of making charges. 10% discount on making charge for platinum and silver.

Above are the best deals, offers and discounts which are given by riti showroom.

1. Riti Jewellers Kerala Branch:

Riti Jewellers Valapad:

Manappuram Jewellery,
Manappuram House

Phone : 0487 3050136, 3108984

Riti Jewellers MALA:

Building No.11/111A 111/B
KSRTC Road, Mala
Thrissur Dist

Phone : 0480 2895330, 3255757

Riti Jewellers  IRINJALAKUDA:

Ushas Complex,
West Thana Main Road,

Phone : 0480 2822311, 3258858

Riti Jewellers CHALAKKUDY:

Kidangan Building
Near Church stop,
South chalakudy.

Phone : 0480 3275119

Riti Jewellers Karanataka Branch:

Riti Jewellers K.H ROAD (DOUBLE ROAD):

No-4, New No.110,
Sri Kengal
Hanumanthaiah road,
Ward no.48,Sudhamanagar
Near Suzuki motor, Bangalore

Phone : 080 41258703, 32559303

Riti Jewellers RAJAJI NAGAR:

10th Main Road, 46th Cross,
Sree Ramamandira Road,
4th Block, Rajaji Nagar,
Bangalore - 560010

Phone : 080 32557853, 23504237

Riti Jewellers SIVAJI NAGAR:

Building no.old/2 E,
New No-5, Ground Floor,
Venkataswamy Naidu Road,
Shivaji Nagar,

Phone : 080 32559700

Riti Jewellers GANGA NAGAR:

P.S.R Plaza,
Ward no : 98/33/106,
10th Cross, Ganga Nagar North
Bangalore – 560032

Phone : 080 32559411, 23333263


Building no.20,10th cross,
2nd Main, Sampige Road,
Bangalore-560 003

Phone : 32217101, 32558159

Riti Jewellers JAYANAGAR

Building No.62,
11th Main, 4th Block,
Opp. Vijaya College,
Jayanagar ,

Phone : 080 32558154

Riti Jewellers INDIRA NAGAR

No.3052, Ground Floor,
Near BSNL Complex,
80 Feet Road,
Bangalore - 560038

Phone : 080 32558151

Riti Jewellers KAMMANA HALLI

Riti Jewelery,
(Manappuram Jewellers Ltd),
Building No.20,
Kammana Halli Main Road,
Kacharakanhally, Bangalore North.

Phone : 080 25479430

Riti Jewellers TUMKUR

Srinivasa Arcade,
B.H Road,
Diagonally opp. to Colltex Ganesh Temple,

Phone : 0816-3206111

Riti Jewellers KOLAR

BLK Square,
Near K.S.R.T.C Bus Stand,

Phone : 08152-322277

Riti Jewellers Tamil Nadu Branch:

Riti Jewellers TIRUPUR:

Door No.229,230,
New Siva tower,
Opp: Town Hall,
Kumaran Road,

Phone : 0421-3210569, 2230916

Riti Jewellers ERODE:

Cutchery Street,
Near Panneer Selvam Park,

Phone : 0424-3201115, 2254400

Riti Jewellers COIMBATORE:

Building No 5 & 6,
10th Street, Gandhipuram,
Coimbatore - 641 012

Phone : 0422 2480017, 3222377

Riti Jewellers Andhra Pradesh Branch:

Riti Jewellers ANANTAPUR:

Building No-14-309,310
Sreeram Enclave,
Railway Feeder Road,

Phone : 08554 327027, 222916

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Indian Bridal Jewellery / Bridal Jewellery Collections / Names of the traditional Jewellery

We all know that in Indian style, you can able to find excellent release for each and every part of the body. With gold, you can able to bring great look for your marriage. Excellent bridal collections are available in gold. It is named in different ways in different languages. Here are the names of the traditional jewellery which can bring great look. Bridal collections plays a major role for a bride. I am going to tell about the best costume for marriage.

Let's know what are the ornaments available for head and face:

we all know that the Indian bride wear this Matha patti or Nethi Chutti. But most of the stylish Indian woman are preferring to go with the tika or Rakhri. In a traditional Indian marriage,


Matha Patti is the hair  ornament which is one party brides on their forehead. It is also called as head set in english. Matha patti is available in different patterns and among them some of them are kunmatha pattidan Matha patti , Designer Matha patti , stone studded Matha patti. The Matha patti  is placed on the centre portion of the head along with centre hair separation in it extends on both site running along with the hair. If you want to go with light weight Matha patti then they move on with 3 lined Matha patti. If you want to have heavy Matha patti  then it would be 5 lined Matha patti. One of the traditional Matha Patti, consist of Nethi Chutti  along with Chandran and Sooryan. This both are placed on either side of the parting. Normally the circular pieces are studded with beautiful stones. The price / cost of Matha patti would cost more if you purchase in gold. So, you can go with covering or gold plated matha patti. The weight of matha patti will be low.


Jhoomer is hair jewellery which is owned by Muslims. If it is available in different styles so you can get the one which is preferred by you. While wearing this Jhumar, you can even wear Mang Tikka. The best designer duplicate jhoomer cost / Jhumar price and weight is low.


Nethi Chutti (in Tamil) is also called as Maangnethi chutti, kundan Maang tika, Designer Maang tika, Bridal Maang tika, 6 stepped Maang tika, Pendent Maang tika, stone Maang tika, maang tika, papidi billa, head piece Tika (in Hindi), Head piece (in english), Papidi Billa (in Telugu). It is placed on the centre part of the forehead. Nethi Chutti is designed with a pendant and it is extended with a chain. This Tika is available in different stylish patterns such as kundan Maang tika, Designer Maang tika, Bridal Maang tika, 6 stepped Maang tika, Pendent Maang tika, stone Maang tika and many others. Depending upon the design and style the nethi chutti cost/ nethi chutti price varies. Normally, the weight of trendy papidi billa is low.


Rakodi is one more ornament for the bride which is placed between the crown of forehead and the braided hair. It is also called as Jura pin, which is often designed with brilliant stonework. The Raakodi cost/ raakodi price may cost around 200.rp.


you can see that the bridal is wearing nose ring which is also called as mookkuthi (in tamil), nath (in Hindi), mukku pudaka (in Telugu). For daily use, most of the Indian woman use single dot mookkuthi. If you want to choose gold mookkuthi, ring nose pin, gold mookkuthi, diamond nose pin, flower nath, star mukku pudaka , rounded nose pin, glistening nose pin, diamond shaped nose pin, heart mookuthi, single stone mookuthi, U shaped nose ringthe best nath for a bride then they're mostly choose the ring shaped nose pin which extends with a chain over the cheeks and clipped to the hair.  Often, it is well decorated with beats, pearls and stones.  If you want to wear mukku pudaka  for any occasion such as get-together, birthday party and others, then you can choose the various shaped nose pin such as ring nose pin, gold mookkuthi, diamond nose pin, flower nath, star mukku pudaka , rounded nose pin, glistening nose pin, diamond shaped nose pin, heart mookuthi, single stone mookuthi, U shaped nose ring and so on… The cost of mookkuthi will be really very low and you can get the single stone mookkuthi just for Rs. 250. The weignt of nose pin vary with design.


earrings is called as different ways in different languages such as kamal (in Tamil), Lolakulu (in Telugu). In earrings, you can able to find different models such as ring models, hanging models, Jhumka models, antique earrings model, 3 stepped earring, long earrings, light weight earrings, heavy earrings.Handcrafted Indian Earrings,  ring models, hanging models, Jhumka models, 3 stepped earring, long earrings, light weight earrings, heavy earrings.

We can say that most of the Indian woman wearing the gold earrings for daily use. If you want to go something new when you go out for a party, then you can move on with and different varieties of earrings are available in the market. Depending upon the weight of kammal the price of earring varies.


Mattal is a jewellery name in tamil and it is called as matilu (in telugu), Matti (in Hindi), ear chain (in english). The hanging earrings are stung onto this mattal. It secures onto the hair on the other side. Actually, this matilu connects the earring and hair above your ear. If you get the ear chain for jhumki earrrings then it looks great.

Even in this mattal, you can able to find excellent patterns. Some of them are pearls mattal, stones mattal, gold ear chain mattal, kundan mattal. mattal, pearls mattal, stones mattal, gold chain mattal, kundan mattal.

Some of the matilu also consist of three lines of chain which is connected to the side hair of the ears and it is called as 3 lined matilu (3 chain mattal). You can even get 2 lined mattal (2 chain mattilu) in the market. The cost of mattal or ear chain is affordable for middle class people as the matilu weight is low.


This jewellery is placed on the brides plait, it is very long and which brings great look to the hair style. You can get this jewellery in different styles. It is the best jewellery for brides plait. kunjalam is placed at the bottom of the plait. kunjalam ia also called as kunjam 3 pattai.

Billai Braid Hair Ornament , bridal plait, jewellery for bridal plait, kunjalam, kunjam 3 pattai

To know more details about the list of bridal jewellery designs look here: Necklace, kasu mala, Oddiyanam, Vanki, Bangles, salangai.

Khanna Jewellers Delhi

Delhi is one of the city which is really very fashionable and it is a place where you can able to get fashionable accessories for you. Even in jewellery, you can able to find unique style and patterns of jewellery which are really best. Have you ever heard about “Khanna Jewellers” which is really very famous in Delhi. In short, it is also called as KJ.

Let's know some history about Khanna Jewellers Showroom (KJ). The Khanna group of companies was established in the year 1953 by the late Lala Wazir Chand Khanna. He has three sons namely Kewal Krishan Khanna, Raj Kishan Khanna and Vijay Khanna. The first showroom was opened at Karol Bagh, Delhi.

Khanna Jewellers is one of the first jewellery showroom which received ISO 9002 certification. Not only this, they even offer IGI certified diamonds for the customers. Now, Mr. Raj Khanna and Mr Vijay Khanna is the president and M.D Karol Bagh Khanna jewellery showroom.

White diamond  necklace set

Next coming to some details about “Online Khanna Jewellers”, you can even able to purchase jewellery through online and this wonderful opportunity is also available for you by visiting their site. Cost of gold at Khanna Jewellers is also very reasonable because they don't charge beyond the gold rate. So many people get satisfied with the price of Khanna Jewellers.

Awards of KJ ( Khanna Jewellers):

it is one of the best company who offers dedication to quality and service. We can say that they have offered the best service to the customers because they have received many awards which proves that. In 2004, the company have received “best store experience award” by DTC. In the same year, they even received a award for”Best Platinum sales award for the best sales manager”. Khanna Jewellers is one jewellery showroom which takes much care about product quality, customer relationship, management presentations and salesmanship skills.

Khanna Jewellers Product Gallary:

Now coming to the Khanna Jewellers Gallery, you can able to find exclusive collections. They always bring the latest trendy jewellery into the showroom with exclusive offers. You can able to get gold jewellery, and antique diamond jewellery and polki jewellery.

KJ Gold, diamond and polki Jewellery:

Khanna jewellery offers a wide range of ornaments for the traditional Indian lady. Now you can decorate each and every part of your body with excellent ornaments.

It Khanna jewellery showroom, you can able to get the unique collections of nose pin ( Nath, nose ring, Mookkuhi, Bullakku), Matha patti, Nirthi Chutti(Papidi billa), Tika (Rakhri), Jhumiki (jhumka, karnpool), earrings, Addigai, Maalai (long Chain, varamala) Kasu Malai, Oddiyanam (waist Chain), Bangles( Choodi, Bunghri, Valayal) , Rings, Vanki (wrist band), Salangai (anklet ghungroo) and many other types of ornaments are also available at exclusive Khanna jewellery collections.

Khanna Jewellers Branch with Address:

they are having the branches at South extension, Rajouri Garden, Karol Bagh.

1. South extension Khanna Jewellers:
G-3, South Extn. Part-1,
New Delhi - 110049, INDIA
Phone : +91 11 45930000
Fax : +91 11 45930026

2. Rajouri Garden Khanna Jewellers:
A -14, Vishal Enclave,
Opp Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi - 110027, INDIA
Phone : +91 11 45920000
Fax : +91 11 45920055

3. Karol Bagh Khanna Jewellers:
Khanna Bhawan, Bank Street,
Karol Bagh,
New Delhi - 110005, INDIA
Phone : +91 11 45910000
Fax : +91 11 45910055