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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Samudrika Pattu

Pattu is one of the famous and popular clothing in India. When you go out for any traditional marriages, at the time you will find this kind of traditional pattu sarees which are worn by the woman. You can able to find huge list of pattu sarees namely Parampara pattu saree,vastrakala pattu saree, vasundhara pattu, kancheepuram pattu, Samudrika Pattu and many more.

Now I'm here to explain about the beauty of Samudrika Pattu which is really very popular nowadays. This is one of the new Samudrika Pattu collections which was introduced by the famous and popular showroom pothys. If you visit the pothys.com then you can able to get different varieties of Samudrika Pattu which you need. Even if you get this type of saris anywhere but purchasing the pothys samudrika pattu is something special and worth for your money.

The speciality of the Samudrika Pattu at pothys are many. You can able to find the artistic diversity of the master weavers on this pattu sarees. In each and every sadly, you can able to observe the enhancement of colour by the border design. Most of the border of Samudrika Pattu carries the meena work. The quality of the pattu sarees offered by pothys are 100%. The silk which are used for weaving the pattu has 100% quality and purity.

Samudrika Pattu Model:

Trisha is one of the popular actresses. Now she has been involved in Samudrika Pattu ads. Trisha Samudrika Pattu has became very popular after her advertisement. Every ones heart skips when they see trisha in pattu sarees. Trisha pattu saree a really unique in ads. You can even find the images of trisha in pattu saree and purchase those sarees for you.

Pothys online shopping is available with which you can get the trisha sarees pothys. If you want to look at the gorgeous pattu saree then you can visit the pothys trisha ads.

Samudrika Pattu Cost:

next coming to the price of Samudrika Pattu, it varies depending upon the design and creative work on it. If you want to get Meena work on Samudrika Pattu border then it may cost you more. You can even get creative complete design on full Samudrika Pattu saree and it may range around 30,000 to 40,000. If you want to go with lowest cost of Samudrika Pattu, then it may be around 5000+.

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