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Friday, May 27, 2011

BhIma Jewelers Bangalore

I was just watching the ads of Bhima Jewelers in Television of all most all channels and I was wondering how the jewels would be here. On Akshya Tritiya I thought to buy some gold so I have visited Bhima Jewelry, Rajajinagar Branch which is very near to my place.

Wow, after visiting I felt worth coming over here. In fact I found scarcity of time to just go round the showroom, there were thousands of finest designs and each design was unique for all kinds of Jewels like ear rings, chains, anklets, rings, pendants, necklaces, silver items, diamond , platinum … Marvelous . Right from traditional designs to trendy styles .

There was a sparkling corner at the showroom called Ratnaloka, world of Diamonds which was just radiating by itself and ready to transfer the radiance on to buyers. And came to know that Diamonds, other precious stones are handpicked by qualified and certified gemologists, and sold with certificates of authenticity and buy back guarantee. And there a free astrologer/ consultant was present to help us select the appropriate gemstone matching to our horoscope.
Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewellery

Bhima Jewellery

Bhima Jewellery

Collection of designs were very huge, their range in gold included all varieties like bridal collections, teens wear, antique collections, light weight collections, daily wear collections, party wear, office wear collections, even for small kids also wonderful designs were there. Diamond studded jewelleries are very beautiful manufactured by a very skilled craftsmen. Antique designs were awesome studded with pearls, diamond and rubies, by seeing that I just thought these are the jewels worn by Goddess and Angels.

Bhima JewellersI also saw very good collections for men also apart from very regular men’s jewellary like belt buckles, spectacle frames, cuff links etc and gold accessories for modern males. And also found traditional chains like Tulsi mala, Navarathna Mala , Rudraksha Mala for elder generation males.
I felt Bhima Jewelers is, The best show room for brides to purchase the jewels. All varities of Bridal Jewellaries were available of all traditions, like Karnataka , Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andrapradesh etc., with even modern designs and also antique designs. Beautiful brides prefer Bhima Jewellers.
Bhima is a authorized Platinum Jewellery retailer.

For more information about Bhima Jewellery and  online shopping, http://www.bhimajewellery.com/ 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

KPJ Lucky Gems and Stones

KPJ Lucky Gems and Stones

There are many gems and birth stones being sold in the market. In south India the KPJ lucky gems and stones are very popular. They are known for selling the birth stones, gems and all kinds of lucky stones for their customers. When a customer arrives to them, the first thing they do is to check their horoscope and discuss about their fortune. After looking in to the horoscope they recommend the type of gems and stones they need to wear for the betterment of their future. It is believed that these gems and stones bring luck to the people when they wear it. They are many types of gems including pearl, Sapphires, diamond, emerald, ruby, jasper, turquoise, quartz, amethyst and many more. Each gem is associated with a sun sign and one needs to wear the right type of gem for their prosperity. KPJ also says that their gems will be able to cure few of the diseases in the customers.
KPJ also prescribes gems and stones pertaining to the problems one faces in life. They claim that they have stones and gems to do well in business, studies and to have peace in the family. They also say that infertility in a family can be ruled away by wearing these gems. There are certain qualities present in these gems and they are said to send vibration in the body. These vibrations are said to create positive energy in a person and make them to progress in life. There are many people who interested in these gems and they show immense interest in buying these stones and gems. These gems are fixed in the rings and given to the customers. The rings could be made from silver or gold depending on the interest of the customers.  They have branches in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Chennai Shopping Mall Hyderabad

Chennai Shopping Mall at Hyderabad:
In this latest trend to attract youth and all ages of people the Chennai Shopping Mall is ready with its new and modern collections 2011. Recently Chennai shopping mall was been started at Patny Center. Here you can see wide collections like sarees, readymade garments for men's, women's and kids. Beside this they even offer the 916 KDM Hallmarked gold jewellery and diamonds jewellery at the Chennai shopping Mall. This shopping mall is well known for the high quality of products at affordable price. Almost 60% of the people prefer to visit this Chennai shopping mall for their purchase. Here Clothing's are available at Chennai price.

Latest Collections at Chennai Shopping Mall for Special Occasion:
At Chennai shopping mall, you can find the best collections for occasions such as samudrika pattu, vastrakala pattu, parampara pattu, kubera pattu and mangalya pattu.

Chennai Shopping mall Branches:
They are two branches in Chennai shopping mall, one is at Kukatpally and other is at Patny Center which was established recently.

Address : Telephone No of Chennai Shopping Mall Hyderabad:
  • The Chennai Shopping mall,
          Near Patny Center,
          Phone No: +91-40-5464404644.
  • The Chennai Shopping Mall,
          Phone No: +91-40-5464404644.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pothys Pasumai Kondatam - Festival

Pasumai Kondatam in Pothys

Pothys is a renowned name in the textile industry. Pothys is not only known for selling good quality garments, it is also known for unique marketing techniques. Remember? Last year they gave piggy banks to the kids and encouraged savings along with discounts? This summer too they have come out with another promotional activity. They have named this activity as Pasumai Kondatam (Celebrating Greenery). Pothys is distributing plants to all the customers who are buying products with them. They have aimed to plant ten lakh trees through this activity. There are many customers who are showing great interest in buying these plants. Children are encouraged to plant more trees by this healthy activity.

There are variety of plants and saplings being distributed. Tulsi, mango, lemon, rose are few of the plants being distributed in Pothys. All that a customer has to do is to show their bill and claim for the plant of their wish. The plants being distributed are very fresh and they are been covered well for the convenience of the customers to carry. Also Pothys has included many new stocks to their garments collections to impress their customers. Last year Pothys encouraged savings by distributing piggy banks and this year they are encouraging plating of trees by distributing plants. It is obviously a new step in saving the environment. The manure for the plants is also distributed along with the plants. Pothys did not limit themselves with selling garment they are taking new steps in improving and cultivating good habits in kids and adults. Though it is seen as a marketing activity by some of the people, not all can deny the fact that these kinds of activities are very much required for our society. Thanks to Pothys and they Pasumai Kondatam Activity.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exhibition in Island ground – Chennai

Exhibition in Island ground – Chennai

A summer exhibition is being organized in Chennai Island ground. This exhibition has lot of shops, restaurants. It also has many rides for children and adults. This exhibition is organized by private sectors. There are many shops present in this exhibition. There are garment stalls, which has many garments for kids, women and men. There many toys shops which features many toys for the children. There are few stalls dedicated for the house hold items like utensils, vessels and many more. There are many rides for children including merry go round, small train, duckling in water and many more. There are many interesting rides for adults too.

There is a mirror stall which features all kinds of mirrors and a Dora bujji stall which has basket ball, slider etc for the children. The entrance fee into the Dora bujji stall is RS.20 for each person. The famous big pappad is available in this exhibition along with hot bajjis. Ice creams, drinks, corn, soups etc are a part of the stalls in the exhibition. There is a stall show casing properties in and around Chennai (this is for people who are interested in buying properties. There is Tirupathi Devasthanam in the exhibition. It looks really wonderful and natural. The entrance ticket for this Tirupathi Devasthanam is Rs.25 for each person. The timings for this exhibition is between 3.30 pm to 10.30 pm on Monday to Saturday and 2.30 pm to 10.30 pm on Sundays. The entrance ticket for this exhibition is Rs.20 per person. This exhibition would be a very good past time for the children who are in their summer vacation.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shree Gold at Chennai T Nagar

Shree Gold was previously named as Shree Jewellery which was located at T Nagar. Te managing director of Shree Gold Jewellery is Ashok Kumar Jain.

You can fine wide range of Shree gold Jewellery at Chennai Showroom. Latest designs of Jewellery at Shree Gold are lightweight collection which including minakaari works, filigiri designs with colour stones, ruby and emerald  jewellery and dosham free Belgium cut diamond and solitaire jewellery. This showroom is going to give tough competition to the people, as they have introduced the antique collection in Sri Gold T Nagar. Sri Gold director Bhawesh Kiran decarled that, as a part of expansion they even brought some of the best gold jewellery from Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Rajkot, Coimbatore and Kerala.

One of the interstion information about the shree gold is that, they have  followed Abhushan Shastra, the art and science of jewellery making which was written by Lord Vishwakarma.

At sree gold making of jewellery is very pure as they don’t use old or recycled gold while making jewellery.

Offers/ Discount at Sree Gold on Jewellery:

Latest offers at Shree Gold is, on buying one sovereign of gold they are offering Rs. 600 off. Not only this even10 percent discount on diamonds; and Rs 1000 deducted on buying 1 kg of silver.

Bumper Offer at Shree Gold Jewellery:

This Bumper offer is applicable only for the customers who make their purchase over Rs 5,000. They can participate in a slogan contest and the best slogans would be rewarded up to 50 sovereign.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

CMR Shopping Mall Hyderabad Visakhapatanam

They are many shopping malls at Hyderabad. When we plan to go for a shopping many questions raises in our mind such as:

Which is the best and famous shopping mall in Hyderabad?? What would be the price of the products sold at shopping malls???? Which Brands of cloths are available at shopping mall???

To have a better shopping shopping experience, you can go to important and famous Shopping mall called as “CMR Shopping Mall” which is located at Hyderabad.

Do you know about the collections at CMR Shopping Mall Hyderabad???

Here you can get Ready Mades, Gold, Gift Articles, Crockers, Home Appliances, Copper, Brass, Steel Items, Plastic Items, Micro Oven Products, Melamine Items, Luggage, Ladies Ready-mades, Kitchen Items, Sarees.

Collection of Men's Wear at CMR Shopping Mall:

You can see huge Branded collections for mens at CMR Shopping Mall Hyderabad. Some of the top selling products are oxemberg trousers, pepe jeans, lee cargos, levis shirt, indian terrian trousers and cargos, park avenue blazer, park avenue suits, vanheusen trousers, vanheusen shirts, peter england trousers, oxemberg shirts, oxemberg shirts, marriage caps, marriage caps, suits, multibrand recardo shirt, cargos and other.

Kids Collection at CMR Shopping Mall Hyderabad:

Kids can also make their wonderful purchases. They are different models of of dress as following: kids dothi model, kids sherwanis_kurtha_pyzimas, suspender, kids suits, boys pant, boys shirts, girls tops, girls skirts, kids wear girls jeans stone work, girls capress, girls chuddidhars, girls paralal, kids pattu langa and blouse, kids ghagras, girls phant tops, midy tops, fancy frocks and etc….,

Jewelry Collections at CMR Shopping Mall Hyderabad:

You can get designer Jewellary’s at CMR Shopping mall. All kinds of Jewellery’s includes Gold Chains Light Weights, gold necklaces set 3, gold necklaces set 1, heavy weight tops, low weight tops, gold antique set, gold gents rings, gold ladies rings, stone necklaces, stone bangles, plain bangles, gents bracelets, ladies bracelets and so on.

Ladies Wear at CMR Shopping Mall:

The collections for ladies wear are ghagra wear, chudhidars, long salwars, skirts, tops.

Designer Wears at CMR Shopping Mall:

You can get different kinds of designer sarees which ranges from Rs.150 to Rs. 50,000.