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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pothys Pasumai Kondatam - Festival

Pasumai Kondatam in Pothys

Pothys is a renowned name in the textile industry. Pothys is not only known for selling good quality garments, it is also known for unique marketing techniques. Remember? Last year they gave piggy banks to the kids and encouraged savings along with discounts? This summer too they have come out with another promotional activity. They have named this activity as Pasumai Kondatam (Celebrating Greenery). Pothys is distributing plants to all the customers who are buying products with them. They have aimed to plant ten lakh trees through this activity. There are many customers who are showing great interest in buying these plants. Children are encouraged to plant more trees by this healthy activity.

There are variety of plants and saplings being distributed. Tulsi, mango, lemon, rose are few of the plants being distributed in Pothys. All that a customer has to do is to show their bill and claim for the plant of their wish. The plants being distributed are very fresh and they are been covered well for the convenience of the customers to carry. Also Pothys has included many new stocks to their garments collections to impress their customers. Last year Pothys encouraged savings by distributing piggy banks and this year they are encouraging plating of trees by distributing plants. It is obviously a new step in saving the environment. The manure for the plants is also distributed along with the plants. Pothys did not limit themselves with selling garment they are taking new steps in improving and cultivating good habits in kids and adults. Though it is seen as a marketing activity by some of the people, not all can deny the fact that these kinds of activities are very much required for our society. Thanks to Pothys and they Pasumai Kondatam Activity.

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