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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Francis Alukkas – Perfect Bridal Collections

Francis Alukkas is the popular showroom in India. Alukkas story was started before 50 years back in Thrissur. They offer different kinds of jewellery which are unique in collection for wedding. All the Francis Alukkas jewellery are designer, trendy, fashionable, classical, traditional and perfect impurity. The founder of a Francis Alukkas was A. J. Varghese. They got good frame in the society just due to the quality of the service and gold which is offered by them. In simple words, we can say that Francis Alukkas are the ultimate jewellers since 1956. Francis Alukkas Platinum jewellery, is authorised by the Platinum guide international (PGI) and certified by union laboratory. From the Francis Alukkas advertisements you can able to know the latest jewellery products, offers and schemes which are available for the customers.


If you get the product from Francis Alukkas showroom, then you will have a BIS hallmark certification. It is a kind of promise for the purity of the gold. You can check the purity of the gold depending upon the carats that you select.











White Gold at Francis Alukkas:

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to purchase white jewellery Metals such as silver, white gold, platinum, titanium. It is even fashionable to wear. Usually this Platinum are very the expensive and available in 18 karats. So the demand for white gold is increasing day by day.


Francis Alukkas Antique Jewellery:

Woman likes to wear wonderful jewellery which suits their dress. When you wear different models of dress, at that time this Francis Alukkas antique jewellery will be perfect. Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gwalior, Kashmir, Kapurthala, Patiala, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Mysore are well reputed for having this grand antique collection.

Francis Alukkas Bead Jewellery:

Today’s youth want prefer to go with this bead jewellery because only the elders show much interest in purchasing this as it is related to the Indian culture. Elderly woman and men, pundits, swamys and people who prefer to go to the littermates would wear this beaded jewellery. Normally this beaded jewellery is made up of Coral, pearl, semi-precious and precious stones, crystals (spatikam), Tulasi beads, Rudraksham, Sandal beads and Navarathna.

Francis Alukkas Imported Jewellery:

The world has improved a lot and they are latest technologies that have been inventing by scientist. Similarly for inventing the best jewellery which attracts the youth was also concentrated and discovered various types. Today we can see that jewellery participate in all the major international shows and develop new ideas and also import jewellery. We all know that South East Asian countries are recognised have the new market in this generation.

Francis Alukkas Casted Jewellery:

The young generation prefers to go with this kind of jewellery and much huge factory work for making plain and studded jewellery in this method.

Francis Alukkas Fusion Jewellery:

They are various educational institutes that are coming up for the field of jewellery. So the competition has created a new creativity and ideas. The work is mixed with German and Italian style. Francis Alukkas rhodium plated jewellery which is mostly preferred by the today's generation.


Francis Alukkas will also offer the Indian jewellery is from different states. Below are the list of Indian jewellery which are available.

Kerala Jewellery:

Kerala is one of the popular places where most of the people use jewellery which is of high in quality. In Indian design, you can able to find different forms of nature such as leaves, flowers, birds, snake, art and spiritual forms. If you go with the lightweight ornaments, automatically it will be less in expenses. This jewellery is designed by the traditional goldsmiths who are called as thattans. Kerala is famous for adiga chain, chittu, maekathu mothiram, pavan maala, aanaval rings, pulinagham, sankaraabharanam, vaalika, psslskks Thaali, kaasu maala, nagapadam, astha laxmi, light weight jhumkas, mango maala, ottiyanam, dasa avathaaram and many more.

Karwar Studded Jewellery:

If you want to know about the best designs in studded jewellery, then you must certainly know about Karwar. It is a small town which is years to gova, it is a small industry where they make jewellery and prominent studded.

Agra Jewellery:

Mogul jewellery is really very famous for the Indian culture and which should be proud of it because it consist of excellent art work on it. Normally, Mogul jewellery consists of cut and uncut precious stones, kundan work, meenakari work. And even some of the jewellery has flat stones, cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and fine basra pearls.

Bengali Jewellery:

The jewellery is made by the well experienced Bengali goldsmith or else they are also called as Bengali babus. They are one of the best featured and stylish jewellery which are mostly preferred by each and every one.


Francis Alukkas offers wonderful jewellery as a wedding collection. It is the perfect place where you can able to get all the designer jewellery for your special occasion to make it more pleasant and beautiful. They are offering this wedding jewellery for 60 years. They are more than 15 lakhs bridal have chosen their collections from Francis Alukkas. Francis Alukkas even conducts the bridal feast from August 17th to December 31.

· You can even get the assured gift with every wedding purchase.

· Francis Alukkas Honeymoon package for the couples.

· Francis Alukkas special package offer for wedding jewellers .


They offer different models of jewellery colFrancis Alukkas  Deisgner Jewellerylections which are excellent and even traditional to look at. They offer designer and trendy gold jewellery for today's youth. So you can purchase any jewellery such as drops (earrings), trendy rings, chain, necklace, bangles, pendent, vanki, Hip Chain, Talai matal, papidi billa, designer vaddanam, Traditional hangings and many more.


Diamond really precious and while purchasing it you need to take proper care. Each time it is unique and special for you. If you want to check whether the diamond is perfect or not, you need to observe carefully with a magnifying glass.

If you want to clean your diamond jewellery, then you can clean it with your tooth paste and then it will regain its radiance again. But remember that you need to use the soft brush. Don't touch the time and with your fingers it may accumulate dirt into the gaps of the diamond. Keep your diamond jewellery away from the chemicals like bleach because it may discoloured your jewellery. When a diamond jewellery you can able to find different models of rings, bangles, kamal, pendent, chain, necklace and many more.


The college going students will prefer to purchase this Platinum jewellery as it is best to look and attractive. It is costlier than the gold jewellery. This Platinum jewellery will be suitable on the latest modern dresses such as jeans, long skirts, Punjabi suit, half saree and many more. If you purchase your Platinum jewellery at Francis Alukkas, it is really safe and secure because it is authorised by Platinum guide international. Each and every piece of jewellery is stamped with pt logo and has unique identification number. When you spend such a huge amount of money, it is very important to take proper care.


When you want to gift wonderful jewellery to your friend or to your beloved one, then you can choose this because it is cheaper in cost as well as excellent in design. If you just visit the Francis Alukkas showroom, over there you can able to find different jewellery which is made up of silver. You can find necklace, silver chain, rings. Not only this, you can able to get the silver accessories such as puja Samagri, anklets and many more.


Some people believe in wearing the navaratna stone. But purchasing the best quality of stone is really very important to have some results. So I would suggest you to move on into the Francis Alukkas showroom and purchase over there because you can able to find different models of gems which suits you. These gems are given depending upon your birthstone. Some of the gems available over there are cat’s eye, coral, pearls, diamonds, ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, gomeda, emerald.


Francis Alukkas even offers the best job opportunity for the youth who are having the excellent talent and skill in marketing, sales, accounting and many more. Now the Francis Alukkas employers can work in a great environment. Now you can able to apply for the Francis Alukkas job right now through online. They will call you back when they have requirement.


Francis Alukkas Calicut:

Ram Mohan Road,


Francis Alukkas Cochin:

Near KPCC Junction, M.G Road,

Cochin, Ernakulam.

Francis Alukkas Kannur:

City center, fort road,


Francis Alukkas Kannur:

AVK Nair Road, Thalassery,


Francis Alukkas Calicut:

NH Bye Pass Road, Vadakara,


Francis Alukkas Trichy:

No,42, Sathyam Shopping Mall, Singarathoppe,

Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Francis Alukkas Trichy:

No.31, N.S.B Road,

Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Francis Gold Trade Calicut:

Ram Mohan Road,


Francis Alukkas Corporate Road:

Alukkas Jewellery, Ram Mohan Road,

Calicut, Kerala.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Himalaya Hair Care Products

Himalayas as soon as you hear this name, the first thing which comes in your mind is, Herbal Care. Himalaya herbal care always plays a vital role in customer satisfaction with their natural Herbal products especially for hair care.

They have come up with their exclusive herbal products for hair care which has no side effects. They have 10 different Himalaya herbal care products which give complete care for your hair. Those are,

  • Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream
  • Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil
  • Anti-Dandruff Hair Shampoo
  • Protein Hair Cream
  • Protein Shampoo
  • Protein Conditioner
  • Anti-Hair Loss Cream
  • Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil
  • Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
  • Hair Detangles And Conditioner


There is a permanent solution for your dandruff problem with this natural hair cream, it contains Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary, which controls dandruff effectively. This cream is suitable for all the hair types.

Give a gentle massage on your scalp in a circular motion, before and after shampooing your hair for the dandruff free, smooth and shiny hair.

It is available in cute 175g pack.


Massaging your hair with proper nutrient hair oil always helps to reduce hair fall, which also strengthens your hair roots and increases blood circulation on your scalp. Microbial infections the main reason for the dandruff, this anti dandruff hair oil prevents your hair from microbial infection which is the main cause of dandruff.

Part your hair apply this anti dandruff oil all over the scalp, massage your scalp with your fingers in circular motion so that the oil will be absorbed into your scalp slowly, leave it is for an hour or more than that after that wash your hair with Himalaya shampoo.

It is available in 100 and 200 ml pack.


Using shampoo for hair is not only for cleaning, it should be for eliminating dandruff, if you have a dandruff problem, this anti dandruff shampoo with the effective Tea Tree oil and active anti dandruff agents attacks the root cause of dandruff, at the same time it is very gentle to your hair. When you use it regularly it visibly reduces flakes, itches on the scalp, keeps your hair strong, easily manageable, preventing the hair from dandruff and stops from coming back.

This is mainly for the dry hair which needs more nourishment and moisture.

Massage it gently on your wet hair and scalp, rinse it well with water.

It is available in 100ml, 200ml and 400ml pack.


The protein conditioner with protein rich herbs nourishes your hair, It also gives the three essential benefits which are needed for our hair growth. First it gives strength, second reducing hair fall and third gives protection for daily damage.

This natural protein in this shampoo keeps your hair silky smooth, soft, shine and tangle free.

Massage it gently on your wet scalp and hair, rinse well after use.

It is available in 100ml and 200ml pack.


It has natural protein derived from wheat germs which is rich in protein and vitamin E, it gives shining and softness to your hair and chickpea which is rich in natural source of protein, helps for nourishing your hair naturally, it has Indian gooseberry which acts as anti-oxidant and promotes hair growth, Thistles which is useful for strengthening hair root and preventing from hair fall.

Massage it gently with your fingers in a circular motion, use before and after shampooing.

It is available in cute 175g pack.


This shampoo is enriched with protein herbs which naturally nourishes your hair, gives strength for your hair root, protecting from everyday damages and hair fall. This mild shampoo is very useful for those who want to clean their hair every day, its mildness cleanses and gives daily dosage of protein for your hair which gives your hair shining, smoothness and it keeps healthy.

Massage it on wet scalp and hair, rinse well after use.

It is available in100ml, 200ml and 400ml.


This is very useful for those who have severe hair loss, sudden development of bald patch and those have diffuse hair loss. It gradually stimulates the Antigenic phase of hair growth cycle, it multiplicities the hair fiber cells, increases the hair density and improves the tensile strength of hair.

Massage it with finger tips on your scalp; cover the entire scalp part by part. For best result leave overnight, rinse it in the morning if you wish. You can see the visible effects if you use it regularly. If you have severe hair loss uses it twice a day.


Don’t use in case of scalp injury, cut, wound or any other infection. It doesn’t work if you have baldness due to genetic reasons.

It is available in 50ml and 100ml pack.


This oil prevents your hair from hair fall and stimulates the hair growth, it contains Bhringaraja, Amalaki and Mehta which are the proven hair growth promoters, it also contains Neem and Bilva which prevents your hair from infection and keeps it healthy.

This is non-sticky hair oil so you can use it daily.

Massage it gently with your finger tips on your scalp, wash it if you wish.

It is available in 100ml and 200 ml.


Its effective 2 in 1 formula nourishes your hair as well as strengthens weakened hair, it also conditions your hair, improves its texture and reduces hair fall.

Massage it on your wet scalp, leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and wash it well.

It is available in 100ml, 200ml and 400ml pack.


It has shoe flower extracts which conditions your hair and it has Water Lily which nourishes and softens your hair. This conditioner works well on dry, rough and brittle hair and makes it smooth, soft, tangle free and easily manageable.

Apply gently over wet hair leave for 2 minutes and wash it well.

It is available in 75ml and 150ml pack.

By using all these Himalaya herbal products according to your hair, you can get the beautiful, smooth, shiny, damage free hair.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Pondicherry

Sri Lakshmi Jewellery is one of the popular showroom very can able to find the jewellery is which have a traditional value. They have been in this jewellery field since 1936, which is they are having 75 years of experience in satisfying the people with their fashionable jewellery. Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi jewellery occupied the leading position in designing the marvellous jewellery. Sri Lakshmi craftsman skills are really excellent; they have excellent creativity and talent to create the best designs. Sri Lakshmi jewellery showroom has many clients from abroad also, they are especially in France.


When you go for a showroom, and look at designs. If you find a unique model then it would be very happy for you. If you want to get such a wonderful happiness and excitement in your face then you can have a visit to Sri Lakshmi jewellery showroom. It is one of the places where you can able to find excellent designs and pattern. They offer various kinds of jewellery products related to Gold, Diamond, platinum, silver, and antiques.


The Sri Lakshmi necklaces are really unique, you can able to find hundreds of models and you can able to choose the one which is best for you. Each and every necklace model is different from one another. Not only this, you can able to find various other gold collections too. Sri Lakshmi designer jewelleryBangles at Sri Lakshmi are also perfect in pattern and design. In bangles, you can able to find different models such as kada, bracelets,kundan bangles, white gold bangles and many more. When you wear Punjabi suit or chudidar, wearing the simple and beautiful Sri Lakshmi chain and pendant would be more attractive and can bring more beauty for you. Earrings are really very important in your daily life, for that you need to choose the one which is best for both party wear and for daily use purpose. It Sri Lakshmi earrings are fashionable and suitable for both of them. Marriage is one of the special occasion and thali place major role in creating the bond between to hearts. You can find different models of thali at sri lakshmi jewellery showroom.


Diamond attracts everyone towards it with its charm and shine. When you go for a showroom, when you see diamond jewellery you will fall in love with it. If you want to get the unique and trendy diamond jewellery collection for you, then you can visit the Sri Lakshmi showroom. Because they offer the excellent models of Diamond bangles, Diamond chain, Diamond Ring, Diamond necklace and Diamond earrings.


Nowadays, most of them prefer to purchase platinum jewellery. This platinum jewellery will suit on the latest model of clothing such as jeans, skirts or any others. If you want to get the best platinum jewellery collections for you, then you can just have a visit into the official website and purchase it overhear. At Sri Lakshmi jewellery showroom, you can able to find platinum bracelet, platinum chain, platinum earrings and platinum rings.


To present any unique and wonderful gift to your beloved one on any special occasion, then you can present them any silver products which are really attractive and useful for them. Every girl wants to wear silver anklet which can bring more beauty to their legs. Now you can able to get this designer silver anklet at Sri Lakshmi Jewellers. Not only this, the other silver products available over there are dining set, divine collections, diya collections and wedding set.

Bangles at Sri Lakshmi Pondicherry: They have beautiful antique traditional bangles, daily wear bangles and bridal collections like gold bangle with diamond stones flower design, gold bangle with triangle shape diamond stone arrangement, round gold bangle with single diamond stone all around, gold bangle with four diamond stone flower arrangement all around, bangle with four lines of ruby all around, kada work wide gold bangle with flower design, wide gold bangle with diamond shapes, screw type single kada model wide bracelet with leafy design, platinum wide bangle with diamond stone floral design all around, platinum round bangle with triangle shaped diamond work on it, screw type platinum wide bangle with diamond stones all around, they have light weight platinum collection with single line diamond stones, platinum bangle with diamond flower motifs on one part of the bangle, platinum rope model bracelet for men, screw type platinum wide bracelet with diamond stones and etc.

Chains at Sri Lakshmi Pondicherry: They have beautiful thick chain with Ganapathu motif pendant, with Perumal motif pendant, three string gold chain with peacock motif pendants, long chain with flower designs, beautiful daily wear chains, long chain with sunflower pendant, they have diamond balls platinum chains with diamond single drop, gold chain with diamond cross shape with ruby drop, with diamond sunflower pendant, diamond pendent with pearl drops, platinum chain with single pearl drop, platinum chain with diamond heart shape pendant, platinum thick chain with three diamonds drop, platinum chain with diamond butterfly pendant, platinum chain with diamond flower pendant etc.

Sri Lakshmi Jewellers Earrings: they have traditional, trendy and bridal collection ear rings, each one is master piece collection like flower design ear drops with ruby drops, flower design stud with pearl hanging, with gold and platinum hangings, peacock ear stud with gold drop, platinum heart shape stud with gold heart shape hangings, leaf designed diamond stud with gold flowers hangings, knot shape ear studs, bell shape ear stud with diamond stone hangings, fan shape ear stud with two gold string drops and they have their beautiful designer collections for the youth like diamond thilak shape ear drops, square shape diamond ear stud, tree shape gold ear stud with diamonds, flower shape gold ear stud with diamonds, platinum ear hangings with diamonds and black stone drops, platinum diamond shape ear hangings, single diamond stone ear stud, platinum leaf model ear stud with single pearl drop etc.

Necklace at Sri Lakshmi Jewellers: they have traditional necklace, party wear necklace, bridal necklace collections and diamond and ruby necklace like heavy work flower design necklace, leaf model necklace with pearl drops, bell type necklace, flower design necklace, necklace with ruby and emerald drops, necklace with pearl drops, flower motif necklace with diamonds, leaf and flower design diamond necklace, heart shape hanging necklace with diamonds etc.

Other than these they have rings like daily wear rings, party wear rings and bridal wear rings, wedding Rings which are really mind blowing.


You can able to get a special gift while purchasing the wonderful gold jewellery. They are various kinds of Sri Lakshmi gifts which are available for the customers who purchased over there. For every purchase at Sri Lakshmi jewellery showroom, you can able to get the best kind of electronic products as gifts which are listed below:

Free Gift At Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Showroom:

On Purchase of Jewellery Worth of

 Free Electronic Gifts at Sri Lakshmi Jewellers

              Rs. 15,000

Weighing Scale

LEO Tawa

SS. Vacuum Flask

              Rs. 35,000

Sowbaghya Pressure Cooker

LEO Kadai


              Rs. 50,000

Crompton Greaves Table Fan

LEO Nonstick ware


              Rs. 85,000

Sowbaghya Grinder

Sowbaghya Elec Rice Cooker

Emergency Lamp


IFB Microwave Oven

Emergency Lamp

Butterfly Mixie

              Rs. 2,00,000

Single Door Fridge

Sowbaghya Induction Stove

Emergency Lamp

              Rs. 3,00,000

LCD TV 22’’

Safety Locker

Butterfly Desire Mixie

              Rs. 4,00,000

Washing Machine

Philips Home Theatre

Safety Locker

              Rs. 5,00,000

Double Door Fridge

HCL computer

Safety Locker


You can able to get wonderful gift collections for presenting your friend on their special occasion for making it more special. You can get silver memento, silver place, peacock designer gift, designer watch and many more….


If you want to save your money while purchasing gold, then you can just take advantage from Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Saving Scheme.

· From Rs. 500/- and above, the amount can be remitted for saving Gold.

· Subscriber can redeem the gold saved by purchasing any gold product either jewellery or coins.

· Zero making chargers at Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Showroom for gold jewellery except the gold coin.


Kajal is the model of Sri Lakshmi Ads. She is really so sexy and beautiful after wearing the Sri Lakshmi jewellers in those ads. The jewellery worn by Kajal in those Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi advertisements are very unique in design. All those are fancy and designer jewellers with suits her saree.


Now you can able to get the wonderful Gold loan very easily. For that you need to go with the Sri Lakshmi Gold Loan because they give a chance of easy installment service. Both Sri Lakshmi Jewellers and Sriram City Union offer the gold loan with easy installment bases. Hope that the Sri Lakshmi Easy Installment will help you in getting the gold jewellery to your home.


Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Showroom Pondicherry:

186, Kosakadai Street,
Phone: +91-413-2334678, 2335903
Mobile: 98941 10101

Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Showroom Neyveli:

Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Jewelery
Opp:Cluny School, Block-25,
Phone: +91-4142-281400

Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Showroom Karaikal:

Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Jewelery
72, Bharathiyar Road,
Phone: 04368-224916.

Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Showroom Paris:

Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Jewelery S.A.R.L,
4,Rue Perdonnet,75010 - Paris,
Phone: +33 1 40050000

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nathella - Nathella Sampathu Chetty Jewellery

Nathella is one of the famous jewellery showrooms which are having a history of more than 60 years. This Nathella showroom is having totally it is outlets in famous areas in Chennai like T.Nagar, Purasaiwakkam, Anna Nagar, Velachery, vellore & hosur. This is the only place where you can able to find unique designs, perfect quality, traditional jewellery, trendy jewellery and Little Nathella jewellery.
Many people don't know about Hallmark jewellery, it is safe to purchase this hallmarked jewellery. Some people wonder about “what is hallmarked jewellery” and “how this Hallmark jewellery is identified”. For them here is the answer waiting for, hierarchical is an international acceptance a method which is that the purity of the gold is perfect. If it is the hallmark jewellery, then you may find a label on the back side of your jewellery. With this you can able to identify whether it is or not. The purity test of hallmarked jewellery is accepted by any jewellers across the country. At Nathella, you can even get Nathella hallmarked jewellery.
Next coming into the Nathella craftsman, they are having good experience so they will design the perfect jewellery and pattern. At Nathella, you can even get the dosham free diamond jewellery set in gold and platinum. Over here, you can able to find the excellent Nathella stylish and designer collections. When you purchase diamond jewellery from Nathella showroom, it comes with the guarantee card.
Next coming to the silver collections at Nathella, this kind of products will be useful for Pooja, wedding and special gifts for newborns.
At Nathella jewellery showroom, you can able to find excellent designers such as classic bangles with Mina, stone bangles, trendy bangles , Jodhpuri Bangles, Peacock design bangles, kadas, antique bangles, Mens Gold Bangles, Two tone Bangles, Indian Gold Kara, Bangles with Rubies, Gold Antique Kara, Gold Bangles with Eneralds, Emerald Bangle Karat, Emerald Studded Bangles, Karat Emerald Bangles, Meenakari gold Bangles, Indian Gold Kara, designer antique bangles, gold antique kundan bangles, antique ruby bangles, gold deigner polki kadas, Gold wavy Bangles, antique Kadas, three tone kadas, two tone bangles, designer pearls bangles, gold filigee bangles, gold designer bangles, Gold wide Ghoogi Kada, Multicolor designer kada, laser bangles and many more….
Similarly even in bracelets you can able to find huge collections such as tri color punja, three tone bracelets, gold fancy bracelet, designer bracelets, Gold bracelets with ring, gold men's bracelets and many more…
Different models and fashionable pendants are available at Nathella. If you're interested in purchasing them here is a list of pendants which are available. Some of them are antique pendent set, fancy pendent set, gold pendent set, precious stone pendent, designer white gold pendent set, kundan pendent set, fancy pendent set, meenakari pendent set. Ruby and turoise pendent set, pearl pendent set, Ruby pendent set, Emerald pendent set, allah pendent, Khanda pendent, jesus cross pendent, initial pendent, fancy pendent.
some of the designer necklace available at Nathella showroom are combination necklace set, Emerald necklace set, ruby necklace set, Sapphire necklace set, gold Navratan necklace set, Pearls necklace set, Emerald necklace set, designer multicolour necklace set, bridal necklace set, gold Mangalsutra sets, lightweight necklace sets, white gold necklace set,
Gold Mangalsutra, indian long Mangalsutra, long designer Mangalsutra, two tone Mangalsutra, antique Mangalsutra, fancy Mangalsutra and others. You can even able to find the diamond Mangalsutra.
Gold Tops, Exquisite Earrings, gold fancy earrings, clip on earrings, hoop earrings, long earrings, precious stone earrings, signity earrings, white gold earrings, chandelies earrings, meenakari earrings.
Gold Rings, Signity Rings, White Gold Rings, Religious Rings, Wedding Rings, designer gold rings, meenakri spiral ring.
Similarly you can able to find other Nathella showroom collections of Antiques, Corporate Gifts, Diamonds, Gem Stones, Gold, Mens Jewellery, Platinum, Ruby Emerald Jewellery, and Silver Articles.
You know that, the gold rate is going on increasing. For that you need to take certain steps for purchasing the gold at affordable cost with which you can able to save lots of your money. If you go on with Nathella and make your purchase then you can able to save lots of your money because you can able to enjoy the 0% wastage, making charges and VAT at Nathella. You can join this “Nathella ZERO % GOLD JEWELLERY PURCHASE PLAN” for purchasing any kind of Gold jewellery,Gold Coins, Platinum jewellery,Diamond jewellery,Ruby& Emerald jewellery and Silver items for Puja,Weddings, New Borns, Gifting & daily use.
You can able to use the Nathella saving scheme payment from home itself, for that you can sms “ ZERO to 56677 ” for door step collection of monthly installment.
if you reach Nathella jewellery showroom, then they will check your planet and raasi, and suggest the stone according to your it. After wearing this Nathella astrology stone and Nathella navaratna, you can able to see the excellent benefits in your life. If you believe in birthstone, then you can even go with it and get it from the Nathella store. You can even get the astrology and gemstone guidance which will help you in knowing about it better.
Nathella offered the kalyana seervarisai offer, in which 4 members won the wonderful flat recently.
Nathella even offers a wonderful service of Kalyana Mandabam, which is located in Chennai. Even they are Nathella Function Hall dates available so for that you can able to call them and fix your deal. Below are the details of kalyana mandabam Nathella:
· 1200 Capacity Hall
· 14 A/C Rooms
· A/c Dinning Hall - Capacity 70
· Dining Furniture - Capacity 350
· Parking For 100 Vehicles
No.226, Jawaharlal Nehru Salai
100 Feet Raod
Chennai - 600107
Ph: 044-24753385 / 24753907.
1. Nathella Marriage Hall charges just Rs. 50,000/- per day, for two days Rs. 87,000/- and similarly for two and half days Rs. 90,000/-
2. Nathella kalyana mandabam electricity charges Rs. 8.50/-
3. Nathella kalyana mandabam gas kg:Rs. 55/-
4. Nathella Function Hall cleaners per day Rs. 3,200/-
5. Nathella kalyana mandabam service tax for the expenses 10.2%.
If you want to enjoy the best Nathella offers and deals, then you can fill in an application form and submit it through online and get a free Nathella privilege card. With this you can able to add wonderful experience in your shopping. I'm sure that you will be satisfied with the Nathella shopping.
          1. Nathella's Arcade
               37, South Usman Road,
               T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017.
          2. 225, Purasawakkam High Road,
                Chennai - 600 007.
          3. C 36, Second Avenue,
                near 12th main road
                Anna Nagar, Chennai.600040.
           4. 27, Velachery Main Road
                 Velachery, Chennai 600042.
            1. Taj towers
                 No.18, officers Line, Vellore - 632001.
                 Tel: 0416-2217111.
Nathella has opened it’s showroom recently at Hosur. Have a visit and have great shopping experience at Nathella.
For More details about Nathella fashionable jewellery you can like into www.nathella.com.
Visit here to Know about Little Nathella

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Co- optex Handloom Weavers Showroom

clip_image001[4]The Tamil Nadu Handloom Weavers' Cooperative Society known as Co-optex is a cooperative society formed by traditional handloom weavers in TamilNadu, southern parts of India. Co- optex has number of shopping outlets in TamilNadu. Co-optex exports its product to Germany, France, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. All products of Co-optex are produced by nearly 1400 primary weavers and 5 spinning mills. It has 0.23 Millions looms and has 211 retail sale outlets in India. The managing director of So-optex is Umashankar.


For youngsters there are lots of readymade shirt collections such as

clip_image002[4]Classic : 100% cotton shirts with plain, stripe and check designs, Fancy, Supreme.

Duro : Poly. Cotton white pants with different colors. Demin, Aroma

Embroidery : Poly. Cotton Kurthas

Marble : 100% cotton with chemical process


For girls there are lots of collections such asclip_image003[4]

Cotton Chudithars

Poly. Cotton Chudithars with Embroidery designs

Printed Chudithars

Fancy Designs

Printed Chudithars



COTTON SAREES: Cotton sarees are traded from Coimbatore to Paramakudi, Salem to Sirumugai,
Chettinad to Vilandai, Woraiyur to Madurai and Kanchi to Kanyakumari. Each cotton saree is an unique design according to the latest tastes of modern women which looks beautiful and elegant to wear. New designs of cotton sarees are launched every year and the starting price comes from Rs. 200.


CO-OPTEX SILK SAREES: Traditional Indian homes prefer mostly Co-optex silk sarees as it is 100% pure and natural silk with pure golden Zari threads. The Silk Sarees found here are bought from silk center places - Kancheepuram, Arni and Kumbakonam. Co-optex has introduced economic silk saree.


From Co-optex we can buy bed spreads, bed sheets, bed linen, pillow covers, furnishing clothes, carpets, curtain, kitchen linen, towels and table mats.

Co-optex has a big feature where we can order our own design sarees at T.V. Pattu Maaligai, 5th floor, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008. We can choose our designs in 3 categories – fancy, ethnic and traditional.


In this saving scheme, there is a government rebate of 20%. So if you pay 700 as installments continuously for 9 months, 10th month installment will be from Co-optex and government discount of 20%. So 8,750 worth saree is given to customer after paying 6300. This scheme is not known by many people and it is a golden opportunity. This scheme is available at all Co-optex showrooms.

Co-optex work is eco-friendly and uses only AZO free chemicals. We can discover a tremendous varieties of colours, designs, weaves, textiles in Co-optex which are made by Indian handlooms. Internationally there are exporting tableware, bedlinen, kitchenware, furnishing etc.


Co-optex Coimbatore Region:

Co-optex Marudham Showroom,

Nehru Stadium, V.O.C. Park,

Coimbatore - 641 018

Phone: 0422 380591

Co-optex Cuddalore Region:

Co-optex Showroom,

No.28, Jawaharlal Nehru Street,

Pondicherry – 605 001.

Phone: 0413 334593

Co-optex Thanjavur Region:

1. Co-optex Silk Palace,

Raja Raja Cholan Vanigamayam,

Thanjavur - 613 001.

Phone: 04362 31929

2. Co-optex Pothigai Showroom,

No.5, Rockins Road,

Ashby Hotel Complex,

Trichy - 620 001.

Phone: 0431 461191

Co-optex Chennai Region:

1. Malar Boutique

No.103, Nungambakkam HIgh Road,

Chennai - 600 034

Phone: 044 8270571

2. T.V.Pattu Maaligai,

No.350, Pantheon Road,


Chennai - 600 008

Phone: 044 8260775

3. Vanavil Handloom Palace,

No.271, Anna Salai,

Chennai - 600 018.

Phone: 044 4336346

Co-optex  Madurai Region:

Co-optex Showroom,

No.20, South Chitrai Street,

Madurai – 625 001

Phone: 0452 744047

Co-optex  Salem Region :

Thangam Pattu Maaligai,

No.342, Bazaar Street,

Salem - 623 001.

Phone: 0427 260651

Co-optex Tirunelveli Region:

Kanthimathi Co-optex Showroom,

No.52, C/35-38, Maharaja Buildings,

East to Central Bus Stand,

Tirunelveli Jn. - 627 001.

Phone: 0462 334360

Co-optex Vellore Region:

1. Deepam Co-optex Showroom,

S-1, Sarathi Maligai Officers Line,

Vellore - 632 004.

Phone: 0416 220730

2. Kamatchi Co-optex Showroom,

No.182, Gandhi Road,

Kancheepuram - 631 501.

Phone: 04112 28892

3. Co-optex Balaji Emporium,

No.212/213, Gandhi Road,

Tirupathi - 517 501.

Phone: 08574 22076

Co-optex  Bangalore Region:

1. Aishwarya Co-optex Showroom,

No.315, K.Kamaraj Road,

Bangalore - 560 042.

Phone: 080 5591319

2. Mookambika Co-optex Showroom,

Hotel Roopa Buildings,

Balamatta Road,

Mangalore - 575 001.

Phone: 0824 422417

Co-optex Mumbai Region:

1. Co-optex Showroom,

No.8, Zillaparishad Building,


Pune – 411 001.

Phone: 020 6052646

2. Co-optex Showroom,

No.2, Rajiniketan Building,

No.356, Bhandarket Road,

Madunga, Mumbai – 400 019.

Phone: 022 4141475

3. Co-optex Zaayo-Zuyo Showroom,

Shop No.1 and 2, EDC House,

Dr. Atmaram Borker Road,

Near Junta House,

Panaji, Goa – 403 001.

Phone: 0832 220128

4. Co-optex Sabarmathi Showroom,

Shop No.31 to 34,

Kamadhenu Complex,

Opp. Sajanand College,

Panjarapole, Ambavadi,

Ahamedabad – 380 015.

Phone: 079 6304247

Co-optex  Ernakulam Region:

1. Mekala Silk Palace,

Deepthi Building,


Cochin – 682 016.

Phone: 0484 372795

2. Padmanabha Silk House,

Trivandrum District Coop.

Bank Building,

East Fort, Trivandrum – 695 023

Phone: 0471 454512

Co-optex Hyderabad Region:

Navrang Co-optex Showroom,

No.5-9-240 to 244/A, ABIDS Road,


Hyderabad – 500 001.

Phone: 040 3204561

Co-optex New Delhi Region:

1. Pudu Pavu (Poompuhar),

C/1, State Emporia Complex,

Irwin Road,

Baba Kharak Singh Marg,

New Delhi - 110 001.

Phone: 011 3364283

2. Co-optex Showroom,

14/121, B.M.G.Road,


Kanpur - 208 001

Phone: 0512 319995

3. Co-optex Showroom,

SCO-3, Sector 20D,

Chandigarh - 160 008.

Phone: 0172 778861

4. Co-optex Showroom- Jaipur,

No.524-526, Indira Bazaar,


Rajasthan - 302 001.

Phone: 0141 319481

5. Co-optex Showroom,

No.8/1, Dacres Lane,


Calcutta - 7 00 069.

Phone: 033 2484972

6. Co-optex Ganga Showroom,

Shop No.152-154, Ist Floor,

Block-C, Mauryalok,

Commercial Complex,

Patna - 800 001.

Phone: 0612 238287

Co-optex Vijayawada Region:

1. Co-optex Showroom,

No.26-18-32, Suryabagh Road,

Visakhapatnam - 530 020.

Phone: 0891 502702

2. Co-optex Showroom,

Eluru Road,


Vijayawada - 520 002.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Joyalukkas Gold Exchange Offer

Joyalukkas is the leading jewellery showroom in India. If you get a chance to exchange your old jewellery in that showroom then I hope that you will feel lucky to do it. Joy alukkas brings the latest offer and deals for the people for satisfying the needs. Similarly they have recently started the exchange your gold offer. That too you can do it without any loss. This will be great use for the people who want to exchange their gold without any loss.

           1. By using this service, you can able to exchange your old jewellery with new one that too with zero direction in weight and rate.

              2. If you are planning to exchange your diamond jewellery and polki jewellery, then you can get 50% off.

  • This offer is valid in all Joyalukkas showroom in GCC. The gold exchange offer is available till the period of 24th of November to 3rdDecember 2011. So, friends hurry up for capturing this wonderful offer.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Saree Museum and S.M.Creation in Chennai

Saree Museum and S.M Creation History:

Today’s fashion world there is nothing lasts for more than few years but sarees are ruling the market for generations and will continue for the generations to come. In this ever changing fashion market they are standing like strong pillars from 1979 with the motto of absolutely no compromise for quality which made them to achieve great success in their field. Their designs are unique which look different from other shops.

COLLECTIONS AT SAREE MUSEUM: They have their own collections of beautiful sarees which are Bridal, Party wear, Designer, Casual, Office wear and Uniforms.

Bridal Sarees: these are rich in look, these collections will definitely enhance the beauty of the brides. Bridal sarees are always consider as a sentimental one in every woman’s life, which travels with them till their end, so it should be god in quality and standard, Saree museum gives 100% guarantee for their sarees.

Party Wears: Unlike other sarees these sarees are specially designed for parties it comes with special stone, kunthan stone, colourful threads and shining materials which give wonderful look when you wear for parties.

Casual Wear: as the name indicates these sarees are for wearing casually which is comfortable for daily use, these suits especially for home makers who want soft and smooth sarees for their day to day use.

Office Wear Sarees: these sarees enhance your charmless and give confidence for working ladies who want colourful, shiny and smooth sarees with latest designs.

Designer Sarees: these collections from them are vSaree Musemery unique with latest designs which have simple stone and jari work on a shining material. Which are very appealing for eyes and make you perfect!!

Uniforms: Today’s modern life companies are started introducing sarees in uniform, in which everyone will look same, in that too Saree museum gives choices with latest designs with different variety.

Readymade collections- They have marvelous looking readymade collections like pawadai set, designer cholies and Punjabi style kurtis which are very latest in collection.

Their website tells you how they are doing wonders in making saree.


Here at Saree Museum, they offer the different patterns and models of dresses which attract a woman. Some of them available are designer Punjabis & sarees. Similarly, if you look into the saree museum traditional saree gallery, then you can get printed sarees. They provide separate gallery for all sections. Other than this, you can get the fancy pawadai set, designer cholie & Punjabis.

Saree Museum S.M Creations Address:

New # 125, Pondy Bazaar (Opp. Bank of Baroda),

T. Nagar, Chennai – 17, India,

Phone: +91-44-2434 ,

Fax: +91-44-2435 1659.

E-mail: saree.museum@yahoo.in

website: www.sareemuseum.com

Mohammed Khan Jewellers Hyderabad

Late  Haji Mohammed Khan chairmen of MDK group of companies has successfully started his jewellery business in 1936 at Guntur which is located at Andhra Pradesh. A city which is 250Km away from Hyderabad but has well connected roads and rail routes, from then they have started growing as one of the leading jewellery shop in Andhra Pradesh. They offered the high Quality of International standard and trademark They ate two trump card of their company which has created a great reputation among their customers. They are the Kings of making traditional jewellery and custom made jewellery which made them to stand successfully generations after generations. Making jewells with their dedicated and talented designers with the Earth’s precious treasures is an art, they are proving their expertiseness in that and still they are upgrading to higher level in creating the identical products to the world over.


They are rendering their service to the incomparable standard, they are giving the best service after sales, they have dedicated full time service counter for repairing and servicing, they are giving 100% guarantee cards, they have exchange and re purchase policy and they have introduced gold saving scheme for their Hall mark gold. Moreover, they are participating in various domestic and international exhibitions which were conducted in America, Dubai, Sharjah, Singapore and Malaysia and they are not missing to introduce new service programs every year which meets the customer’s full satisfaction.


By keeping one thing in mind i.e gold is always women’s best part in their life which enhances their charm and beauty by pouring soul on their beauty, we are carving our Jewells  like artist, like poets and magicians we are creating  magic with these valuable treasures and each one is appreciated by our customers which adds luster to our stature as a wonderful creators of beautiful jewels. With identifications we have solid relationship with our customers and for the new comers which gives us strong belief that our future will present silver lining for our growth.


They have the best and latest collection of gold, diamond, ruby, platinum and studed  jewells. Which comes as rings, bangles, bracelets, stone necklaces, pearl set, eardrops, Gold Deer Pendent, pendants, tops, and hangings? They have their unique jewell designs for their jewells, fantastic collection of rings which gives the beautiful look for your fingers, when  we come to bangles they have incomparable designs which suits for all the occasions, next is necklace sets we will go mad when we see the innumerable design of collections, pearls sets with the original pearls are very attractive comparing to other shops and they have wide range of design collections, eardrops and pendants has most identical designs which gives you the gorgeous look when you wear it, tops and hangings are all time favorites  among the ladies. To meet the ever increasing market requirements they are working hard to maintain the purity and genuineness of their product which is the main motto of their company. You can find the images of each gold ornaments in the Mohammed Khan Jewellers gallery.


if you're looking for the best gold collection for a bridal, then you can choose this Mohammed Khan Jewellers because over the you can able to find the best kind of designs which are latest in pattern. Along with this, this pattern is are specially made for wedding to make your occasion more wonderful. I hope that you will have a wonderful shopping experience at Mohammed Khan Jewellers.


if you purchase your product overhear, then you can enjoy the wonderful benefits which are offered by them. Below are the list of services which are provided by the Mohammed Khan Jewellers:

  • they offer full-time dedicated repair service counters for solving the customers complaints and repairs.
  • You can get 100% guarantee, on the product that you purchase because you will get a guarantee card along with it.
  • They even participate in various domestic and international exhibitions other than showroom sales. Some of the Mohammed Khan Jewellers exhibitions are held at America (TANA, Chicago), Dubai, Sharjah, Singapore & Malaysia.


They are playing vital role in introducing new schemes, where you can buy diamond jewells starting from Rs.1000, so diamond is no longer expensive, this is the right time to buy diamonds and you can gift it to your loved ones. Hope that you will use this “gift to friend” scheme.


Being the experts in various fields like Jewellery etc., for more than 60 years they are well trained to widening their horizon, they are stepping into various fields to test their skill and knowledge, after five years ahead; they will be surely recognized as one of the leading business groups of India


Mohammed Khan Jewellers
Hotel Harsha Complex
Public Garden Road, Nampally
Hyderabad 500001
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sundari Silks Best Pattu Collections


Being Indians, we all know the importance of sarees especially Silk sarees, in ancient days this was considered as a long cloth which were used just to cover the body, later when we actually realized the real beauty of Indian women, we also came to know the importance of Sarees which was enhancing the beauty of women. As days passed by Silk sarees has become the prestigious one in every one’s life. So being experts in upholding the traditional and prestigious values of sarees. Sundari Silks plays a vital role in every woman’s life for the past eight decades which has its magnificent showroom in Chennai’s hot spot i.e in T.Nagar.

As the name indicates, you can see the real beauty of the showroom which takes you to the ancient world where people lived unhurriedly, where you can also shop unhurriedly with your full satisfaction and you will get an enjoyable experience in that ambience.


Sundari silk gives you a wide range of varieties for selecting sarees, where you can select the sarees of your choice. It ranges as listed below:



Chenderi silk cotton

Kanchipuram Silks

Kanchipuram printed

Kanchi cottonclip_image003

Kanchipuram soft

Cotton sarees

Crape sarees

Fancy sarees

Gadwall sarees

Jacquared sarees

Kota sarees

Maheshwari silk cottons

Designer Salwars

Cotton Salwars

Fancy Sarees

Mangalagiri cotton

Mysore silks

Traditional silk sarees

Festival silks

Arani Silksclip_image004

Patola silks

Pochampally silks

Poly cotton

Printed silks

Raw silk sarees

Silk cotton sarees

Tussar kantha work

Tussar sarees

Marble sarees

Soft silks and

Valkalam sarees

When we see this list, we would have understood their altitude, they didn’t stop just with this they have Wedding sarees, men’s wear, children’s wear and women’s wear which has created great reputation among the customers.

Sundari Wedding sarees – They have their own exclusive wedding sarees which they have named as manjal kungumam, as the name indicates these wedding sarees has divinity, which makes your wedding meaningful.

These prestigious sundari Silks wedding sarees ranges from Rs.25,000 to 35,000.


For kids we always think about skirts, midis, jeans and frocks we almost forgot our traditional wears for our kids, but Sundari silks deignes does wonders in that too, which makes us to be proud of our own traditional wears and makes addicted to buy these again and again. They are introducing pattu pavada and chutti pavada for cute little girls, combined with traditional and modern touch on the pavada, in which your angels look like decorated dolls. These beautiful Sundari Silks kids dresses range from Rs.1800 to Rs. 3,500.

They also have Beautiful kurtas for boys which are new in collection and latest in design, which makes us to go mad to select just one. This little man will also love to wear these beautiful kurtas, which price ranges from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1200.



When we think of men’s wear we think they don’t have much of choices to select, only shirts, T-shirts and jeans, but apart from these collections Sundari silks clip_image009has our own traditional wears Dhotis and Kurthas. These dhotis makes man perfect when he wears it on his wedding or any other occasion, starting from the olden days we can’t separate dhotis from man, which gave him an identity, now a days due to modern life style we can’t wear dhotis as our regular wear but if a man wants to prove his identity, dhoti is the best wear for him, Sundari has pure silk dhotis for the identical man. Kurtas plays a great role in this modern world which gives comfort as wearing pant and tops, so men are choosing kurtas according to the occasion, it has the collections from daily wear to party wear and its price also ranges according to that, here it starts from Rs. 600.

Sundari Gift voucher:

Sundari silks gives gift voucher facility for the customers, where one can buy gift vouch for how much ever they want and gift it to their loved ones, who has to redeem that voucher within six months and the voucher should contain authorized signature and company’s seal without that the voucher is not valid and which should be minimum of Rs. 1000.


Sundari Silks offers you a wonderful chance to have a shopping experience just by sitting at home through online shopping. You can able to purchase the product after seeing the designs in an photo. Just view the sundari silks gallery, then you will come to know about the latest collection of them. You can enjoy the free shipping for the products within India.

CONTACT DETAILS NAME: Sundari Silks Chennai.

Sundari Silks Chennai Address:

38, North Usman Road,T.Nagar,

Chennai - 600 017,

Tamil Nadu,


Sundari Silk Mumbai:

This Mumbai Branch was opened recently at

#16-A, Nepen Sea Road,

Mumbai-400 036.


Website: http://www.sundarisilks.com

E-mail ID: different@sundarisilks.com

Landline No: +91-44-28143093

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Total Shopping Mall Bangalore

Total shopping mall, the name itself indicates, it is a total fun of purchasing all your needs under one roof. In clear terms, it is a pin to plane shop. The fun starts from the parking itself, huge place for parking fully covered. Ok have you parked your car??? Next we are going inside, normally when we enter into a shopping mall we will be blank, we will be in little confused “where to start??” and “what to buy ???“ We will do one thing we first buy some soft drinks from silver metro or we will buy ice cream from kwality walls ice cream, I know it’s very hard to get tables from these in the weekends, don’t worry we have some more like African safari, McDonald’s and cafe coffee day. Ok got your favorite drink or ice-cream. Let us move on!!!

Next window shopping looking out for buying some mobile phones we have Nokia concept store and cellutions, you will definitely buy some from these shops.

Is there any computer hardware product to buy in your list? Don’t worry we have digitech electro world private limited, the computer store, digitech systems &HCL digi express. Ok finished your purchase there, next!!!

Looking for the exact time, don’t have watch, this is the best time to buy watch from just in vogue.

Now look at your watch feeling hungry its already 2 o'clock don’t look anywhere, here is Serengeti where you can experience the African safari that serves kababs and curries, feel the new experience of dining in wilderness theme resto park, this is a big hit among children & obviously we do like this atmosphere, how do you feel, when you are eating kalori kabab or nehari ghost if you get a sudden drizzle, only you can dream is it? No it will happen for you for sure when you go to serengeti in total shopping mall, you can even travel to African jungle while eating kabab here and you can see the roaring lion eating there, this is the one more surprise you have in Serengeti in total shopping mall. But don’t forget to reserve the table before you go.

Next silver metro this is the right place for lunch and dinner buffet, it has the best quality and service, this is the place for most sinful of cuisines, it is a theme restaurant and, it’s a kids friendly restaurant, one more advantage you have here guess what, you can order for liquor, don’t it sound good? Ready to experience this great ambience & food from silver metro in total shopping mall, reservation is must to avoid waiting in a long queue.

Next is bengaliana in total shopping mall. Want to experience the real taste of Bengali food here it is, you can go for both veg and non-veg, here also you should reserve your table before you go.

Last but not the least, here it is vasudev adigas in total shopping mall, this is the perfect place to start your day with a mouthwatering breakfast of steaming idles and crispy dosas which they are making with freshly grinded ingredients, they are the best of making south Indian food like idli, dosas, uthappam, vadas, cocunt chutney, sambar, rava dosa and etc.., in an hygienic way. I can see your mouth started watering. At least finished your lunch with one of these restaurants.

next moving to the supermarket, here we have total hypermarket, the first and second floor offering a hypermarket, this magnificent marker carries more than 80000 different product from more than 1500 brands, comes with apparel, consumer durables & IT products, furniture & home furnishings, fresh fruits & vegetables, fish & meat & poultry, Garma Garam – serving fresh Indian food and Baker's Factory – TOTAL’s popular in-house bakery let me take my deep breath, can you imagine it has 30 billing counters for easy billing.

Next is bar, it has Zanzibar

it’s a pub where you can feel wilderness ,which gives you energizing feeling, what else we need to celebrate the and wilder day with Zanzibar in total shopping mall and it is a fun fill experience sitting on a animal look seats with its tail swishing and watching the python moves over the bar, laughing at the frolicking monkeys around you, it will definitely give you the unforgettable wildlife experience.

It has shops for kids that are very famous Lilliput which has the most latest designed dress and shoes for the kids.

For beautiful girls, it has beautiful jewelers shop pearl star, where you can buy all the latest designed jewellery for the ladies.

At last your bags are full, no place to keep your thing total shopping mall has VIP longue buy some quality bags which stays for long lasting for the next purchase in total shopping mall in Bangalore.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ahmed Bros–Special Textile Showroom For Men and Women

Ahmed Bros is the textile and readymade shop found in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Ahmed Bros shop in Trichy is mostly famous for MEN’S. Apart from other textile shops in Trichy, Ahmed Bros has a large variety of collections especially for MEN’S. Ahmed Bros is located in Singarathope Street of the rock city, Trichy. All college guys and young smart men’s walk-in to Ahmed Bros shop to grab their favorite shirts and new designs of pants on best rates. The quality of Ahmed Bros dress is good and the prices are reasonable. You can find exciting discounts for Ramzan, Muharram, Bakrid, Christmas, New Year, Pongal, Diwali etc...


  • Half Sleeve Shirts
  • Round Neck T shirts
  • Collar Neck T shirts
  • Short T shirts
  • T shirts
  • Denim Shirts
  • Silk Material Shirts
  • Kurta with design works ah
  • Pyjamas
  • Formal Pants
  • Jeans Pant
  • Cargo Pants

Apart from Men’s collection, you can purchase readymadeclip_image004 materials for Women’s and Kid’s. You can also get large varieties on Salwars and Churidars. Anyone from Trichy surely recommends Ahmed Bros showroom as best shopping place for guy’s to check out first in the whole area. Ahmed Bros is started long back in Trichy district and this shop is still the famous and preferred one by its valuable customers. Inside this shop, you can see chat items and ice cream shop for the kids to enjoy the place.

Ahmed Bros also have large varieties of designer sarees collection. Customers are always happy to purchase dress in Ahmed Bros due to its excellent customer service and giving new varieties to the younger generations.

Ahmed Bros contains lots of collections in all sizes and also attractive, gentle and cool color shirts. This shop is always crowded with its unbeatable customers. Ahmed Bros motto is to provide great satisfaction to its customer’s at anytime and make them happy by providing them the best dresses for all occasions.


21, Singarathope Street, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), India 620008.

Phone Number: 0431 – 2705570.



Lakme, this name is almost on the top of the beauty world & their product too, those are big hit among the ladies. Lakeme is always plays a king role in introducing new products among their customers, now also the king didn’t miss, yes they have come up their new product into the market, that is Lakme's New Perfect Radiance Multi Mineral Compact.


this is a great hit in today’s market, you can think what is so special about the product, it gives you the smooth finish which is spreading evenly on your skin, it protects your skin from sun darkening and damages with SPF 20,UVA/UVB, It won’t give the dry look for your skin where most of the compacts give, it gives you a very natural skin even who has a dry skin, if you are a makeup novice, don’t worry, this product gives you a comfortable feeling which don’t give you a pale white ghost look. It don’t fail to cover up spots and blemishes on your face with its multi minerals, it lightens your skin with its Vitamin B3,it gives you pearlescent radiant glow for your face with its Brightening pearl, moreover it is long lasting comparing to their other products.


It comes now with super cute pack which is in pink and white round shape with silver detailing on that, which is specially designed by makeup artist Cory Walia, it has puff in it which is very thin and easily tarable so we can use our brush, as we know Lakme pays more attention on their product packaging, this time it gives more beautiful look than others which is very easy to carry also.

It comes with 6 different shades which are specially designed for our Indian skin tones, ivory based light and dark shades, pink bases light and dark shades and yellow based light and dark shades.so you can choose according to your skin type

Now you are thinking how much it would be, can you guess, but you can’t trust if I tell you the price, it is just Rs.150/, which is available in all Life Style stores.

So, have a glowing beauty with Lakme's New Perfect Radiance Multi Mineral Compact.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Nathella Designer Jewellery Collections

Looking for jewells,that too for your little princess & prince,put stop for searching all the online shops,here is the solution for all your little one's need, here is nathella, yes i know, you are very familiar with this name this is the same jewellery shop where you buy all your jewels for the past 6 decades,the nathella jewellery has started its new unique collections for the little dolls. We know that in India jewels takes a big part in each and every day,we have so many festivals, so may customs and celebrations, for all these we will and we have to buy jewells. Starting from the birth of the child, as her or his age grows number of jewells grows,so we should know the latest designs and prices of the jewells.
unlike selecting sarees we will not give choices for the shops especially when it comes to Jewells, we will always stick with one or two jewellery shops, but when we look for the latest designs we can’t satisfy our little one’s, we have no other choice of moving to another jewellery shop if they don't get the jewells of their choice ,but nathella has a uniqueness of bringing the new customers and keeping their old customers with them, this time they have come up with the new thought of having collections for kids.

No other stores can offer you this wonderful saving schemes because this is a great chance for you to save your money. Now while purchasing the product you can able to enjoy the zero percent wastage, making charges and vat. You can able to purchase the gold on monthly installment payable basis for 12 months.

antique jewell collections are always evergreen, like we say old is gold, you can see the detailed work in our antique jewells, nathella always show their specialist in carving jewells especially for kids, here i have shown only some examples of their designes,when you ornament for kids with this antique nahtella Jewells, you can imagine your kids as a real goddess who has directly come from the heaven. You can able to get excellent nathella gold jeweler designs over there. If you just visit the nathella gallery then you will come to about the collections they have for kids. They are amazing image for diamond collections for kids.

These are the diamond collections for our little diamonds. This precious diamond jewell collections for our little ones are really adorable, in which they will glow like a diamond doll
Forgot about boys no way, here is some beautiful platinum jewell collections for boys
what do you think when you look at these collections, imagining your prince wearing these Jewells, don’t just stop of imagining, get ready soon to go to little nathella Chennai, take your little prince with you,buy some good collections for him & make him as real prince.

take your long breath to some more awesome ruby,emerald jewell collections
Oh!! that's enough of making fun with just showing these images, start glowing today, buy these beautiful ruby,emerald collections,make your princess & prince to proud of their parents.
here i will tell about their beautiful new arrival of jewell collections,
when there is some new arrival in our family I mean new baby,definitely we will buy something for them, why it shouldn't be gold that too from little nathella chennai,they have some lovely heart shaped diamond pendants for the cute little ones.

for brahmin community they will have a grand celebration for their boys,we call that as poonal kalyanam,for that we have to buy something, yes we call that as panchapathram,in that also they have shown their talent,they have created a beautiful lotus printed panchapathram set, imagine how will you be proud when you do that grand function with these beautiful set.

we will never forget to celebrate our krishna jayanti, what do we do on that day, we will decorate our little prince as little krishna rite, little nathella really do wonders by making little krishna ornament set with anklets, lord krishna surely will come directly on that day to see our little krishna wearing these Krishna Jewell set. If I have to say about these collections from little nathella chennai, it will take one more year for finishing. ok I am getting ready now to buy some lovely collections for my prince, see you there in little nathella chennai bye

Take your little angels with you and give them a huge choices of selecting their own jewels with their full satisfaction. Let all your festivals glow with your little nathella Jewells glowing angels.
You can Find the little Nathella advertisement video in the following link.

Nathella Ads Video


37, South Usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017

225, Purasawakkam High Road, Chennai - 600 010

C 36, Second Avenue, 
near 12th main road 
Anna Nagar, Chennai.600040

27, Velachery Main Road 
Velachery, Chennai 600042.

Have a sparkling celebration with little nathella

Thursday, November 17, 2011

IMAX in Hyderabad

IMAX as soon as you hear this name,something which strikes your mind,yes it is obviously Prasad Imax in Hyderabad,one of the most happening place in Hyderabad.you can proudly say that, it is south India's first Imax theater built by L.V.Prasad group & it is India’s first green theatre after it installed a 100 KWP solar photo voltaic power generation system for it IMAX 3D screen.It doesn't stop only with the largest screen,it has 5 screens for regular cinema,it has a huge shopping mall,so we just cant go after watching cinema,we have lots to buy here & our kids have lots to play,yes it has a fulfilled entertainment zone.if you want to say about  this Imax in simple term its  "all under one roof".feeling very hungry after watching movie,you don't have to go out from this mall,you have a big food courts & restaurants which has all the variety of food.when speaking about entertainment court, Prasad Imax is unique in that,it has 4D FX theatre.mirror maze,scary house&large gaming zone.
Prasad Imax has a great achievement in its history,
Prasads IMAX is in Number 1 status in the world for attendance for the movies Harry potter and the prisoner of  Azkaban, Spider-Man 2 man 2 and Spider-Man 3.It has created the highest box office for spider man 3 in the Imax format internationally so it is standing in a number one status for achieving this. The reason why this is the number one happening place is, this stunning beauty Imax is located on the banks of Hussain sagar lake, which is in the heart of Hyderabad, so no one will say no to go to that beautiful lake after watching movie in the big screen, so your movie day can turn into a romantic day. so started searching for the place to hang out today don't worry, here is the address.


Adjacent NTR Gardens, Near Necklace Road,
NTR Marg, Hyderabad - 500063

do you want to call and book the tickets

Corporate Booking - 2344-8888, 2344-8989,
3989-5050, 2344-8806.
Home Tele-Booking - 3989-5050

for online users you can also book the ticket through its website


so have a wonderful weekends with your family.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Senthil Murugan Jewellers Madurai SMJ

Senthil Murugan Jewellers Madurai SMJ
Senthil Murugan Jewellers Pvt Ltd is one of the best leading Jewellery showroom in Madurai City.  Senthil Murugan jewellery store is located at West Masi Street in Madurai city. This jewellery store is now maintained by Sri.N. Pandurengan sons – Mr. P. Kamal and Mr. P. Srinath. They are working hard to bring the brand name to the next level. Senthil Murugan Jewellers is the new and biggest showroom with around 8500 square feet.

SMJ Lucky Gold
You can exchange your old gold jewels in senthil murugan jewellary using their lucky gold. There is no seikooli ( making charges ) and setharam ( wastage ) for your old gold.
There is no making charges and wastage added for all silver jewellery.
Senthil Murugan Jewllery discounts
For all silver gift articles you will get 20 percent discount. Senthil Murugan Silvers Senthil Murugan Jewellers Madurai   There are a lot of collections of designs, styles and trends in jewellery which are both traditional and as well as contemporary tastes and best in its quality of service. Senthil Murugan Jewellers are dealing with gold, diamond and kundan ornaments. All precious stones, birth stones are available here.
Senthil Murugan Jewels
The online website of Senthil Murugan Jewellery is updated daily with the current gold rate and discount offers for that particular month which gives there customer better idea and the best or auspicious day to purchase gold.  Senthil Murugan Jewellers includes Senthil Murugan Jewellersuncountable collections of bangles, bracelet, chain, pendant, haram, studs, necklace, rings and closet. Senthil Murugan Jewellers introduced their own industry TV commercial and AD campaigns.
Senthil Murugan Jewels
This jewellery store is now more than 40 years old maintaining its tradition and expertise in this golden industry. It has modernized the market today with the innovative concept of gold supermarket. Senthil Murugan Jewellers topmost goal is bring new way of shopping experience Senthil Murugan Jewellers Silverand to present customer with latest styles and awesome designs in the Jewellery industry.
Senthil Murugan Jewellers is known for TRUST, SERVICE, HOSPITALITY and QUALITY.
SMJ Madurai

Senthil Murugan jewellery shop was started in the year 1960’s and the founder of this elegant showroom is Sri. N. Pandurengan along with his brothers.  First it started as a small shop which primarily focused on customer requirement and quality service. With the years passing, Senthil Murugan Jewellers became expertise in the business and now it is a successfully FAMILY SHOP to all its dynamic customers.
SMJ Lucky gold offer 

253A, 254, 255, West Masi Street, Madurai - 625 001.
TamilNadu, India.
Phone: +91 452 4230415
Website: http://senthilmuruganjewels.com