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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Total Shopping Mall Bangalore

Total shopping mall, the name itself indicates, it is a total fun of purchasing all your needs under one roof. In clear terms, it is a pin to plane shop. The fun starts from the parking itself, huge place for parking fully covered. Ok have you parked your car??? Next we are going inside, normally when we enter into a shopping mall we will be blank, we will be in little confused “where to start??” and “what to buy ???“ We will do one thing we first buy some soft drinks from silver metro or we will buy ice cream from kwality walls ice cream, I know it’s very hard to get tables from these in the weekends, don’t worry we have some more like African safari, McDonald’s and cafe coffee day. Ok got your favorite drink or ice-cream. Let us move on!!!

Next window shopping looking out for buying some mobile phones we have Nokia concept store and cellutions, you will definitely buy some from these shops.

Is there any computer hardware product to buy in your list? Don’t worry we have digitech electro world private limited, the computer store, digitech systems &HCL digi express. Ok finished your purchase there, next!!!

Looking for the exact time, don’t have watch, this is the best time to buy watch from just in vogue.

Now look at your watch feeling hungry its already 2 o'clock don’t look anywhere, here is Serengeti where you can experience the African safari that serves kababs and curries, feel the new experience of dining in wilderness theme resto park, this is a big hit among children & obviously we do like this atmosphere, how do you feel, when you are eating kalori kabab or nehari ghost if you get a sudden drizzle, only you can dream is it? No it will happen for you for sure when you go to serengeti in total shopping mall, you can even travel to African jungle while eating kabab here and you can see the roaring lion eating there, this is the one more surprise you have in Serengeti in total shopping mall. But don’t forget to reserve the table before you go.

Next silver metro this is the right place for lunch and dinner buffet, it has the best quality and service, this is the place for most sinful of cuisines, it is a theme restaurant and, it’s a kids friendly restaurant, one more advantage you have here guess what, you can order for liquor, don’t it sound good? Ready to experience this great ambience & food from silver metro in total shopping mall, reservation is must to avoid waiting in a long queue.

Next is bengaliana in total shopping mall. Want to experience the real taste of Bengali food here it is, you can go for both veg and non-veg, here also you should reserve your table before you go.

Last but not the least, here it is vasudev adigas in total shopping mall, this is the perfect place to start your day with a mouthwatering breakfast of steaming idles and crispy dosas which they are making with freshly grinded ingredients, they are the best of making south Indian food like idli, dosas, uthappam, vadas, cocunt chutney, sambar, rava dosa and etc.., in an hygienic way. I can see your mouth started watering. At least finished your lunch with one of these restaurants.

next moving to the supermarket, here we have total hypermarket, the first and second floor offering a hypermarket, this magnificent marker carries more than 80000 different product from more than 1500 brands, comes with apparel, consumer durables & IT products, furniture & home furnishings, fresh fruits & vegetables, fish & meat & poultry, Garma Garam – serving fresh Indian food and Baker's Factory – TOTAL’s popular in-house bakery let me take my deep breath, can you imagine it has 30 billing counters for easy billing.

Next is bar, it has Zanzibar

it’s a pub where you can feel wilderness ,which gives you energizing feeling, what else we need to celebrate the and wilder day with Zanzibar in total shopping mall and it is a fun fill experience sitting on a animal look seats with its tail swishing and watching the python moves over the bar, laughing at the frolicking monkeys around you, it will definitely give you the unforgettable wildlife experience.

It has shops for kids that are very famous Lilliput which has the most latest designed dress and shoes for the kids.

For beautiful girls, it has beautiful jewelers shop pearl star, where you can buy all the latest designed jewellery for the ladies.

At last your bags are full, no place to keep your thing total shopping mall has VIP longue buy some quality bags which stays for long lasting for the next purchase in total shopping mall in Bangalore.

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