Adirasam with RICE FLOUR || Athirasam ||Adhirasam ||Ariselu Recipe|| Kajjaya Recipe DIWALI SPECIAL

Saturday, April 30, 2022



*2 cup rice flour 

*Water as needed 

*1 & 1/2 cup jaggery 

*oil to deep fry 

*2tbs of wheat flour 

*1tbs ghee 


*rice flour+sprinkle water untill we can make a stiff ball(make sure there is no lumps)+tranfer it into a bowl &cover it with a lid+ keep it aside. pan+jaggery+1/4 cup water+check the consistency for soft ball(as shown in video)+switch of the stove +add rice flour+mix it well+if lumps are formed then even use mixer to mix it well++apply ghee on the top+rest it for 1 day+ next day+add 2 tbs of wheat flour+deep fry them +tasty diwali special athirasam ready

SNACKS That Can Be Stored for a MONTH ||MURRUKU Made With COCONUT MILK||Crispy & Tasty SNACK RECIPE



* 1 cup urad dal 

*2 cup of Rice flour 

*Salt to taste 

*2 tbs jeera seeds 

*2 tbs Sesame seeds 

*1/2 tbs of ajwain seeds 

*1 tbs of oil 

*Coconut milk as needed

*oil to deep fry 


 *dry roast urad dal +untill golden brown + grind it +sieve it+rice flour+ salt+jeera seeds+sesame seeds+ajwain seeds+oil+coconut milk (as needed)+make it into a dough +make it into a murruku+deep fry the murukku.

Simple KFC BURGER At Home || Juicy KFC Burger at Home || CHICKEN BURGER RECIPE Just in 15 MIN

Wednesday, April 27, 2022





 *Sesame seeds +

Mayonnaise Sauce 

*Tomato Sauce 


*Cheese Slice 


*Pan+butter+toss the bun on both sides+toss the bun slightly+mayonnaise sauce+tomato sauce+kfc chicken+cheese slice+cook it in a preheated pan for 2 to 3 minutes+kfc style chicken burger is ready

Chennai special venpongal recipe|| Hotel style ven pongal at home|| Kara venpongal at home|| Pongal

Monday, April 25, 2022


Ingredients for Ven pongal:

*1 1/2 cup rice

*1/2 cup moong dal

* 1 1/2 tbs pepper powder( according to taste)

*1 tbs jeera seeds

* 2 tbs ginger garlic paste

*5 to 6 curry leaves

*1tbs ghee

*2 tbs oil

*1/2 tbs pepper 

* 10 cups of water

* salt to taste

How to make hotel Venpongal at home:

Oil+jeera+curry leaves+pepper seeds+ginger garlic paste+pepper powder+ fry it well+ Water+cleaned rice and dal+cook it in pressure cooker for 15 to 20 minutes+ chennai style ven pongal is ready

vegetable hotel style sambar|| Hotel tiffin sambar|| Saravana bhavan style sambar|| Sambar hotel

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


 Ingredients for home made sambar: 

* Oil 

* Few onions pieces 

* Few carrot pieces 

* Few garlic pieces 

* Few capsicum pieces 

* Few potato pieces 

* Few tomato pieces 

* Few brinjal pieces 

*salt to taste 

*1tbs chilly powder 

*1tbs sambar powder 

*1 tbs ginger garlic paste 

* tamarind extract 

*Water as needed 

*Boiled toor dal 

*1tbs dhanya powder 

*mustard seeds 

*curry leaves 

*cumin seeds 

How to make hotel style sambar in pressure cooker: Oil+onions+carrot+garlic+capsicum+potato+tomato+brinjal+salt +ginger garlic paste+chilly powder+ sambar powder+dhanya powder+fry it well + tamarind extract+cook it till oil oozes out+ boiled toor dal+water Tempering for sambar: Oil +mustard seeds+jeera rice+curry leaves Add tempering into the sambar+ yummy hotel style sambar is ready for pongal

Garlic cheese bread recipe at home||Easy garlic bread recipe at home||Restaurant style garlic bread


Ingredients for cheese garlic bread at home: 

*1tbs grated garlic 

*1 cheese slice 

*3 tbs chilly flakes 

*Butter at room temperature 

 How to make cheese garlic bread recipe: 

*Butter+garlic+chilly flakes+mix it well Take a pan+toast the bread on two sides + place the cheese slice between the two garlic breads+ toast it well+ tasty and yummy cheese garlic bread is ready

Watermelon masala ice cream|| Ice gola|| Homemade ice gola|| Kala khatta gola ice|| ice ka gola


 Ingredients for baraf ka gola recipe: 

* Watermelon pieces 

* Pinch of salt 

*1/2tbs chat masala 

*1/2tbs pepper powder 

Making of ice gola at home: 

*Watermelon pieces+salt+chat masala+pepper powder+grind it+ filter the juice+ pour it in icecream mold+ice ka gola recipe is ready

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