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Friday, May 21, 2021

Gold Harvest Plan & Birthday discount on making charges at Tanishq Bangalore

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

 Hello friends,

Today we went to have a shopping for jewellery. we had a look at different showroom but finally we liked the jewellery designs at Tanishq. The designs and patterns at Tanishq were really best. They are offering a special discount on making charges on the special occasion like birthday and anniversary but to opt this offer you need to submit your proof which has date of birth on it. 

At that time, they even explained about the gold harvest plan at Tanishq which was really impressive and affordable. the plan was starting from 2000Rs. per month. and you can invest hugh amount if you like. you can open the gold harvest account from official site or even walk into the nearby Tanishq showroom. For 10 months you can pay 2000 rs, per month and redeem the amount after 11 months with a interest of 12%. if you are interest in investment then you can walk into the near by Tanishq jewellery showroom and  check for the different investment amount.

Different Types Of Heels In India

Friday, September 25, 2020


Here there are many fashionable sandals, shoes, chappal, boots are available in the market. When you go out for shopping then you might have come across various kinds of heels. Each heels have different names. Here we are going to discuss about the heels names, it will be helpful for you to tell the shopkeeper which kind of heels you need. Let’s know which heels suits which kind of dresses.

Flat heels:

In this kind of sandals or shoes, you can find no heels or a slight heel. Most of them prefer to use this kind of chapal inside the house or for daily wear purpose. Especially, when it is raining people prefer to use it. These kind of flat heels shoes are also available in low cost. If you go with the branded one it will be lasting for long time. Here are the photos of the flat heels:


Flat heels                                                                 Flat heels


Wedge heels:

Some people can’t walk using a high heel, for such people they can begin to walk using this wedge heel. The chances of falling or getting leg sprain are low. It completely covers from heels to sole without any separation.

This kind of wedge heel collections will be best when paired with a light summer dress.


wedge heel                                               wedge heel     


Cone heels:

From the name itself we come to know who the heels will be for this cone heels model. They are slightly wider at the top and become narrow at the bottom. This heel comes with different length.

Cone heels will be suitable for skirts and dresses with flowing hemline. Cone heels have another name ice cream heels.


Cone heels                                                               Cone heels  



Stilettos heels:

Stilettos heels has different name like high heels and kitten heels. For stilettos the heels length would be approximately 4 to 6 inches with a ultra slim heels. If you are using this kitten heels for first time, then you might feel it is impossible to walk but if you practice then you can do it. Do you know who the mother for all the heels is?? No, doubt it’s the “stilettos heel” a mother of all the heels.

This fashionable stiletto is best for the office, party and casuals wears.


Stilettos heels                                            Stilettos heels        


Platform heels:

This platform heels are thick and chunky. It is comfortable to walk with this heel and you can feel good grip when you walk. In this kind of heels the heel size will be same from the sole to the base of the heels. This platform heels comes with low size heels too

If you wear a well fitted dress then it would be exactly fashionable to your platform heels.

platform heels                                                 platform heels      

Fantasy heels:

In this model, we get the heels with designs. Most of them don’t prefer to wear this kind of heels. A fantasy heel is mostly used by the models. If you are  going to participate in ramp walk or cat walk even then you may choose this kind of heels to make it fantasy ramp walk.

fantasy heel                                                  fantasy heel

All the above models of shoes heels are available in India also. Some famous Indian footwear’s where you can get this kind of heels are liberty footwear, metro footwear, Bata footwear, Paragon footwear, Mochi, Clark and many others

Rajmahal Silks Madurai

Friday, August 14, 2020

Rajmahal silks Founder:

In Madurai, a Rajmahal silk is well reputed and famous clothing showroom in Madurai. The founder of rajmahal silk was “Rajaiah Nadar” in the year 1964. Later, it was taken up by his son “Muruganand Rajaiah” with his everlasting effort became a shining star in textile business. Do you have an idea about “Madurai Chithirai Festival”? It is the world’s oldest festival which is even now followed in Madurai. To see this event many people come to Madurai from different parts of India. In this festival the goddess Meenakshi is draped with a gorgeous saree which is gifted by Raj mahal silks.

Rajmahal silks are famous for the traditional saree collections especially for bridal sarees. They provide vast range of colors and designs with jari work all over the saree.

Collections at Raj mahal silks:

One and only one store where you can get different styles of clothing is Madurai Rajmahal store. Banarasi, raw silk sarees, soft silk sari, mysore silks, party wear saree, art silks, cotton, kalamkari sari, bandhani sarees, ikat sari. Rajamahal is famous for the kanchipuram silks.

Aadi sale at Rajmahal silks:

Now in rajmahal silks, they are offering a special discount of 10%. Due to this covid 19 pandemic if you are unable to go out for shopping then you can opt for online raj mahal shopping service. Even their you can get 10% discount for this Aadi.  Attractive feature at rajmahal silk is to they offer free home delivery national wide.

paper pins jewellery for kids

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Jewellery set with paperpin for kids:
Hello friends, today I want to post an innovative jewellery idea which was done by daughter. In this lockdown she was always spending her time in art & craft as she is very much interested in it.

She was playing with her brother with paper pins at that time she got an idea why can’t we make jewellery with paper pin. So she started to make those. It was quite simple but beautiful when she wore it.

Paper pin necklace:
To make this she joined all the pins and decorated it with some smiley drawings.
papaer pin necklace

Paper pin earring:
For making the earrings she had changed the shape of a paper pin into triangle and made a hanging with normal thread which was available at home and Sticked a smiley drawing on it. 

Paperpin Bracelet:
This is same as necklace but she used as a bracelet.

Paper pin ring jewellery:
For making paperpin ring she just changed the shape of a pin into round and sticked out a big smiley on the ring.

Full set of paper pin jewellery for Children:

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