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Monday, July 23, 2012

Kasu Mala Designs / Kasumala Designs / Kasulaperu Designs / Kasumalai Designs/ Kaasu Mala design

You already might have came across various kinds of jewellery which are really famous and even traditional. Now I would like to tell about a traditional jewellery like Kaasu Mala. Even in this Kasu Mala, you can able to find different designs which have been released into the market recently. Whenever you go out for a marriage or any special occasion, you can able to find the woman wearing this Kasumala. Especially, the brides prefer to wear this designer Kasulaperu (or) designer Kasu mala. The Kasu Mala, is designed with Lakshmi on each and every coin. It is also called as lakshmi Kasu Mala.  Kasu Mala  is called as Kasulaperu  in Telugu and Kasumalai  in Tamil.

Kasu Mala Designs , Kasumala Designs, Kasulaperu Designs,  Kasumalai Designs, Kaasu Mala design

Kasu Mala consist of various coins on it and each and every coin has a picture of goddesses Lakshmi. Each and every traditional woman have this kind of wonderful Kasu Mala design jewellery.

Let's know some information about latest models of Kasu Mala Designs:

Gold Kasu Mala Design:  Kasu mala is a string of coins which are connected adjacent to each other. Especially, in Kerala marriages you can able to find the people wearing it. This is one of the common design which is worn by the people. In ancient days, people were wearing Kasu Mala  with a huge coins. As gold is a precious metal and most of the people cannot purchase it, so they will go for the gold plated  Kasu Mala. Normally the weight of Kasu mala ranges from 56 grams (Kasu mala with weight) and so on. Kasu mala Length :30 inches and kasu mala width : 0.60 inches. The price of Kasu Mala  almost reaches 1,80,000 (1 lakh eighth thousand) (Kasu Mala  with price).

Kasu Mala Designs , Kasumala Designs, Kasulaperu Designs,  Kasumalai Designs, Kaasu Mala design

Gold Designer Kasu mala designs:  In this trendy Kasu mala, the individual coins are placed on about the other. Each and every coin is designed with small gold balls, which brings great look when you wear it especially on pattu saree. The beautiful goddesses Lakshmi is designed on Kasu mala coins. Nowadays, people are preferring to wear Kasu mala with small coins.

Stone Kasu Mala Designs: this is the latest model of Kasu mala which is being released into the market recently. In this model, the chain of Kasu mala is studded with stones. This will bring a unique and different look for your Kasu mala or Kasumalai.

Kasu Mala Designs with Pendent: previously, pendant was not used in Kasu mala but for bringing the different look, people started to design Kasu Mala with Locket. The Kasu Mala a similar has the traditional one but at the end, you can able to find a beautiful pendant which is decorated with stones and enamel.

Kasu Mala Necklace Design:  nowadays this kind of kaasu mala is also available in the necklace design. Many people prefer to purchase that because you can able to reduce the cost by making the purchase of it. Normally the kaasu mala is designed lengthier but if you go with this necklace model, then you can design it around your neck. So it won't cost you much when compared to the traditional Kasu Mala.

Antique Kasu Mala Design: if you go to the Antique Kasu Mala, then it would be decorated with kundan and stones. Most of the antique kaasu mala is featured with three string fused pattern. The first string would be embedded with diamonds and the middle one would be studded with beads and the outer string would be the coins which are designed with goddesses Lakshmi. It even consist of pendant, which consist of excellent antique work with goddesses. If you go with this antique kasu mala the cost would be nearly 7 lakhs.

Double Layered Kasu Mala with Antique Work: it is the latest model of kasu mala which is released into the market.The first layer is designed with big sized coins and on the top of you can find small coins and it is well designed with goddesses Lakshmi on it. Even on the chain of kasu mala you can find the antique work.

Which Jewellery Showroom would be best for purchasing KASU MALA:

In various places,you can able to find the jewellery showroom but if you want to get the best design in jewellery then you must find the well reputed showrooms.

1. GRT Thanga Maligai kasumalai design: In Chennai, one of the biggest jewellery showroom is GRT Thanga Maligai. GRT kasumalai designs are really very best because  all of them is having a unique and traditional look.

2. Joyalukkas Kasu mala: If you want to get a trendy kasu mala jewellery then I would suggest you to choose the kerala joyalukkas  because it is the only place where you can able to find the modern Kasumala.

3. Bangalore Bheema Jewelers Kasulaperu Models: Bheema jewelers Kasulaperu is the best because you can get different varieties with purity in gold.

4. Mangal and Mangal trichy Kasumalai: If you want to get the best antique work of kasumalai then you can visit the mangal and mongal showroom. They offer the jewellery  at best price.

5. Jos alukkas Hyderabad Kasulaperu Pattern: Jos alukkas is well adored with its trendy and stylish pattern of jewellery. They often bring the best product which are released into the market. You can get best models of Kasulaperu necklace.

6. Khazana Jewellers Kaasu Mala: we all know that Khazana Jewellers always offer the unique designs which cannot be found in any other showrooms. So if you want to purchase any jewellery I would recommend you to move on to the showroom.

Similarly come it you can able to find different kasu mala jewellery in various showrooms like Mahaveer jewellery, Tanishq, Josco, Sree sai Gold Palace, Prathibha Jewellary and many others.

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