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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jhumka Design

Jhumka earrings aren't really very popular in India because it gives a traditional look pretty woman. When you wear the traditional dresses like half saree (half sari), Pattu Pavadai, pattu saree (pattu sari), Langa jacket or Langa Oni this different models of jhumka suits well. Even in this jhumka earrings you can able to get various models. Jhumka earrings are available in gold, covering and one gram gold. Gold Jhumka price varies with the design which you select.

gold jhumka bridal

Designes of Jhumka Earrings:

1. Gold Jhumka design: in this Gold Jhumka Earrings model, the earring is completely designed with gold without any enamel, stones or with any kind of decoratives. If you want to purchase Gold Jhumka then I would suggest you to use the reputed jewellery showrooms like Chennai Jayachandran Gold House and Pondicherry Sri Lakshmi Jewellery.

2. Kundan Jhumka design: in this Kundan Jhumka Earrings, kundans are studded into the jhumka. It gives a different look when compared to normal gold jhumka. The best designer jhumka is available at Khazana Jewellers, Meena Jewellers, Hyderabad Mohammed Khan Jewellers and Sri Ram jewellers

3. Diamond Jhumka design: in this Diamond Jumka, the diamonds will be placed in the earrings and which gives a great look especially during the night. If you wear this Diamond earrings for the parties which helps during nights, it can bring you a special look due to the light effects. Diamond is one of the precious stone which have more glittering. If you want to get the best diamond for the money which you spend then I would suggest you to purchase the diamond jhumka at Joy alukkas and Jos alukkas. They offer the certified diamond for you which is safe.

4. Enamel Jhumka design: in this Jhumka Earrings, you can find the enamel is done on the earrings and which gives a different flavour. This model of jhumka with enamel is available is any stores saravana stores, prince jewellery, tanishq, Mehta jewellers and many more.

5. 3 step jhumka design:  in this step Jhumka design, one jhumka is placed below the another jhumka. It can give a great look to your ears if you wear it to party.

6. Pearl Jhumka design: the pearls are been placed on jhumka which looks beautiful on white dress.

7. Antique jhumka design (or) Bridal Jhumka Design: very tiny designs are being made on jhumka which looks trendy. Especially brides wear this kind of jhumka.

8. Temple Shaped Jhumka design:  instead of cylindrical jhumka, Temple shaped jhumka are been designed. Even this gives a stylish look. And especially its suits for the college going student. Most of them are students who were Temple shaped jhumka.

9. Light Weight Jhumka Earrings Design: in the pattern, Jhumka earrings are grand for the party but at the same time they are light in weight.  It gives a great look for any occasion. Most of the people select this kind of light weight earring design because they can feel comfortable when they wear it.

10. Heavy Jhumka Earring Design: Some people have little bigger ears for them this kind of heavy jhumka earrings will suit well. Most of the heavy designer jhumka are studded with stones and enamels.

11. Antique Jhumka Design: Antique jhumka is really very unique because jhumka has very tiny or small work designs on it. it is also studded with stones which brings its really beauty.

12. Designer Jhumka Earring Design: we all know that most of the people are interested in getting the designer saree and if you want to choose the best earrings for it. Then you can move on with designer jhumka earrings. It will suit for any designer saree or fancy saree.

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