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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Italian jewel

Italian jewelry is one of the jewellery, which is very famous nowadays. Most of the people are preferring to purchase the italian jewelers designed because it suits for the daily wear purpose. They can simply say that they have a lot of great Italian fashion in our country. Most of the simple nanis italian jewels have been hand selected and imported from Italy and provided to the customer's all over the world. The italian jeweler are normally embedded with rose gold, sterling silver, Swarovski italian jewelrycrystals, cultured fresh-water pearls or with semiprecious stone. Regularly, the new collection is an important and will be kept up with the latest hemisphere fashion it suits for classical and timeless elegance. We can see that most of the people prefer to purchase italian jewels, for simple Italian collection and Valentina Silver collection. Damiani jewelry is one of the italian jewellery manufacturers across the world. The italian design jewelers available there are best in cost and even unique in design. You can get various information related to the italian manufacturers from online. You can see the queens of ancients were wearing the italian crown jewels. They look really very attractive and make the queens look beautiful. It is one of the very popular jewel in italian. Italy is really very famous for italian jewellery suppliers. Always the Italian jewellery is best because they are designed depending on the fashion and trends.
Here is the list of famous Italian brands, or else you can even saitalian jewely that they are the leading italian jeweller:
1. Bulgari
2. Damiani
3. Buccellati
4. Favero
5. Unoaerre
6. Pomellato
7. Di Modolo
You already might have been familiar with these famous Italian jewelry brands. You can make the purchase of best 18k italian gold jewelry set over here. You can be able to find best products available in Italian jewellery such as rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, watches and brooches. They are different italian exporters who are working for exporting the Italian jewellers to various countries.

3D Italian jewellery:

You might have heard about The 3D theaters But have you ever heard about the 3D jewelry. Now you can able to get this wonderful Italian Jewelry design In the market.It is designed with Diamonds And other stones. This product is being designed by the 3D jewellery Designers.

Jewelry Design International School in Florence Italy:

If you want to know about the best school in florence for designing the jewellery then I would suggest you to Know about the Studio Arrais Jewelry Design school. It is one of the best school in Florence. They offer theBest quality of jewelry design classes and training courses in computer jewelry design and technical drawing. The course will be conducted by the Professional teachers who is having10 years of experience in Goldsmith drawing. This school will help in bringing out the creative works of the students. This school in jewelry design classes and training courses in computer jewelry design. This school in Florence, have created the great connections with national and international goldsmith firms. The students can sell out the collections which are made by them. Studio Arrais takes  the responsibility to create students fit for technological and stylistic innovations, by helping them in participation for national and international jewel design contests. This one of the great opportunity to learn art in Florence.

Studio Arrais  Courses / Program:

1. Normally, the Jewelry design courses will be held for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

2. Computer Design 3D training in programs including: Rhinoceros 3.0; Flamingo and Techgems.

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