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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wedding Bridal Collections / Wedding Jewellery Set / Jewellery for Brides

What are the jewellery needed for Bride (in English), pellikuturu (in Telugu), dulhan (in Hindi)???

Here are the list of traditional jewellery needed for a bride:


It is called as “Choker” in English. We can see that most of the women wear this for any special occasion. It is also called as necklace in general. You can get the best model of necklace in the well reputed showrooms like malbar gold, Navaras jewellers, mujtaba jewellers, msb jewellers, RS brothers jewellery showroom and many more.  Now a days most of the college going students are preferring to purchase sigold necklace jewelrymple necklace and best models are available in it. Gold necklace is one of the common injury which is most preferred by the woman. If you visit any showroom, you can able to find different models of gold necklace design. Some of the designs which are mostly preferred by the modern woman are designed necklace, flowers necklace, Peacock necklace, aesthetic gold necklace set, antique design gold necklace, traditional gold necklace design, modern gold necklace set, crucifix gold necklace, Bikaneri handcrafted kundan necklace, meenakari gold necklace,  filigee gold necklace, rainbow choker necklace, fancy gold necklace design, jadau gold necklace pattern, handmade Egyptian gold necklace, diamond necklace, pearl necklace, samurai necklace, light weight gold necklace with tiny gold balls and so on… But the brides always wear the heavy weight necklace.   

kaasu maalai:

It is a long chain which consist of number of points connected adjacent to each other. You can able to get various information about different models of kasu mala  by clicking the link over here.Kasu Mala Designs , Kasumala Designs, Kasulaperu Designs,  Kasumalai Designs, Kaasu Mala design

Kasu Mala Designs , Kasumala Designs, Kasulaperu Designs,  Kasumalai Designs, Kaasu Mala design


it is nothing but a “waist chain”, “waist belt” ,“hip chain” or “belly chain” in English. It is worn around the hip, it looks great when you are in saree. it is called as “vaddanam” in Telugu “Kammar Patta” in Hindi. If you want to see the traditional Oddiyanam design, then it would be in the best model which is thick enough. It may decorated with diamonds, stones, enamel and many others. But the latest modern woman are preferring to wear the Oddiyanam  chain model. It is a thin chain and it consists of wonderful designs of chain hanging on it. Some people go with the gold Oddiyanam or else some people have gold coating on silver Oddiyanam. You can find different models of Oddiyanam. Most of the Kammar Patta  have goddesses design on it.Kammar Patta

Kids vaddanam is also available in the market in different styles so most of the parents purchase the Oddiyanam for the kids because it looks gorgeous on pattu pavadai.

If you want to know about the list of Oddiyanam  models then it would be gold Oddiyanam , diamond Oddiyanam , designer Oddiyanam , chain Oddiyanam , belt Kammar Patta , meenakari Oddiyanam , modern Oddiyanam  and many others. If you go with the lightweight Oddiyanam  than the cost would be less and some people even prefer to go with heavyweight Oddiyanam . But normally when you go for purchasing hip chain, the cost would be really very high. Because the weight of the hip chain increases. Here is the image of oddiyanam:


arm Vanki is called as wrist band or armlet in english. NexVanki t coming to the vanki designs, you can see band vanki, gold vanki, pearl band vanki, antique kempu vanki, fancy gold vanki, antique vanki, diamond vanki, kundan vanki, meenakari vanki, designer vanki, kundan vanki design, traditional vanki and so on. You can find the best picture of vanki below:


Married traditional women wear gold bangles in their hands. Now a day most of the jewellery showroom are offering the daily wear gold bangles design at low making charges. Designers Bangles ModelsIf you want to know about the best bangles models then  here is the list: gold bangles design, diamond bangles design, kudan bangles, meenakari bangles style, trendy bangles, designer bangles, antique bangles pattern, jennifer meyer bangles and many more. Bangles are also called as  “Valayal” in tamil and “Gajulu” in Telugu.

Salangai or ghungroo (ankle bells), payal:

Salangai is the ornment for the leg. It makes the sweet voice which you walk. Normally most of the people wear this anklet in silver. But some people even where gold anklet which is really costly. Normally the anklet are light in weight. The price of the anklet may vary depending upon the price and weight. Even most of the small kids wear anklet. Nowadays you can even get the fancy anklet which brings great beauty to your feet. Normally it consists of pearls and stones. It is one of the best model of anklet which is worn on any special occasion.

kids anklet

You can get the information of various other products like mathi patti, nethi chutti, mattal, mokkuyhi, jhumka, earrings, Billa Braid Braid Hair Jewellery and many others. Just have a click on the link below: INDIAN BRIDAL JEWELLERY

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