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Friday, July 13, 2012

sari draping style & Different Ways to Wear a Sari


Sari is one of the wonderful and best clothing to wear on any special occasion wsari wearing Style hich may be wedding, function or get-together. Sari is worn by the females and it is the strip of unstructured cloth which ranges from 4 to 9 yards in length. It can be draped over the body in the various styles. The name sari is derived from the Sanskrit. Sari is very famous in the places like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. For every dress which we wear have the petticoat and similarly even for sari it is most important to wear “Lehenga”. Lehenga is available in different colours and depending upon the sari wear you can choose them. Lehenga is also called with various names such as Langa, Pavada, Pavadai, Chaniyo, Parkar, Ghaghra, Ghagaro or Shaya. Sari is worn with blouSari draping style se which is also known as choli or Ravika. These blouse are often stretched in various styles such as short sleeves, low neck or cropped at midriff. Next coming to the Choli, it is often backless or halter neck style. It is even designed with stylish mirrors or embroidery.

Sari is often treated as the traditional clothing. One of the oldest Sari brand is Nalli which was exclusively started in the year 1928. It is the only place where you can able to find the best quality of Sari at a very reasonable cost. Nalli silks have became very popular all over the world.

Different Styles of Wearing a Sari (or) Styles of Draping a Sari:

Their are 52 different ways to wear a Sari.  All of them are really the best saree draping styles.  Now let's know about the countries and its Sari wearing styles:

Sari Wearing Style and its Countries:

Nivi Style (or) Kaccha Nivi - Andhra Pradesh & Gujarat.

Oriya Style – Bengali.

Similar to Maharashtrian Dhoti – Maharashtrian/Konkani/Kashta.

Dravidian Sari - Tamil Nadu.

Madisar Style – Lyengar or Lyer Brahmin Ladies of Tamil Nadu.

Kodagu Style – Karnataka.

Gobbe Seere Style – Malnad or Sahyadri.

Gond Sari Style – Central Part of India.

Malayali Style / Mundum Neryathum  - Kerala.

Tribal Style – Tribals.

Kunbi / Denthli style: Gauda / Kunbis.

Professional Style of Wearing a Sari:

we can see that air  hostess follow this kind of Professional Style of Sari draping.  air hostess style sari gives a unique look because the sari is completely pinned up. Not only the air–hostess, many of the female Hotel staff of five-star luxurious hotels in India wear this kind of professional sari wearing.

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