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Sunday, June 28, 2020

paper pins jewellery for kids

Jewellery set with paperpin for kids:
Hello friends, today I want to post an innovative jewellery idea which was done by daughter. In this lockdown she was always spending her time in art & craft as she is very much interested in it.

She was playing with her brother with paper pins at that time she got an idea why can’t we make jewellery with paper pin. So she started to make those. It was quite simple but beautiful when she wore it.

Paper pin necklace:
To make this she joined all the pins and decorated it with some smiley drawings.
papaer pin necklace

Paper pin earring:
For making the earrings she had changed the shape of a paper pin into triangle and made a hanging with normal thread which was available at home and Sticked a smiley drawing on it. 

Paperpin Bracelet:
This is same as necklace but she used as a bracelet.

Paper pin ring jewellery:
For making paperpin ring she just changed the shape of a pin into round and sticked out a big smiley on the ring.

Full set of paper pin jewellery for Children:

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Hello friends, Here a golden opportunity of the people who wants to invest in gold. We all know that the gold price is rising up in India. It is the time to take a good decision and invest in gold.

Today’s gold rate in Hyderabad:

For 22 carat gold in Hyderabad:
  • 1 gram-INR 5,040
  • 8 gram –INR 40,320
  • 10 grams-INR 50,400
Golden Eleven Monthly Purchase Scheme without Wastage and Value Addition Charge:

For a middle class people who want to invest in gold can go with the beneficial schemes then they can choose “Golden Eleven Monthly Purchase Plane” which is introduced by RS Brothers. For the people who cannot invest bulk amount for gold, can pay the amount on monthly bases. By enrolling in this scheme, you can able to buy the jewellery without any wastage and value addition. Duration of this scheme is 11 months. Every month you need to pay Rs. 1000. 

After the completion of 11 months, customer can buy the jewellery for the worth of 11,000. But if you want to go with any other precious stones or pearls then the charges will be extra. If the purchase amount exceeds then wastage will be charged for the extra gold that you purchase.

The amount will not be refunded at any circumstances. 

The amount will not be refunded at any circumstances. In the same scheme, you can get the plan for 1000, 5000 or 10,000. Add on value is offered in the 12th month.. i.e. Rs.12,000, Rs.60,000 and Rs.1,20,000 respectively.(including Add on)

This is the best way to make your “suvarana Lakshmi”(your wife) surprise with a jewellery gift on next anniversary.

You can get enrolled in this scheme at R S Brothers jewelry showroom.