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Friday, July 30, 2010

First day in Office Tips

First day in your new job. Are you nervous? And don’t know how to react? For first at job wear a dress that makes you comfortable and you must looks presentable to others. Most of the big companies like Wipro, TCS, Patni, CTS, Infosys, IBM, HP big companies the induction will be held in a big training room and you may have to introduce yourself in front of others and don’t panic and don’t be nervous, prepare for this before going for the first day. Try to prepare in front of the mirror and be confident while you speak. Follows some tips to follow on your first day in your job.

Be there before half an hour and make yourself comfortable to that place. You never know what’s your job and who will be your boss, this makes the person so scared and nervous till you understand the person and fit with the team. The first day at job makes you so stressful, may feel that you were in a new world and others looks like an alien. On your first day of job you may need to meet so many people and need to introduce yourself with everyone so try to be confident and bold. Because first impression is the best impression, so it will add up yourself with your boss. Be relax and don’t panic and nervous when you meet the people, because on the first day you will be having inductions. Sharpen your ears because many people will be sharing with you many things so need to listen very keenly. Take a diary and pen with you and make points. When the people is sharing an information with you make a note of the point in your diary and don’t interrupt when the people sharing the information once they have done with their parts and ask permission from them and ask your doubts and questions. Make a note of the person you interact on daily basis and their names and numbers in a excel sheet and follow the same till the end and don’t stick the names and their numbers in your desk which may makes your place so dump. Don’t use your co-workers name until you know their designation and always stick with Madam and Sir to everyone. Don’t ask the same questions again and again which may feel your co-workers feel so irritate. Try to impress the boss on the first day by answering the question and before you join know about your role of responsibilities. Be very familiar with the computer shortcut keys and familiar with the operations.

Thursday, July 29, 2010



The Chennai Business School has evolved with a motivation to give students the confidence to handle real life issues in business. The governing council members of Chennai Business School have come from various like fields like automobile, telecom, retail, entertainment, communication and engineering. The school offers courses in five specializations and each specialization they call it as ‘varsity’. The five varsities are HR varsity, IT varsity, Marketing and communication varsity, retail varsity, financial management varsity, international management varsity and service management varsity. The subjects are handled by both full time and visiting faculties, a part of the sessions are handled by professionals from different industries. Chennai business school offers short term courses in finance, banking and insurance sectors.  The school also offers executive PGPM for the working and corporate professionals. The student selection criteria include good academic record, group discussions, personal interviews and aptitude tests. Students who have written their CAT, MAT, GMAT, and XAT will an advantage in getting their admission in the school. The school admits both fresh graduates as well experience professional in their PG program. On an average the school offers 90% placement to the students and few of the hiring companies are ABN Amro, Cavincare, CII, HCL, Ashok Leyland, iNautix, Pantaloon, Reliance retail, Taj hotels, TCS etc. The Chennai business school stands high among other school since it is built by the distinguished professionals who have rich experience in their industries. The advisory council members have an excellent academic record and have massive experience in their subjects. The school takes in application for his full time program in the month of June and invites applications throughout the year for short and executive programs. The Chennai Business School is located in Velachery and it is surrounded by many IT parks. Within very short span of time the school has emerged as a leader in business education.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Redington (India) Limited


Company History

Redington (India) Limited started its Indian operations in 1993 at Chennai with a vision to become a leading distributor of

world class IT products with a clear emphasis on supply chain excellence and operational efficiency.

Redington (India) Limited started with distribution of HP peripherals and continued adding newer Products/Brands to its

portfolio, growing from 5 employees, 3 branches, 25 dealers and $2 million sales in 1994 to 1000 employees, 40 branches, over

10000 dealers and $571 million sales in the recent financial year (ending March 2005).

Redington (India) Limited has emerged as the industry's most efficient distribution company.

The company evolved its business from a small manual operation to a very large technology driven operation which provides

"Best value for money" to its customers

Mission and Vision of Redington (India) Limited


To Continue adding value to all Business partners by offering integrated supply chain management solutions backed up by

operation and transactional efficiency


Our Vision is to make Redington the most innovative Supply Chain Management Services Company, focused on highest value

creation for its customers and shareholders.

Corporate Profile

Redington (India) Limited is one of the leading Supply Chain services providers in IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics & Home

Appliances Industries. With its corporate office in Chennai, it has over 40 Branch offices, 45 warehouses and 68 service

centers across India. With a 1000 strong team of highly skilled and committed people, it delivers its products and services

to every corner of the country. The team is supported by a robust IT infrastructure connecting all 115 physical locations of

the company and a state of the Art ERP and e-commerce back bone. Redington (India) Limited has built its business on very

strong business fundamentals which has helped it consistently achieve above industry growth rate. It has reached a revenue of

over 571 million USD in a span of Just 12 years.


Redington (India) Limited is a leading provider of Supply chain and Distribution services to Leading Global Manufacturers in

Industries like IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances etc. Our array of supply chain services includes Break

Bulk, Order Fulfillment, Warehousing and Inventory Management, Transportation and Logistics, Project Management, Reverse

Logistics, Credit Management, Technical Support and After Sales Service. We act as an important link between the

Manufacturers and the channel community. On one side we service over 40 leading Manufacturers and on the other side service

over 10000 channel partners across diverse segments like retailers, corporate resellers, value added resellers (VARs), System

Integrators (SIs) OEMs, Government Resellers, assemblers, sub distributors etc. Our Service Division provides world class

after sales service to the customers covering warranty support on behalf of the manufacturers, post warranty support, spares

sales and facilities management services. We provide after sales service to over 50,000 customers on behalf of over 23


The Redington Group has a very strong business history with operations spread over countries like India, Singapore, UAE,

Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria and Nigeria to name a few. The Group’s

operations are focused on Information Technology (IT). Its major business divisions are Systems, Packaged Software and

Services. It has deployed CRM Tools, automated its sales force and initiated steps in providing proactive customer support. A

member of a Singapore-based transnational group, Redington (India) Limited has operations across Boston, Budapest, Singapore,

Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Its Indian office was set up in 1993. Its mission - to give the Indian consumer the best of IT

products from the world over supported with the best service possible.

"The important thing about technology is not how many more transistors you can pack onto a chip. The important thing is how

it enriches people's lives, how much easier it makes the business of daily living. Mr R Srinivasan, Managing Director of

Redington Group of Companies said, “the key factors that distinguishes Redington are its strong focus on relationship with

vendors and IT Infrastructure Management services. It is also a Neutral Service Provider. An excellent, well connected

infrastructure with good managerial and technical capabilities, strong processes have ensured satisfied customers”. Over the

years, Redington (India) Limited has emerged as the largest distribution power in the Indian IT industry with a group

turnover of USD 1.6 Billion. Redington (India) Limited has over 2,500 dealers in 50 cities and the reputation of having

pioneered the industry's first independent, professional distribution network. Plus an enviable record in the placement of

global brands in the Indian market.

Company has the following support functions apart from the virtual companies called SBUs. The SBU/ functional details can be

viewed under functions separately.

Corporate Accounts - Whole gamut of company’s financial activity hub

Fulcrum of credit activities

IT - The nerve centre of IT –ERP management/ maintenance

SCM - The supply chain solution – the core competent activity enabling the business

HR - The humane face of the company – the enabler

Company Directory Details



Chief Financial Officer


Chief Information Officer

Best Time Management

Time Management

It may be easily said that one who wastes time is an unhappy person. Time is valuable Time is money. If time is wasted money is wasted time wait for none, Life is short. We have to achieve minimum available time this keeps us satisfied and happy. Time lost by you can never come again. It cannot be regained any means.
Yesterday died, Tomorrow not come again, Today is ours. Let us not waste it. “This saying tells us the importance of time. One who has used time wisely will have no worries. If you postponed it you may not get the facilities to do the work. Your time has an economic value which can be translated into a real coat and you must be aware of what it is.

Ø Plan your activities
Ø Have schedule – set routine
Ø Priorities the work be punctual

Don’t forget
Time lost cannot be recalled
•Time works wonders
•Timely blossom, timely ripe
•There is time to work and a time to play
•There is time to speak a time to be silent
•A stitch in time saves none
•Tips on time management
1 . Find out where your time goes: also of the time that goes as waste everyday
2 . plan your day
3 . prepare list of all that you have to do in order to achieve the goals
4 . keep interruption to a minimum
5 . take control of time at meetings
6 . improve your communication skills effectively

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ampa Skywalk Mall - PVR Chennai


Are you Chennai? Are you bored of visiting the old hang out places in Chennai? - here is a new destination ideal for shopping and entertainment - Ampa Skywalk Mall.
Chennai Ampa Skywalk promoted by Ampa Housing Development, is an integrated and exclusive mall with retail, dining and entertainment facilities for the visitors. The mall is spread across 3.15 lakhs square feet and has a parking space of 3.50 Lakhs square feet (12 levels), which can accommodate around 1000 cars. (Parking cost is per hour basis). The major tenants of the mall are the Tata Star Bazaar (home solutions), PVR (multiplex theater) with 7 screens, land mark and Westside.
ampa skywalk

The Ampa Skywalk mall has three floors with unique setup of outlets for the leading and international brands. The ground floor of the mall has KFC, Body shop, Mc Donald’s, Giordano, Benetton, Rado, Levi’s etc. The first floor comprises of Adidas, Reebok, Planet sports, Lee, Wrangler, Allen solely and much more. The second floor has products for women and children, which includes Soles, Mustard, Health and glow etc. 
PVR Cinemas
The PVR Cinemas in the ampa skywalk mall is the offers an incredible experience to the movie lovers. PVR Cinemas always stands high by using high level technology in playing the movies. It has stadium seating arrangement which ensure good and comfortable view from the theater, the extra wide seats (Plush) offers great space.
 ampa skywalk chennai 
Lot of new events and promotions happen in the mall which attracts huge crowd. The mall has a travel desk, where the visitor can book their tickets for train, bus and flights. The foreign exchange counter in the mall helps the NRI visitors to change their currencies. In addition, the mall had a child care area where the parents can leave their kids and enjoy their shopping. The mall is facilitated with Wi-Fi spots for uninterrupted connections. Ampa skywalk mall located in Nelson Manickkam road, Aminjikarai is in the approachable location to the Anna nagar, T nagar and Numgambakkam residents. Ampa Skywalk mall offers an exciting and rejuvenating shopping and entertainment experiences for the visitors.
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Deal or No Deal (Deal aa No Deal aa) an interesting game show being telecasted in Sun TV has made a remarkable history in the television game shows. This big game show is telecasted on Saturdays and Sundays at 8.30 pm. This show is hosted by Rishi, who was introduced in the movie Aanandha Thandavam. In this exciting game show each participant has a chance to win a maximum of Rs.50 Lakhs.
 SUN TV Rishi
This game involves 26 suitcases, each having an unknown amount ranging between Rs.1 to 50, 000, 00. To start off with the contestant is asked to choose a particular suitcase and the contestant does not know the amount in that particular suitcase. From there on, the contestant is asked to open the suitcases at every stage of the game by calling out the number mentioned in the suitcases.
Sun TV Deal or No Deal
There are 26 beautiful ladies along with these suitcases to open them and display the amount, when the contestant calls out the number. The aim of the game is to open the suitcases with minimum amount at every stage of the game. There is a banker in the show who does not show his face but fixes a deal (amount) to the contestant depending on the suitcases he has opened and the remaining left. At every stage of the game the contestant has a choice to quit the game by accepting to the deal (amount) given by the banker and pressing the red deal button. This is an interactive game show, where the contestant shares his personal problems, joy etc. The family of the contestant is also made to sit in the set and the anchor Rishi interacts with them too. The high light of the show is the way in which Rishi (host) conducts the game and pulls the audiences to a nail biting situation. There is a chance for the viewers of this game show to win up to Rs. 1 Lakh. The right mix of the marvelous set and the music are a great plus for the game show.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How To Start A Beauty Parlour

      Beauty Parlors are doing a great business these days since beauty has become something which every man and woman want to posses. Beauty parlors are places where lots of services are done to enhance one’s looks. Many would be wondering as to how to start a beauty parlor and whether they will be able to run the business successfully. 

Start beauty parlor      To start a beauty parlor, the first thing one should do is to ensure that she has all the aspects to mange and run the own business. You need to sit down and work out the financial aspects with a consultant according to your budget in mind, incase if you want to go for a loan plan accordingly. The second thing you should keep in mind is the health codes. The customers would expect clean and hygienic environment to relax. The next step is to choose a right location, a portion, building or a mall in a busy street will invite a lot of customers. When the right place is chosen for the beauty parlor set up, the next stage is to keep an eye on the ambience inside the parlor; a good ambience is the secret of attracting customers to your parlor again and again. Try to offer a wide range of services under one roof. 

Start beauty parlor      Customers prefer to go to places where they are being offered a lot of services in one setting. For example a lot of beauty parlors now a day are attached with Spa. The next important task is to hire highly qualified and trained professionals. The hired beauticians should have good experience in their fields. Hiring inexperienced beauticians would lead to the shutdown of the parlor without any warnings. The last and the crucial thing is to keep the customers satisfied and happy. If all the above could be done diligently, then starting a beauty parlor and achieving good business is not far.

Gova Beach Goa Beach

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      India has lot of tourist places and beaches, of them the Gova beaches stands high. Gova beaches are world renowned for their enchanting beauty and everlasting scenery. The 125 kilometer Gova coastline offers stunning beaches and an ideal destination for vacations and for romantic honey moons.  gova beach girlsThe beaches in Gova are classified as North region beaches and South region beaches. The beaches in the north beaches of Gova are famous for parties and for hosting celebrations. The south beaches of Gova are more silent and invite tourists who wish to relax. The beaches in the north of Gova include, Arambol, Anjuna, Baga, Miramar, Morjim, Chapora, Vagator, Calangute, Candolim, Sinquerim, Bambolim and Dona Paula. These beaches are the places where carnivals, water sports etc are held. The beach in south Gova includes, Bogmalo, Majorda, Colva, Benaulim, Varca, Cavelossim, Mobor, Canaguinim, Agonda and Palolem. 

      The Gova beaches have lot of water sport for adventure lovers. Swimming, dinghy sailings, diving etc are few of the water sports in Gova beaches. Gova beaches attracts tourist from all over the world and thus the tourism industry in Gova is the highly revenue generating industry. The gova beach goa fishing industry in Gova is not given much importance when compared to the tourism. The beaches in Gova has beautiful resorts, mouth watering foods, private dining restaurants, dolphin sightseeing and sun bathing activities. The Gova state was under Portuguese and thus has well crafted architecture and design. Gova beaches are also a good location for film makers, when it comes to filming on beaches. The people in Goa prefer to call themselves as goans, they have an easy going life style and love music, dance and art. The best time to visit Gova is between October to March, since the weather would be pleasantly cool, making the stay eventful. goa fish curry      Gova could be reached by air since it has flights connecting from all the metro cities, Gova could also be reached through rail and road ways since Gova has elaborate rail and road network.  You will surely get tasty sea foods also in Goa… :-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Golden Mountain - Golden Fragments

Golden Mountain - Golden Fragments

      Its amazing and unbelievable, to know that there is a a Mountain which sprinkles golden fragments., called as Golden Mountain. This hugger-mugger mountain is situated in a region called Orizona, in South America which stands concealed till today. Hence it remains mystery and it is believed that this is not just a mountain, but amazingly stored gold in its womb from several years and infinite tales are also there based on this Golden Mountain.

      Any person gets excited by this Golden Mountain. But truth is that nobody has returned safely who had gone there and if returned they were not able to come out of the horror, terror and dangerous memories.

Golden Mountain      One Mr. Payaleen Beever and his sub-ordinates , decided to disclose the clandestine of this Golden Mountain and accordingly they landed in tents near the mountain. It was around 4 pm as everybody was tried, just for relaxation they slept. But Mr. Payaleen Beever was not able to sleep. Alone he started to walk towards the mountain, on the way he found few gold fragments, he collected the same and went back near the tent. To his utter dismay he saw the whole tent burning with great flames along with his subordinates, as he turned back he was shocked to see the terrific and frightening shadows coming towards him. Mr. Payaleen Beever was greatly frightened by seeing this and somehow managed to come out alive. But later it was said that he died in this shock.

      Later a doctor Mr. Laberen was so curious to research on this mystery, challengingly he reached the mountain floor. But he also had to face the same astonishing and dangerous shadows which was responsible for his death which shook the entire South America. Because as per the Post Mortem report, entire blood from his body was sucked left behind with not a single drop of blood without a small injury or wound on his body.

Gold Mountain      Further Mr. Valjery, a German Engineer working at Orizone Mines was attracted to this Golden Mountain secret and decided to discover this. With this intention he first gained friendship with the local tribes called “Apache” . Then after he fell in love with one tribal girl Cante and married her to create faith and confidence in those Tribes, as they were too cruel and wild. He started learning about the secrets of this mountain from them and started researching with the help of Cante and his friend Mr. Jacob. At first he felt too scary, fear and very unusual . Meanwhile the tribal people started doubting Cante as she is revealing all the secrets of the Golden Mountain and saw that her tongue was cut which led to her death causing heavy bleeding. In spite of this Mr. Valjery did not give up his challenge .

      As he went further on the mountain he saw a cave. With caution and awe he went inside and saw a large pit in which hot boiling golden magna was erupting out. But he was failed to find out the origin of this golden magna and he also did not proceed. While both coming back, tribal magicians happened to see Mr. Valjery and Mr Jacob. Mr. Valjery escaped, Mr. Jacob was caught and killed by the Tribes.

      Thereafter in 1891 Mr. Valjery also died. All his surprising, awful, amazing, horrific, frightening , fearsome, painful and astonishing experiences was recorded in his dairy. On the basis of this many people went forward to discover his mystery, but none of returned back. If some have come back, they have come with the bare hands only.

      It is very significant that know that how far the man has developed with science and technology, he cannot go against the Nature. So many secrets in the nature remains unrevealed even today. And it is not fair and safe to try to discover for the origin of Nature at the cost of their lives.

Pillar of Indian cricket - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar - the wonder boy of Indian cricket.He is my favorite batsman.

There is some thing that we can learn from Sachin other than cricket.....

The spirit to fight and "never say die" 

Through out his career these two principles where there...

Many a time media and many people said its time to write off Sachin...

To such people he did not reply with his mouth but with centuries.....

Now this man is the pillar of Indian cricket.....

And he has also shown us a path and a way to fight and resist.....

In our life we are the boss and if we think we can't that's it we wont...

So don't get frightened of life give a spirited fight back....

Learn from the life of The Legends......

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dress Code for Interviews

Dress code for Interview
      It’s very important to dress neatly for an interview. It shows how you present yourself to the employer and make the employer to feel what you are? Because first impression is the best impression, employers notice how we are dressing and our dressing sense. Mostly the people failed in the interview not because they didn’t prepare well for the interview they fail because they don’t know how to groom themselves for the interview. You can be a good candidate but you may fail to impress the potential employer. You should be very cautious when you go a big companies (Fortune 500 ) like TCS, IBM, Infosys, Patni, Cognizant, HP, Wipro etc.,

Dress code for Men
      Men Interview Dress CodeFor men business suit will perfectly go for a men. But when you go for a managerial post business suit is must, other wise formals is very good code for men. Business color like dark grey, navy blue, black. Formals is the best one for all the men and it perfectly suits for the men with nice branded Pant and Shirt is best. Try to avoid flashy colors and casuals for the interview it doesn’t show you as a professional. The dress should neatly ironed and clean one. Don’t wear tight pants the dress you worn should be nicely tailored and pressed and put up your neck button. Stick with black or brown color belt with flat buckle don’t ever wear a big and trendy buckle for interview, the trendy buckle may suits for a party. If you wear a Tie go for a plain colored Tie the color should not distract the employer. Make sure that before going for a interview do a proper and clean shave and well groomed hair style be aware that short always fares the best at interviews and try to avoid jewellery which is visible to others like ear rings and wearing the chain over the shirt. Black and Brown well polish shoe makes you so professional. Socks you wear that should match with your trousers try to wear the clean and neat socks, because some times the old socks may stinks and make you embarrass. Makes sure that the belt and the shoe should be same color and avoid strong odor scent and body spray.

Dress Code for Women
women Interview Dress Code      Like men for women also business suit will perfectly go, jacket would be very nice option if you wear a business suit. Don’t wear flashy and florescent color dress try to go with business color. The dress you wore should not expose yourself. Try to avoid low neck dresses. But the dress you wore that make you to feel comfortable. Make up should not be too heavy. Try to avoid dark shades lip stick and eye shadow if would be good if you avoid lipstick and eye shadow while going for an interview. Ear ring should not hang so lengthy a small stud looks so professional. Try to avoid too much of finger rings and high and pointed heels go with black or brown polished shoe and normal heels slipper. A small chain with small bindi looks pretty and presentable to the employers try to avoid wearing flowers and loose hair for an interview it looks too hard and make you to look like a country girl. At last the dress code should be go according to their culture.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010



      It is very important to be stay fit and healthy for a happy and successful life. To have good health two things are most important – diet and workout.

healthy yoga      It is very crucial to follow good and healthy food habits for a healthy body. A good diet is the right mix of nutrients, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. A good diet will improve and maintain ones health, a good diet should include vegetables and fruits. Nutritionists advise that at least one fruit should be consumed per day to increase the immunity power. An unhealthy and unfocused diet would increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetics etc. It is important to avoid high cholesterol food (fatty foods), it is also necessary to distinguish between good and bad cholesterol. There is a myth that nutritious diet will not taste good, but the recent study has shown that tastier and healthier foods could be prepared without fat. There in an increasing obesity among the children since they are addicted to fast and packed foods. Children should be inculcated will nutritious dietary habits from the young age. Food habits for women are of more concern, especially during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should prepare a checklist of healthy food and should follow it throughout the pregnancy (there are a lot of food which women should avoid during pregnancy).

healthy yoga      Work outs (exercises) are playing a note able role in human health. There have been increasing campaigns about exercising daily to keep the body and mind fit. Doctors say that twenty minutes walk per day would do wonders for the body and it would improve the blood circulation. Exercise could be done to lose weight as well as to keep our system fit. A good day should start with few minutes of work out, followed by a healthy diet.

Ford Figo – Looks Like Fiesta

Ford Figo,

Ford Motor Company has launched a new family car – FIGO. This is a new segment which Ford has started to venture into. Figo looks more like Fiesta from the front view and more like Fusion from the back view. 
ford figo

Ford has released Figo in both petrol and diesel versions. The 1.2 duratec petrol engine and 1.4 duratorq diesel engine is designed to deliver superior power and performance. Figo is released in four models like LXI, EXI, ZXI and TITANIUM, LXI being the lowest model and titanium being the highest model.
      Ford has released Figo in seven colours - Colorado Red, Moon dust Silver, Diamond white, Panther Black, Sea Grey, Squeeze and Chill Metallic.  The titanium model has dual air bags (For the driver and front passenger) and anti lock breaking system.  Ford claims that Figo is designed in such a way to ensure safety of ford figo fiestathe occupants during any mishap. The Figo engine offers tremendous performance in the city as well in the highway roads. Figo’s steering is smooth and offers good control. The music system in Figo has CD and MP3 player with radio. Figo has Radio Data System (RDS), which displays the name of the songs and news alerts etc. The blue tooth connectivity in Figo synchronizes the mobile phone with the music system. Checking the phone book, checking the call list, receiving the sms alert could also be done using the blue tooth connectivity. Figo is a spacious car with appealing interiors. The air conditioning system used in Figo is the best and cools the car very fast.  Ford has made a record in selling Figo, since more than hundreds of cars are being delivered per day.  Its takes around sixty days for the car to get delivered from the time of booking.  Though the waiting time is more – Figo is worth the wait.

Forms Of Virus

Virus was first seen in the year 1980s. They are many reasons behind the spread of this virus.
  • First reason is the spread of personal computer in business, homes and college.
  • Second reason was downloading the program with the help of bulletin board with modem. 
  • Third reason is that the creation of virus with floppy disk.
Mainly they are 4 forms of virus attack:
  • Viruses: It is a small part of program with shows the effect on the real program. Example: When we download a game that is attached with virus and start playing at such a condition it startes showing its reaction by attaching other programs.
  • E-Mail Viruses:  This virus is attached to the messages automatically. Some virus effects when we double clicks on it or some of the virus effects just by viewing infected message.
  • Trojan Horse: It is very dangerous. When you run a program with trojan horse there is a possibility to erase the hard disk.
  • Worms: This worms uses the security and computer networks. It is copied to the new machine with the help of security board.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stress @ Work

Stress Work
      In the fast growing world everyone is competing each other and it very hard to cope with challenges in the work. Everyone feel stress in their normal part of life and also in their work life. Stress in job is very normal in our modern life and we need to over come the stress. When the stress on the job is interfering with our ability to work, care for yourself. We need to pay attention to your physical and emotional health. When we stress in our job we need to fresh up yourself and make your mind relax. In the modern days too much of stress leads the youngsters in bad habits, they are addicted to smoking to get rid of the stress.

Stress Work When feels much stress and take a deep breath is a simple technique for relaxation.
Ø Sit comfortably with your back straight. Put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.
Ø Breathe in through your nose. The hand on your stomach should rise. The hand on your chest should move very little.
Ø Exhale through your mouth, pushing out as much air as you can while contracting your abdominal muscles. The hand on your stomach should move in as you exhale, but your other hand should move very little.
Ø Continue to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to inhale enough so that your lower abdomen rises and falls. Count slowly as you exhale.

Meditation keeps away from stress, depression and negative emotions. Stress is because of thinking too much and keeps digging ourselves in wanted things. Yoga is best stress relief it keeps us fit physically and mentally and strengthens our mind. Getting massage provides deep relaxation and relaxes our muscles. There are many home made massage which makes us relax no need to go to a spa or a beauty salon. Place your thumbs behind your ears while spreading your fingers on top of your head. Move your scalp back and forth slightly by making circles with your fingertips for 15-20 seconds. Close your eyes and place your ring fingers directly under your eyebrows, near the bridge of your nose. Slowly increase the pressure for 5-10 seconds, then gently release and repeat the same two to three times. Shoulder massage reach one arm across the front of your body to your opposite shoulder. Using a circular motion, press firmly on the muscle above your shoulder blade and the do the same on the other side. Listening music also makes our mind so relaxed.

The below picture will clear explain the problems we face when we have stress.

Stress Work

First Love and Last Love

First love and Last love

I was sitting on the sand and watching the waves hitting the shore. "It has been 4 long years now" I thought "A lot of things have happened in life ". The waves were bringing back my old memories.

I still remember how I met a girl named Soumya in this place. I usually hit the beach on weekends to forget loneliness after my friends got scattered all over India after college. Since then I could ot find a circle of friends as I had in college. I usually see her sitting alone on the sands and viewing the waves.  There is a saying "Birds of same feather flock together ".I had never accepted this saying until I saw her.
Days went on ....Soon my eyes started to search for her every time I came to the beach. Slowly I felt something change within me. The following weekend I didn't to go to the beach as all my friends had planned for a reunion .Even though I was with my friends I could sense something was not at its place. Does it have to do anything with her?  I questioned myself ... my heart failed to answer my questions!! ..

Next weekend when I went to the beach my eyes didn't search for her. I was just admiring the beautiful waves... Waving its hands for me... Until I heard a voice... "Seems you didn't turn up last weekend "I just turned and noticed that, it was Soumya saying that  ... Those were the first words she spoke to me.

I never knew I was noticed by her all these days.  Words failed to come out of my mouth. "By The Way I am Soumya "were the next few words which brought me back to my senses. "Hi I am Raj!  Glad to meet you! "greeted her with a smile. "Mind If I sit here "she asked me tentatively, action spoke before words did and even before I could say no my head nodded a no with a capital "N" to her. She sat there beside me and we spoke. I experienced Einstein's theory of relativity on that day. Hours flew just like seconds. She said that she was from Kerala and came to Chennai for studies. She told that she would stay with her uncle and aunt till she finished her college and that her house was near the beach...
first last loveTime went on and the more we spent time together, friendship grew more between us. We exchanged numbers. Weekend meetings start to become weekdays night phone chatting. Slowly my feeling towards her started to change, I never felt so attracted to a girl before. She was changing my life which was full of loneliness to a more enjoyable and fun filled one. She was doing her final year of her college in a reputed arts college, so she was free in the evenings most of the time. She started to call me after her college hours and we spoke for hours and hours. It was only in the weekends that we met each other and spoke in person; otherwise it was only over the phone.. One day after speaking to her .I received a call from my mom. She was waiting for me in front of my office and she sounded dull. I just rushed to the entrance and saw my mom in tears.

I asked her "What happened?" her weeping grew more.  I again repeated my question. My mom told that My Dad had a heart attack and was admitted in hospital in Coimbatore. Working as Bank officer transfers are not new to my father. I tried to console her ...and then I came to my manager and informed him about my dad and asked permission to leave from office...Went in a hurry to airport to reach Coimbatore as soon as possible. That weekend I could not attend her phone, since I was in the ICU with my father and so I had to switch off my mobile.

On Sunday my Dad got better and   returning back to Chennai I checked my mobile it had some 50 odd messages from Soumya. The moment I saw it ... I knew she would be very angry on me ...for not turning up this weekend. I called her a few times; there was no answer from her. I just messaged her ... what all happened ... and was waiting for her reply... That day my eyes failed to see dreams... my heart sensed fear of losing a friend, my bed which was of roses since the day I started to speak to Soumya, became thorns to me.

The next weekend fate had different plans for me. I made it to the sands and was sitting there for about an hour, thinking about whether she would turn up or not. After waiting for another 30 odd minutes, I decided to leave ... and started walking towards my bike. I saw her in front of me, I went to her and said "Hi and Sorry Soumya I could not turn up last weekend. Had some problems I guess you can understand"... her silence gave me a signal that she was still angry with me!

She just went past me and sat on the sand.... I had no other option... I followed her foot steps and sat next to her ... "O.K.! Soumya!!!  I know ...you are angry on me!!!  I am sorry for not informing you, I guess you can understand in what situation I was in. "Her answer was silence. " If she doesn't like to speak to you!! Then don't disturb her!!!" my mind gave me orders. "O.K. then I guess I will leave! I don't wanna disturb you!!! "I got up with a heavy heart....

I took my first step and she broke her silence "Please don't go" she didn't sound good.  I went near her and sat with her and saw the waves, I saw her tears running down the cheeks, suddenly a guilty feeling started to creep into my heart. I asked her "Soumya!!! What happened? Why are crying?? ". "Did I say something wrong?" I questioned myself.

She wiped her tears and said "No you didn't say anything wrong ". "I could not be without talking to you!!! Raj!!! "

"You have become so close to me!!! That I feel you are a part of me!!! ".The moment she finished a question arised in my mind "Is she in love with me?".  I saw those eyes of her and could not come to a conclusion. "Are you in love with me? Soumya" I put forth my question to her. She gave me a glance and said "I don't know Raj, but I have never missed any one like I have missed you in my life!!! ". Words failed to come out from both of us. We returned home questioning ourselves "Are we in love?".

The night was long and my eyes failed to dream. Suddenly saw my mobile ringing .... It was her ...

"Hey Hi!!! Tell me!! ?"

There was silence "hello!!! Soumya!!! Are u there?"

"Sorry to disturb you!!! Thought you would be sleeping!"

"That's fine!! Had some work. I just went to bed! Any problem!?"

"No... not at all... just thought of speaking to you!"

"Oh OK".

"Raj!!!!!  Can I ask you a question? "

"Go on"

"What would be your decision if I say I am in love with you?"

I was caught on the thoughts... "Does she really mean it? I know I am not that attractive but she is!!!"

"Raj!!! You there!!! ?"

"Yeah!! Yeah!!  I am here!! "

"Did I ask anything wrong?"


I came to my senses and told her my decision... That I would have her as my better half. The next moment, I only heard sounds of tears; I felt her happiness in that cry, I felt her love on that day.

The days that followed were pleasant and the most unforgettable days in my life ...everything around me looked beautiful... I was experiencing the phrase "When love is in your heart, everything around you will appear beautiful than ever". We shared happiness, sorrows, and had little fights which made the bonding between us stronger. The life clock's pendulum doesn't always be in the happier side.Things started to change when she finished her college, her aunt and uncle found about our relationship and news automatically reached her mom.

One day she messaged me that she have received a telegram that her Mom is ill and that, she would be leaving to Kerala in some 15 minutes by flight and she will be back by a week. I called her up and spoke to her for 15 minutes. Those were the last 15 minutes we spoke. I never knew fate had a horrible twist in store for me. The next day I tried to call her up and I could not reach her. Something was bothering me the whole day, I tried to call her again in the night, and still I couldn't reach her.

The next day, my mobile glowed with her number, bringing delight in my face, I picked up the phone and I can only hear her cry ....

"Hello!!! Soumya!!! Is that you? What happened? Anything wrong? Why are you crying? How is your Mom?" I asked with my heart beating in my mouth.

She did not answer anything "Come on!! Speak to me Soumya!! What the hell happened?"

She said" Raj!!! "And then I could hear only her cry ... Her mom got the phone from her and just said "Don't ever call her again!! She got married Raj!!!" ...and she cut the call... I felt the world around me shatter, my heart became heavy. At that moment I wished the ground beneath me to devour me. There was nothing I could do, all things were over... Tears were starting to flow from my eyes.

I walked in the sands with the memories of Soumya; I sat and started to view the waves... for the first time in my life after meeting Soumya everything around me looked gloomy... I felt the waves were calling me towards them... My legs started to walk towards the waves...

A heard someone calling "Raj!! Raj!! Come here!! ".My eyes started to search who was the person? " Come here!!! Don't play with the sand "It was some kid Raj's Mom. But I thought I saw a bit of my Mom in her. I took a decision. I prepared myself to face the facts of my life. I called my Mom and said what had happened. She consoled me.  I said about my decision... At first she never accepted to my decision... I
switched off the phone... and I walked towards my bike...

"Paapa!! See what I have made for you!!! "which brought me back to the present ....

"Yeah!! Dear!! " ...

"A sand castle for you Pappa!!"

"Oh that's lovely dear" I said with a smile, looking at my child.

"Come here!! Soumya!! Let us stand here..."

She came running towards me ... I lifted her ... and kissed her on the forehead... Soumya, my adopted child. I have started to live my life for her for past 3 yrs.

I took her hand, and made the waves touch her feet. She was smiling at me.

"Come on Dear!!! Let's go home!! Grandma will be waiting for us".

I held her hand and we started to walk over the sands...

I turned back to watch my footsteps... and felt

"My first love was Soumya, My last love will be Soumya too "

I walked towards my bike holding my last love's hand.

******************************       The End  **********************************

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

India Census Info - A deeper View

      The census  provides comprehensive details of India's population characteristics  details of population. The details recorded in the population census as follows:

Census year      %growth PA     Nature of growth
1901-1921              0.19                Stagnant population
1921-1951              1.22                Steady population
1951-1981              2.14                Rapid growth
1981-2001              1.80                High growth

indian census

 Sex, Age , Rural ,Urban , Literacy, occupation, comforts etc.,

      India was first developing country to adopt population policy and launch national wide family planning Programme in 1952.. The main objective of population policy is to ensure that the birth and the death gap. Census is very important to know the population, the change of distribution of population. Census is useful for economic planning and implementing welfare scheme and measure. Measure to achieve a stable population.

The national population policy has listed the following measures to achieve stable population by 2045.
  • Reduction of infant mortality  rate  below 30 per 1,00,000 live birth.
  • Reduction of material for mortality rate to below 100 per 1.00,00 live birth.
  • universal immunization.
  • To achieve 80 percent deliveries in regular dispensaries, hospitals and medical institution with trained staff.
  • Incentive to adopt two child small family norm.
  • Access to information, containing Aids, prevention and control of communicable.
  • Strict enforcement of child Marriage Restraint Act and pre-natal Diagnostic techniques act.
  • Raising the age of marriage of girls from 18 to 21.
  • A special reward for women  who marry after 21
indian census
      The government hopes to achieve the objective of population stability by 2045. Now a days our government take census for giving identity card. Its very Important for each and every Indian .


      Hibernation is a time/period  when animals sleep through out cold weather.  This is a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animals leading to lowering body temperature, slower breathing and lower metabolic rate.  This sleep is not like human sleep where any disturbances can wake up. With true hibernations the animals appear to be dead, animal can be moved around or touched.  There is no movement and it take a long time for it to wake up enough to even walk around. Hibernation may last for seven days or weeks or months depending on species, temperature, time and fur on the animals body. Animals that hibernate includes bear, bats, ground squirrels, rodents, Hedgehog, Marsupials, Rattlesnakes, etc.,   Bear is considered as famous  Hibernator.
      Hibernation is the way of adaptation of some animals to the climate and land around them.  Some animals in the nature has been created in such a way that they must be able to live through extreme cold  or die.  These animals which are unable to stand the extreme cold Hibernate or undergo deep sleep.   When an animal beings to hibernate, its body temperature drops to match the external temperature.  The animals’ heartbeat  and breathing also slow down  which minimize the energy requirement.  Some of these hibernators also store food in their caves and burrows. 

      Hibernating animals get their energy by a process known as  Glucogenesis.   During the fall, hibernating animals eat more foods than usual.  Their bodies will give off their body fat  during hibernation  through out  winter.  The hibernating animal will use up the stored fat in the body.  This causes the animal to appear thinner but still strong when it come out of hibernation. Before going  Hibernations  the animals get safe spots ready like  their winter nests, dens and burrows and  different kinds of animals hibernate in different kinds of safe spots.  During Hibernation as  their body  becomes  too weak  and it becomes easier for their  enemies to attack them, to avoid their enemies hibernating animals pick  safest place to spend their winter. 
what is hibernation

      There are many research projects investigating to achieve  “induced hibernation “ in humans, which would be useful for a number of reasons, such as saving the lives of seriously ill or injured people by temporarily putting them in a state of hibernation until treatment can be given.  NASA is also experimenting on putting astronauts in hibernation for very long space journeys.

Tirupur Garment Industry

Tirupur Garment Industry

      Tirupur is known as Manchester of South India, for its massive production of garments. It is located in the banks of Noyal River. Tirupur has a huge pool of workers working in garment factories. Tirupur stands number two in India for exporting children garments. Tirupur has large number of companies manufacturing garments. There are a lot of processes involved in manufacturing a garment, which includes, knitting, combating, dying, pressing etc. These manufacturing companies receive orders from west and Middle East countries for manufacturing garments. Tirupur is the fastest growing city in the Tamil Nadu. Tirupur has wide range of companies exporting garments (Men, women, children etc) to the foreign world. The factories in Tirupur employ workers on daily basis and these workers receive their salary on daily or weekly basis. Around ninety percent of the women in Tirupur are employed in the garment factories.

      Tirupur provides jobs to more than five lakh workers per day. There is large volume of foreign money pouring into India due to the manufacturing in Tirupur factories. Still, Tirupur has a sad side too, the environment has been misused and the water bodies are damaged. The underground water in many areas has become unfit to drink. The whole credit of spoiling the water bodies goes to the dying units in the factories. These dying factories let out the untreated water in the ground. Now government has taken strict measures to control the water pollution. The Noyal River is found to be contaminated with the dying waste from the factories. The business giants in Tirupur have seen only the monetary benefits in this place. Many NGO has warned that this pollution would lead to serious health hazards in the people living in Tirupur and in the adjacent areas. Let’s hope that this garment city also becomes a great city to live in future.

Performance Appraisal

      Performance appraisal is a vital area in the human resource management. Every employee in the organization wants to be appraised for the work he has contributed. Performance appraisal is defined as a means of evaluating the quality of the work done by an employee. It is the means by which, the required performance (fixed) is measured against the actual performance of an employee. The gap between the required and actual performance is analyzed. The strength and weakness of the employee is also analyzed in the performance appraisal.

      After analyzing the gap - the area where the employee needs to improve, the organization arranges for the required training. Performance appraisal is mainly done to evaluate the performance of an employee, to identify the training needs of an employee and to increase the monetary benefits for the employee. A positive performance appraisal results in increase in compensation, benefits, bonus, incentives, promotions etc, where as a negative performance appraisal leads to training, counseling, coaching etc. During performance appraisal, the past performance is taken into account and various ideas are generated to improve his capabilities in the future.  Performance appraisal is always seen with an optimistic approach since most of the employees get benefited out of it. In MNC organizations an employee gets a chance to interact with his manager every month to discuss about his work profile, improvements, drawback etc.

      There are many methods used to evaluate the performance of an employee. The widely used practice is the self appraisal form, 360 degree appraisal, appraisal from the managers etc. Generally an employee is asked to fill the self appraisal form to find out where he rates himself, later his or her manager reviews it and analyses the gap and discusses on the improvements. There are also arguments against performance appraisal since some employees feel that the feedback given by the managers are biased. But when compared, performance appraisal offers more good to an employee sans its negative effect.