Thursday, July 22, 2010


      It is very important to be stay fit and healthy for a happy and successful life. To have good health two things are most important – diet and workout.

healthy yoga      It is very crucial to follow good and healthy food habits for a healthy body. A good diet is the right mix of nutrients, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. A good diet will improve and maintain ones health, a good diet should include vegetables and fruits. Nutritionists advise that at least one fruit should be consumed per day to increase the immunity power. An unhealthy and unfocused diet would increase the risk of high blood pressure, diabetics etc. It is important to avoid high cholesterol food (fatty foods), it is also necessary to distinguish between good and bad cholesterol. There is a myth that nutritious diet will not taste good, but the recent study has shown that tastier and healthier foods could be prepared without fat. There in an increasing obesity among the children since they are addicted to fast and packed foods. Children should be inculcated will nutritious dietary habits from the young age. Food habits for women are of more concern, especially during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should prepare a checklist of healthy food and should follow it throughout the pregnancy (there are a lot of food which women should avoid during pregnancy).

healthy yoga      Work outs (exercises) are playing a note able role in human health. There have been increasing campaigns about exercising daily to keep the body and mind fit. Doctors say that twenty minutes walk per day would do wonders for the body and it would improve the blood circulation. Exercise could be done to lose weight as well as to keep our system fit. A good day should start with few minutes of work out, followed by a healthy diet.


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