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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tirupur Garment Industry

Tirupur Garment Industry

      Tirupur is known as Manchester of South India, for its massive production of garments. It is located in the banks of Noyal River. Tirupur has a huge pool of workers working in garment factories. Tirupur stands number two in India for exporting children garments. Tirupur has large number of companies manufacturing garments. There are a lot of processes involved in manufacturing a garment, which includes, knitting, combating, dying, pressing etc. These manufacturing companies receive orders from west and Middle East countries for manufacturing garments. Tirupur is the fastest growing city in the Tamil Nadu. Tirupur has wide range of companies exporting garments (Men, women, children etc) to the foreign world. The factories in Tirupur employ workers on daily basis and these workers receive their salary on daily or weekly basis. Around ninety percent of the women in Tirupur are employed in the garment factories.

      Tirupur provides jobs to more than five lakh workers per day. There is large volume of foreign money pouring into India due to the manufacturing in Tirupur factories. Still, Tirupur has a sad side too, the environment has been misused and the water bodies are damaged. The underground water in many areas has become unfit to drink. The whole credit of spoiling the water bodies goes to the dying units in the factories. These dying factories let out the untreated water in the ground. Now government has taken strict measures to control the water pollution. The Noyal River is found to be contaminated with the dying waste from the factories. The business giants in Tirupur have seen only the monetary benefits in this place. Many NGO has warned that this pollution would lead to serious health hazards in the people living in Tirupur and in the adjacent areas. Let’s hope that this garment city also becomes a great city to live in future.

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