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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Redington (India) Limited


Company History

Redington (India) Limited started its Indian operations in 1993 at Chennai with a vision to become a leading distributor of

world class IT products with a clear emphasis on supply chain excellence and operational efficiency.

Redington (India) Limited started with distribution of HP peripherals and continued adding newer Products/Brands to its

portfolio, growing from 5 employees, 3 branches, 25 dealers and $2 million sales in 1994 to 1000 employees, 40 branches, over

10000 dealers and $571 million sales in the recent financial year (ending March 2005).

Redington (India) Limited has emerged as the industry's most efficient distribution company.

The company evolved its business from a small manual operation to a very large technology driven operation which provides

"Best value for money" to its customers

Mission and Vision of Redington (India) Limited


To Continue adding value to all Business partners by offering integrated supply chain management solutions backed up by

operation and transactional efficiency


Our Vision is to make Redington the most innovative Supply Chain Management Services Company, focused on highest value

creation for its customers and shareholders.

Corporate Profile

Redington (India) Limited is one of the leading Supply Chain services providers in IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics & Home

Appliances Industries. With its corporate office in Chennai, it has over 40 Branch offices, 45 warehouses and 68 service

centers across India. With a 1000 strong team of highly skilled and committed people, it delivers its products and services

to every corner of the country. The team is supported by a robust IT infrastructure connecting all 115 physical locations of

the company and a state of the Art ERP and e-commerce back bone. Redington (India) Limited has built its business on very

strong business fundamentals which has helped it consistently achieve above industry growth rate. It has reached a revenue of

over 571 million USD in a span of Just 12 years.


Redington (India) Limited is a leading provider of Supply chain and Distribution services to Leading Global Manufacturers in

Industries like IT, Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances etc. Our array of supply chain services includes Break

Bulk, Order Fulfillment, Warehousing and Inventory Management, Transportation and Logistics, Project Management, Reverse

Logistics, Credit Management, Technical Support and After Sales Service. We act as an important link between the

Manufacturers and the channel community. On one side we service over 40 leading Manufacturers and on the other side service

over 10000 channel partners across diverse segments like retailers, corporate resellers, value added resellers (VARs), System

Integrators (SIs) OEMs, Government Resellers, assemblers, sub distributors etc. Our Service Division provides world class

after sales service to the customers covering warranty support on behalf of the manufacturers, post warranty support, spares

sales and facilities management services. We provide after sales service to over 50,000 customers on behalf of over 23


The Redington Group has a very strong business history with operations spread over countries like India, Singapore, UAE,

Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria and Nigeria to name a few. The Group’s

operations are focused on Information Technology (IT). Its major business divisions are Systems, Packaged Software and

Services. It has deployed CRM Tools, automated its sales force and initiated steps in providing proactive customer support. A

member of a Singapore-based transnational group, Redington (India) Limited has operations across Boston, Budapest, Singapore,

Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Its Indian office was set up in 1993. Its mission - to give the Indian consumer the best of IT

products from the world over supported with the best service possible.

"The important thing about technology is not how many more transistors you can pack onto a chip. The important thing is how

it enriches people's lives, how much easier it makes the business of daily living. Mr R Srinivasan, Managing Director of

Redington Group of Companies said, “the key factors that distinguishes Redington are its strong focus on relationship with

vendors and IT Infrastructure Management services. It is also a Neutral Service Provider. An excellent, well connected

infrastructure with good managerial and technical capabilities, strong processes have ensured satisfied customers”. Over the

years, Redington (India) Limited has emerged as the largest distribution power in the Indian IT industry with a group

turnover of USD 1.6 Billion. Redington (India) Limited has over 2,500 dealers in 50 cities and the reputation of having

pioneered the industry's first independent, professional distribution network. Plus an enviable record in the placement of

global brands in the Indian market.

Company has the following support functions apart from the virtual companies called SBUs. The SBU/ functional details can be

viewed under functions separately.

Corporate Accounts - Whole gamut of company’s financial activity hub

Fulcrum of credit activities

IT - The nerve centre of IT –ERP management/ maintenance

SCM - The supply chain solution – the core competent activity enabling the business

HR - The humane face of the company – the enabler

Company Directory Details



Chief Financial Officer


Chief Information Officer

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