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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Golden Mountain - Golden Fragments

Golden Mountain - Golden Fragments

      Its amazing and unbelievable, to know that there is a a Mountain which sprinkles golden fragments., called as Golden Mountain. This hugger-mugger mountain is situated in a region called Orizona, in South America which stands concealed till today. Hence it remains mystery and it is believed that this is not just a mountain, but amazingly stored gold in its womb from several years and infinite tales are also there based on this Golden Mountain.

      Any person gets excited by this Golden Mountain. But truth is that nobody has returned safely who had gone there and if returned they were not able to come out of the horror, terror and dangerous memories.

Golden Mountain      One Mr. Payaleen Beever and his sub-ordinates , decided to disclose the clandestine of this Golden Mountain and accordingly they landed in tents near the mountain. It was around 4 pm as everybody was tried, just for relaxation they slept. But Mr. Payaleen Beever was not able to sleep. Alone he started to walk towards the mountain, on the way he found few gold fragments, he collected the same and went back near the tent. To his utter dismay he saw the whole tent burning with great flames along with his subordinates, as he turned back he was shocked to see the terrific and frightening shadows coming towards him. Mr. Payaleen Beever was greatly frightened by seeing this and somehow managed to come out alive. But later it was said that he died in this shock.

      Later a doctor Mr. Laberen was so curious to research on this mystery, challengingly he reached the mountain floor. But he also had to face the same astonishing and dangerous shadows which was responsible for his death which shook the entire South America. Because as per the Post Mortem report, entire blood from his body was sucked left behind with not a single drop of blood without a small injury or wound on his body.

Gold Mountain      Further Mr. Valjery, a German Engineer working at Orizone Mines was attracted to this Golden Mountain secret and decided to discover this. With this intention he first gained friendship with the local tribes called “Apache” . Then after he fell in love with one tribal girl Cante and married her to create faith and confidence in those Tribes, as they were too cruel and wild. He started learning about the secrets of this mountain from them and started researching with the help of Cante and his friend Mr. Jacob. At first he felt too scary, fear and very unusual . Meanwhile the tribal people started doubting Cante as she is revealing all the secrets of the Golden Mountain and saw that her tongue was cut which led to her death causing heavy bleeding. In spite of this Mr. Valjery did not give up his challenge .

      As he went further on the mountain he saw a cave. With caution and awe he went inside and saw a large pit in which hot boiling golden magna was erupting out. But he was failed to find out the origin of this golden magna and he also did not proceed. While both coming back, tribal magicians happened to see Mr. Valjery and Mr Jacob. Mr. Valjery escaped, Mr. Jacob was caught and killed by the Tribes.

      Thereafter in 1891 Mr. Valjery also died. All his surprising, awful, amazing, horrific, frightening , fearsome, painful and astonishing experiences was recorded in his dairy. On the basis of this many people went forward to discover his mystery, but none of returned back. If some have come back, they have come with the bare hands only.

      It is very significant that know that how far the man has developed with science and technology, he cannot go against the Nature. So many secrets in the nature remains unrevealed even today. And it is not fair and safe to try to discover for the origin of Nature at the cost of their lives.

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