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Friday, July 23, 2010

Dress Code for Interviews

Dress code for Interview
      It’s very important to dress neatly for an interview. It shows how you present yourself to the employer and make the employer to feel what you are? Because first impression is the best impression, employers notice how we are dressing and our dressing sense. Mostly the people failed in the interview not because they didn’t prepare well for the interview they fail because they don’t know how to groom themselves for the interview. You can be a good candidate but you may fail to impress the potential employer. You should be very cautious when you go a big companies (Fortune 500 ) like TCS, IBM, Infosys, Patni, Cognizant, HP, Wipro etc.,

Dress code for Men
      Men Interview Dress CodeFor men business suit will perfectly go for a men. But when you go for a managerial post business suit is must, other wise formals is very good code for men. Business color like dark grey, navy blue, black. Formals is the best one for all the men and it perfectly suits for the men with nice branded Pant and Shirt is best. Try to avoid flashy colors and casuals for the interview it doesn’t show you as a professional. The dress should neatly ironed and clean one. Don’t wear tight pants the dress you worn should be nicely tailored and pressed and put up your neck button. Stick with black or brown color belt with flat buckle don’t ever wear a big and trendy buckle for interview, the trendy buckle may suits for a party. If you wear a Tie go for a plain colored Tie the color should not distract the employer. Make sure that before going for a interview do a proper and clean shave and well groomed hair style be aware that short always fares the best at interviews and try to avoid jewellery which is visible to others like ear rings and wearing the chain over the shirt. Black and Brown well polish shoe makes you so professional. Socks you wear that should match with your trousers try to wear the clean and neat socks, because some times the old socks may stinks and make you embarrass. Makes sure that the belt and the shoe should be same color and avoid strong odor scent and body spray.

Dress Code for Women
women Interview Dress Code      Like men for women also business suit will perfectly go, jacket would be very nice option if you wear a business suit. Don’t wear flashy and florescent color dress try to go with business color. The dress you wore should not expose yourself. Try to avoid low neck dresses. But the dress you wore that make you to feel comfortable. Make up should not be too heavy. Try to avoid dark shades lip stick and eye shadow if would be good if you avoid lipstick and eye shadow while going for an interview. Ear ring should not hang so lengthy a small stud looks so professional. Try to avoid too much of finger rings and high and pointed heels go with black or brown polished shoe and normal heels slipper. A small chain with small bindi looks pretty and presentable to the employers try to avoid wearing flowers and loose hair for an interview it looks too hard and make you to look like a country girl. At last the dress code should be go according to their culture.

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