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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Forms Of Virus

Virus was first seen in the year 1980s. They are many reasons behind the spread of this virus.
  • First reason is the spread of personal computer in business, homes and college.
  • Second reason was downloading the program with the help of bulletin board with modem. 
  • Third reason is that the creation of virus with floppy disk.
Mainly they are 4 forms of virus attack:
  • Viruses: It is a small part of program with shows the effect on the real program. Example: When we download a game that is attached with virus and start playing at such a condition it startes showing its reaction by attaching other programs.
  • E-Mail Viruses:  This virus is attached to the messages automatically. Some virus effects when we double clicks on it or some of the virus effects just by viewing infected message.
  • Trojan Horse: It is very dangerous. When you run a program with trojan horse there is a possibility to erase the hard disk.
  • Worms: This worms uses the security and computer networks. It is copied to the new machine with the help of security board.

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