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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

India Census Info - A deeper View

      The census  provides comprehensive details of India's population characteristics  details of population. The details recorded in the population census as follows:

Census year      %growth PA     Nature of growth
1901-1921              0.19                Stagnant population
1921-1951              1.22                Steady population
1951-1981              2.14                Rapid growth
1981-2001              1.80                High growth

indian census

 Sex, Age , Rural ,Urban , Literacy, occupation, comforts etc.,

      India was first developing country to adopt population policy and launch national wide family planning Programme in 1952.. The main objective of population policy is to ensure that the birth and the death gap. Census is very important to know the population, the change of distribution of population. Census is useful for economic planning and implementing welfare scheme and measure. Measure to achieve a stable population.

The national population policy has listed the following measures to achieve stable population by 2045.
  • Reduction of infant mortality  rate  below 30 per 1,00,000 live birth.
  • Reduction of material for mortality rate to below 100 per 1.00,00 live birth.
  • universal immunization.
  • To achieve 80 percent deliveries in regular dispensaries, hospitals and medical institution with trained staff.
  • Incentive to adopt two child small family norm.
  • Access to information, containing Aids, prevention and control of communicable.
  • Strict enforcement of child Marriage Restraint Act and pre-natal Diagnostic techniques act.
  • Raising the age of marriage of girls from 18 to 21.
  • A special reward for women  who marry after 21
indian census
      The government hopes to achieve the objective of population stability by 2045. Now a days our government take census for giving identity card. Its very Important for each and every Indian .

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