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Friday, July 30, 2010

First day in Office Tips

First day in your new job. Are you nervous? And don’t know how to react? For first at job wear a dress that makes you comfortable and you must looks presentable to others. Most of the big companies like Wipro, TCS, Patni, CTS, Infosys, IBM, HP big companies the induction will be held in a big training room and you may have to introduce yourself in front of others and don’t panic and don’t be nervous, prepare for this before going for the first day. Try to prepare in front of the mirror and be confident while you speak. Follows some tips to follow on your first day in your job.

Be there before half an hour and make yourself comfortable to that place. You never know what’s your job and who will be your boss, this makes the person so scared and nervous till you understand the person and fit with the team. The first day at job makes you so stressful, may feel that you were in a new world and others looks like an alien. On your first day of job you may need to meet so many people and need to introduce yourself with everyone so try to be confident and bold. Because first impression is the best impression, so it will add up yourself with your boss. Be relax and don’t panic and nervous when you meet the people, because on the first day you will be having inductions. Sharpen your ears because many people will be sharing with you many things so need to listen very keenly. Take a diary and pen with you and make points. When the people is sharing an information with you make a note of the point in your diary and don’t interrupt when the people sharing the information once they have done with their parts and ask permission from them and ask your doubts and questions. Make a note of the person you interact on daily basis and their names and numbers in a excel sheet and follow the same till the end and don’t stick the names and their numbers in your desk which may makes your place so dump. Don’t use your co-workers name until you know their designation and always stick with Madam and Sir to everyone. Don’t ask the same questions again and again which may feel your co-workers feel so irritate. Try to impress the boss on the first day by answering the question and before you join know about your role of responsibilities. Be very familiar with the computer shortcut keys and familiar with the operations.

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