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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an important area in today’s organization. The employees need to be satisfied and focused in order to deliver the best at the work place. Human Resource Management deals with many segments in the organization. The segments include Recruitment and Post Recruitment activities. Recruitment means choosing a right person for the right job. The process of recruitment includes, receiving the requirements from the managers, choosing the means of posting the jobs, arranging the interviews and giving feed backs. A recruiter can choose to post the job in the job portal and receive resumes through the job portals. Alternately a recruiter can inform about the job vacancy to the consultancies and hence receive resumes from them. Once they start receiving the resumes, a database (pool) of the resumes is maintained for future reference. After receiving the resumes, they are shortlisted and the resumes matching the job profile are shortlisted (with or without the consent of the higher manager). The shortlisted candidates are asked to come down for an interview. Depending on the candidate’s availability, t he interview could be face to face or telephonic. After the interview the recruiter takes the feedback about the candidate from the interviewer. If there is a positive feedback the same is intimated to the candidate and the position is declared as closed. The recruiter discusses with the candidate regarding the joining date and negotiates on the salary package. The post recruitment activities include issuing offer letters, conducting induction and training programs, payroll processing, grievance redressal etc. Once the candidate reaches the organization to join, the HR Executive gives him the offer letter and arranges training program if required. Payroll processing is a vital part in the Human Resource management, since it involves salary processing.  The HR Executive also makes a note of the problems faced by the employees in the organization and puts in effort to solve them.

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