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Thursday, August 19, 2010

History of Onam Festival

Long long ago there lived an Asura King named Mahabali. He ruled Kerala and during his reign all the subjects were happy. Peace and harmony was there. There was no theft or poverty in the land. Every one lived in harmony. Mahabali turned Kerala into an heaven in earth. All the Devas where jealous of Mahabali. Unlike the other Asura war lords Mahabali was very powerful and followed the path of Dharma. Mahabali decided to do a Yaga to make him undefeatable. This news made Indra the King of Devas upset. He approached Lord Vishnu for help. Vishnu gave word to Indra that he will re incarnate as Vamana and destroy Mahabali.
Onam chennai Onam
Vishnu reincarnated as Vamana and came to mahabali on the day of the Yaga in the form of a Brahmin boy. He asked Mahabali for three feet of land and Mahabali granted the Brahmin boy’s wish. The moment he approved the wish the boy began to grow he grew till sky. With the first feet he measured earth, heaven and the underworld. With the second feet he measured all the oceans and sky and asked the king where to keep the third feet. The humble king to save his word asked to keep the feet on his head and measure the third. Vamana pushed mahabali to the underworld with his feet. Before pushing him down Vamana asked Mahabali whether he have any last wish. And Mahabali asked the lord to grand him permission to visit his people of Kerala once in a year. The Lord granted the wish saying you can visit them once in a year and that day will be celebrated as Onam. The belief continues and the people of Kerala celebrate the day of Onam every year pushing aside sadness and problems not to disappoint there visiting King.

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