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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Event Management

Almost all the companies want to promote their brand image among the pubic to create an awareness and interest about their product. The traditional ways of promoting a company’s brand include advertising, sponsoring etc. Event Management is considered as one of the marketing tool for promoting the brand of big companies. Big sized companies use event management to communicate their product to the target crowd. Event management organizations serve in various areas like, launching a product, marketing the product (road shows etc) and proving the product. Large companies sign a contract with event management companies to market and promote their product. The event management companies market the product by conducting events like concerts, fashion shows etc. Recently Pepsico conducted a cricket competition between various teams from Tamil Nadu and the winner team was made to play against the Chennai Super kings. They called the event as 7 UP Lemon Pattalam. Pepsico did this event in order to promote its new lemon flavored 7 UP among the public. Event management at a simple level includes putting stalls in important places (Shopping Malls, cinema theaters etc). Usually there is an event manager for an event, he drafts the budget plan, site supervising, scheduling, client servicing etc. The event manager also takes care of the lighting, video and security during the event. Event management is not only for big companies, but it is also for events like birthday functions, marriages, etc. The event management is becoming an area of increased interest, since major companies have started to hire event managers permanently to promote and market their products. Many colleges have started offering event management course as a stream of study. Many foreign Universities also offer degree and diploma courses in event management. Event Management is now becoming a new and diversified field of study in India.

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