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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Largest Mall Express Avenue

Express Avenue Express Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd has come out with an outstanding and remarkable venture - Express Avenue (a subsidiary of Indian Express group). It is the largest shopping mall in South India with a total area of 15, 00,000 square feet. The total area is divided into four segments retail (9, 00,000 Sq Ft), hotel (1, 00,000 Sq Ft), office (2, 00,000 Sq Ft) and car park (4, 00,000 Sq Ft). It is said that more than 1800 cars could be parked at the same time in the mall (three level basement parking). Express Avenue parking charges are hour based and parking cost is high as like other famous malls. The mall has a total of 22 elevators for the retail, hotel and office floors. Video surveillance is provided throughout the mall for security purpose.Enjoying in Express Avenue Mall

Express Avenue Chennai Mall

Express Avenue Mall Shopping Shopping at Express Avenue 

The mall will also have 8 screen multiplex with a seating capacity of 1400 movie watchers. Six of the eight screens are expected to have a seating capacity of 150 people and the rest would have 300 seating capacity. It is expected that Sathyam Cinemas will run the multiplex theatres. The mall would have around 200 retails when fully occupied and it would feature shops like future group, marks and Spencer’s and life style. With such huge shopping outlets, the mall is expected to satisfy the demands of the shoppers. The mall will have a world class business chamber and hotels with suite rooms.

The office chambers located in the mall are the most interesting part since it has the best infrastructure and less price when compared to the spaces in SEZ. For the first time in India the entertainment facilities (largest gaming arcade) are made in international formats. The other facilities in the mall includes boutique hotel, Spa and salon, fitness centre, 24hour lounge with bar and biggest KFC centre. With an extra ordinary shopping experience the mall would be a right mixture of shopping, business and entertainment. The mall has biggest brands across the world and will surpass the previous biggest mall in Chennai – Spencer plaza. The express avenue mall is located in the club house road, Anna salai and it is surrounded by pattulos road, woods road and whites road.

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