Largest Express Avenue Shopping Mall in Chennai- High Parking Price

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

                Express Avenue is a largest shopping mall that is constructed in Chennai. All the customers who visited express avenue say that they are charging more for parking than a movie. In Express avenue the movie costs Rp.120/- where as for parking  4 wheeler they are charging 40.Rp for an hour, for bike 20.Rp for 1 hours. For every 1 hour we have to pay extra charges depending on the vehicles type. The another type of parking available at Express avenue shopping mall is premium parking. In this type of marking you can park your vehicle near to the gate. So, that you can easily drive your vehicle while leaving the mall. Buying a movie ticket is very cheap when compared to the parking charges. So, It would be comfortable for the customers if they charge reasonable rates for parking.


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