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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Care your Hair


Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. its a delicate thing which should be taken care of .The hair which is seen is a dead structure and cannot self repair.Therefore it has to be treated externally as well.A hair can fall 80-100 per day that is a size of a lime in a day if it falls more than that then should c a doctor.

Hair is of 4 types:
Normal Hair
Oily Hair
Dry Hair
Dull Hair

This type of hair is not dry nor oily,it is smooth, shiny, clean,and one who has this type of hair need not worry about but should take care in the normal way, but if neglected will be in serious trouble.

This type of hair is very oily,if leaves the hair look dirty,dusty.Wash hair daily.Using citrus based shampoo,herbal based shampoo will help this hair from keeping it clean and less oily.Henna pack is required once in a month.In which 1 cup of henna powder,2 cups of curds,1egg,1 lemon is mixed well and applied on the hair immediately.

This type of hair is very dry to look at,split ends are visible,color of hair is very light.Extra care has to be taken .Such a type of hair should get an oil massage done often.Coconut oil or olive oil should be used for this type of hair.Warm the oil and apply it on the scalp and then on the rest of the hair.Massage should be done for 10 to 20 minutes,this increases the blood flow, oil glands will be activated and also reduces the heat in the body.Use Egg shampoo or gooseberry shampoo.

This type of hair looks very dull and lifeless in appearance.Being under the sun for long hours,salt water bathing,improper eating habits all these things make the hair look lifeless.Never comb the hair when it is wet.Oil massage is required twice or thrice a month.Consume lot of curry leaves,take Vitamin-E tablets,eating greens help,

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