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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yamaha RD 350CC

RD350 is a Yamaha produced motorbike which is 5 speed bikes and in India it is assembled between 1983-1990 it’s a very rare and demand in the market youngsters is wanted to have this bike as a prestige status. Yamaha RD 350 is a very powerful bike. RD 350 was the very first super performance offering to the Indian Customer in the year of 1983, but the original Japanese RD 350 had 40bhp but the Indian edition was 30bhp due to lower fuel quality in India it also increases the mileage. Yamaha RD 350 is a classic 2 stroke bike and most of it has a tuning and some modification applied to any 2 stroke bike can be performed. Now days most of the youngsters wanted have this bike even though it has a high demand in the market. If the bike having its originality it will around 1.3L to 1.5L based on the condition of the bike but now days they wanted to have it in a stylized one according to their taste and some modification happened the assembled Yamaha RD 350 CC cost around 80K to 1L.

The first set RD was given to the Indian Traffic Police so that it helps them to catch the criminals quickly. Before RD they were given Enfield Bullet and later RD came they proven that they had a control on catching the criminals very fast. RD was a crotch Rocket capable to hit 165 KM/HR in 6th gear. It can be handled only by the experienced rider because of the high redwing 2 stroke and it can’t be controlled by the inexperienced riders. RD has twin exhaust and the Indian models only have 150mm drum brakes at both the ends. The drum brakes lacked the bike of a disc and the abroad models had a front disc brake, which is absent in Indian models. RD still has a bench mark of any production bike in India even after 25 years. Later RD was modified and used for track. The top speed was excess of 250 KM/HR and it has 25ltr fuel tank, has disc brake at the both the ends and thin sponge cushion for seat.

Features of Yamaha 350

Engine – 357 CC
2 strokes                                                                                                    
Power – 59 bhp
Top speed – 120mph
Weight – 45mpg
And the features will differ from the year of manufacture.

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