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Monday, August 9, 2010

Criminal Tracing Software By Wipro

Wipro InfoTech - a leading IT provider has bagged the prestigious project from the Ministry of Home Affairs to develop the software for crime and criminal tracking network system (CCTNS), under the national e-governance plan. Conceptualized by the Minister of Home Affairs, CCTNS aims to create a national wide IT enabled infrastructure for criminal tracking system. The system will span across 35 States and Union Territories and will link 14,000 police stations and 6,000 Higher Police Offices across the Country electronically. The project includes connectivity of police units within the state, between States and Union Territories and also to link police functions to external entities. Being one of the largest e-governance project in the Country, the network system (CCTNS) will also comprise a citizen-interface to provide basic services to the citizens.

As a part of the project Wipro is said to develop a core application software for the States and another core application for the Central to digitize crime and criminal records. Once this is implemented, a database (both State and Central) of the criminal records will be created which could be accessed from any police station across the Country. It is expected that Wipro will enhance the security and efficiency in detecting and preventing crime across the Country by developing this system.

Ranbir Singh (Government Vertical Head) said that the CCTNS project is a additional step towards enabling the Government to detect and prevent crime. Anand Sankaran (Senior Vice President and Business Head - Wipro), quoted that “We feel extremely privileged that the government has chosen to partner with Wipro for CCTNS project”. He also added that they will employ the best practices and expertise to build the application software for the system. Almost all the top IT firms contested for the deal and after a rigorous selection process, Wipro was chosen.

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