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Friday, August 20, 2010

Madurai International Airport

          Madurai is a famous city in the state of Tamil Nadu. In Madurai we can see many temples. Meenakshi temple is one of the famous temple. We can say Madurai is a developing city because a international airport is going to be open in Madurai soon. The cost of the project is nearly 150 crore. The work is about to complete. The runway was extended upto 7,500 feet  and also instrumental landing system (ILS) was installed in the airport. By installing this ILS, the flight will be able to land in runway at any weather condition.

          The service is provided to various stats like Chennai and Mumbai (Indian Airlines), Chennai (Jet Airlines), Banglore, Chennai (Kingfisher Airlines), Chennai (Paramount Airways), Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai (Spice Jet). Madurai has the excellent health system so many patients come from Malasia,Singapore & Dubai. More over Foreigners come to Madurai to visit Meenakshi temple. By establishing international airport in Madurai would increase the patients coming for the treatment. The connectivity would increase to Gulf, Srilanka & Singapore in future. Due to this international airport, Most of them expect that IT companies would develop their infrastructure.

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