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Monday, August 23, 2010

Chennai Share Autos

Auto Rickshaws are considered as a very important local transport medium. In Chennai (Old name is Madras) the share auto concept has started nearly at 2000.  The first share auto service started from ECR (East Coast Road) to Injambakkam. Now you can see almost in all the areas Share Auto places a vital role. The cost of the travel is almost equal to the Government Bus fair. Not only that, Share Auto service is available round a clock (24 hours). The Night service cost will be double as the day time fair. Even the same thing applicable for Government bus also. Without Share auto definitely many people will not reach their destination on time. I seen many share autos from Ashok Pillor to Guindy for a minute. This means that we have enough availability of Share auto transport. The cost is really very cheap. The minimum rate for Share auto is 5 Rs. Some of them collecting 3 Rs for very short distance. Previously Share autos carries nearly 12 passengers. It is really very inconvenient. Now Traffic police regulated that and they not allow any passenger to sit in Driver seat, so nowadays at maximum they are allowing only 5 people. For Auto Drivers from morning 8 to 10.30 will be a peak time, At that time itself they will cover almost 10 to 15 trips. So per day if they  cover for 30 trips they are getting enough money for their Auto daily rent. If they are auto owners  they will surely get around Rs 1000 - Rs 1500 per day. Chennai people used to roam around in weekends so Share auto drivers getting somewhat better money in weekends.

So, Share auto is the best transport medium for poor / medium class people.

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