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Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Tour Place Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a small and beautiful hill station located in Tamilnadu and it is well known for his enduring beauty and poise. Yelagiri is situated among four mountains and has pleasant climate throughout the year. It takes 14 hair pin bends to reach the hills while travelling through winding Ghat road. The hair pin bends offer electrifying view of slopes and green forest. This hill station comprises of 14 villages and agriculture, horticulture, forestry are the main occupation of the tribal people living in here. An artificial lake called Punganoor is situated in the hills which also facilitates boating. The garden adjacent to the lake has children play area and engages children in various activities. The forest department maintains an herbal farm which has rare herbs, used in siddha and ayurvedic medical treatments. Velavan Temple (Lord Mugugan) is located in the hill attracts the tourists for its elegant look. The localities hold a grand festival in temple in the month of July every year to express their gratitude and devotion towards the Lord. Yelagiri trekking
Tea gardens everywhere  Yelagiri-Hills yelagiri hairpin bend Yelagiri hills and lake Yelagiri Hills yelagiri lake
Jalagamparai waterfalls are another exciting place to be visited in Yelagiri hills. The river ‘Attaru ‘ falls down at a height of 30 mts and it is believed that bathing in this falls cures many diseases  since the river passes through many herbal plants in the forest. There is a telescope installed at the entrance of the Ghat road which offers a good view of the deep slope, green valley etc of the Yelagiri hills. This beautiful hills offer variety of entertainment for the trekking lovers. The trekking routes made through the reserved forests which leads to the waterfalls, viewpoints etc. Punganoor - Jalagamparai and boat house - pulicha kudai are the famous trekking areas in the hills. The Yelagiri hill station is located in the Chennai – Bangalore highway near Ponneri. Buses are available from Thirupathur and the nearest railway station is Jolarpet.

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