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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pista House and Shah Ghouse at Hyderabad Old City

          Pista House was one of the best place for serving "Haleem" during Ramzan festival. Ramzan is a quite important festival for Muslim. Haleem is the dish which is prepared with chicken or mutton. Haleem is available at pista house only during the particular ramzan season. Most of them come from long distance to taste this Hyderabad haleem. The pista house is located near Charminar just opposite to Daryle ice cream parlor. During Ramzan season, their will be huge traffic jam near pista house due to peoples crowed at pista house. People occupy half of the road for purchasing this Haleem. So to help out the customers pista house has planned to appoint many servers and they will serve the parcels according to their requirement. The Haleem at pista house is prepared with pure ghee. The haleem rate at pista house is Rs.70 per plate.

       We all know that in every business we face competition. Similarly, pista house faced the problem with "Shah Ghouse". Now it occupied 1st place in the market of Haleem. They offer haleem at low price when compared to pista house. shah Ghouse is also located in Aliyabad at old city Hyderabad. Shah Ghouse is just 250 meters away from pista house. Here also we face traffic problem during ramzan and will serve the customer with many servants on road. Every one says that the haleem at shah Ghouse is much spicy, piping hot and tasty. In your life at least once everyone must taste is marvelous dish during Ramzan.
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