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Friday, September 7, 2012

Malabar Gold Madurai & Kurnool in AP

Malabar Gold jewellery grad opening in Madurai by celebrity on September 9th September 2012 (09- Sep -2012). Inauguration of malabar jewellery Showroom will be a celebration for the people of Madurai.

Malabar Gold is one of the famous jewellery showroom which consist of excellent designs according to the latest trend. We all know that this jewellery showroom is located in various places like Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other areas. Now it is going to be opened in Madurai which is really very popular for Meenakshi Amman temple, Jasmine flower and many others. So I hope that, it will even become a famous for the jewellery at Malabar Gold. The Madurai Malabar Gold showroom is spread over the area of 7000 ft.² and it includes the wide range of jewellery collections like traditional and designer ornaments.

In advertisement of Malabar Gold, you can find the Tamil actress Surya.  Surya is the model of Malbar gold in Tamil. Soon, they will establish their showroom in Coimbatore, Salam and other cities.

Opening of Malabar Gold Jewellery in Kurnool:

The opening of malabar gold at Kurnool will be a great news for the people of Andhra. The inauguration of malabar showroom in Kurnool will be done by the Shri. T Venkatesh(Minster of minor irrigation). and the first sale by Tapsee (film actress). It is the 68th malabar showroom which they are going to open. Special inauguration gift is also available for  you.

Address of Malabar Gold at Kurnool:

SP Square, Park Road, Kurnool.

Ph. No: 08518 278916.

Mine Diamond Show in M.G Road Kerala:

Mine diamond show in Kerala from 15th to 30th August. So, you can get the best diamond jewellery for you from the kerala showroom.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chennai Silk Sarees Collection

The ancient Tamil epic ‘Silappadhikaram’ describes the exquisite beauty of the South Indian drapery of the women, namely the saree. Silk Saree has always been a highly revered fabric in India. Silk Sarees are the one that are mostly preferred by all the Indian Women. Every Saree shop has a variety of silk sarees. Silk Saree is considered ceremonial wear at religious rituals and weddings.


Most dreams of many women in India are to buy lot of silk sarees with latest collection. So there are lots of Silk saree varieties found and every saree shop is very keen on the silk saree varieties sales. For Silk Sarees Karnataka, south of India, is the silk hub of the Indian Country. Karnataka is famous for the production of regal silk sarees which is the traditional costumes of the Indian Women. These silk sarees not only decorate the state women, but also establish its influence in other parts of the country and in foreign nations.


A silk saree combines the glamour and shine associated with silk and creation of a myriad traditional saree styles associated with each region in India. Every kind of silk saree lends its unique flavor to the Indian ethnicity and cultural heritage.


Different types of Silk Sarees:

1) Karnataka Silk Saree

2) Kanchipuram Silk Saree or Konjeeveram

3) Mysore Silk Saree

4) Arani Silk Saree

5) Valkalams Silk Saree

6) Kora Silk Saree

7) Patola Silk Saree

8) Mushidabad Silk Saree (West Bengal)

9) Rajmundri Silk Saree(Andhra Pradesh)

10) Dhakai Jamdani Silk Saree

11) Synthetic Silk Saree


12) Chinese Silk Saree

13) Banarasi Silk Saree

14) Dharmavaram Silk Saree

15) Gadwal Silk Saree

16) Kora Silk Saree

17) Bandhani Silk Saree

18) Narayanpet Silk Saree

19) Pochampally Silk Saree

20) Seemanaram Silk Saree

21) Uppada Silk Saree

22) Venkatigiri Silk Saree

23) Surat Silk Saree

24) Paithani Silk Saree

25) Tussar Silk Saree

26) Chanderi and Maheswari Silk Saree

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chickpet – Best Place for Shopping in Bangalore

Hi friend,

have you ever heard about the place Chickpet in Bangalore. It is a famous shopping India which is located in the old city of Bangalore. You can get each and everything which you need either it may be bangles, costumes, cosmetics, clothing, handbags, designer sarees, pattu saree and many others. There are hundreds of sari shops who are genuine of silk sari dealers. 

If you enter into the chickpet market then you can see a line of sari shops on both the lane. You can even find some of the stores in chickpet our existing for more than 50 years. The shop, Kaiser-i-Hind is existing for more than 70 years, it was started with the collaboration of German company.  If you have a talent to bargain and get the product at reasonable cost then you can get it at a reasonable cost. At chickpet shopping area, they may more cost but if you bargain then they will surely reduce the price. Even though there are various shopping places in Bangalore, most of the middle class people go to chickpet for purchasing the products which they need. There are various famous and old retailers of saree in chickpet such as Dhonduse silks, Adikrishnaiah Bros, All india textile traders and many others.

If you are tired after purchasing all the products which you need, then you can even have snacks and it is available in small stores nearby. You can even find restaurants and hotels but you need to walk a little distance from chickpet market area. If you feel hungry and would like to have some snacks and then make the shopping then you can purchase some eatables from small wanderer.