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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chickpet – Best Place for Shopping in Bangalore

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have you ever heard about the place Chickpet in Bangalore. It is a famous shopping India which is located in the old city of Bangalore. You can get each and everything which you need either it may be bangles, costumes, cosmetics, clothing, handbags, designer sarees, pattu saree and many others. There are hundreds of sari shops who are genuine of silk sari dealers. 

If you enter into the chickpet market then you can see a line of sari shops on both the lane. You can even find some of the stores in chickpet our existing for more than 50 years. The shop, Kaiser-i-Hind is existing for more than 70 years, it was started with the collaboration of German company.  If you have a talent to bargain and get the product at reasonable cost then you can get it at a reasonable cost. At chickpet shopping area, they may more cost but if you bargain then they will surely reduce the price. Even though there are various shopping places in Bangalore, most of the middle class people go to chickpet for purchasing the products which they need. There are various famous and old retailers of saree in chickpet such as Dhonduse silks, Adikrishnaiah Bros, All india textile traders and many others.

If you are tired after purchasing all the products which you need, then you can even have snacks and it is available in small stores nearby. You can even find restaurants and hotels but you need to walk a little distance from chickpet market area. If you feel hungry and would like to have some snacks and then make the shopping then you can purchase some eatables from small wanderer. 

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