Monday, February 14, 2022

Panner making ingredients: 

*1 litre milk 

*1/2 lemon squeezed 

Making of panner recipe: 

Take 1 litre milk in heavy bottomed pan+let it boil+add squeezed lemon+ boil it for 15 to 20 minues+ the milk curdles completely+ switch off the flame take a vessel, place a strainer on the top and cover it with a cotton cloth+pour the curdled milk into the cloth+ pour some water on the panner and drain it by pressing it+ place the weight on the panner and let it cool for 1 hour 

NOTE: ***Don't throw off the left over water you can use the water kneading the chapathi dough*** 

Take it off to work area and cut it into square+ our soft and fresh panner at home is ready

Sesame chutney || Til ki chutney || Til chutney ||Ellu chutney|| Til chutney recipe|| Til ki chatni

Friday, February 11, 2022


*1 cup sesame 

*2/4 cup coconut 

*3 to 4 dry red chilly(according to taste) 

*1 piece of tamarind piece(optional) 

 *salt to taste 


*Dry roast sesame+coconut+dry red chilly+salt+tamarind(optional)+grind it into paste+ salt+healthy sesame chutney goes perfect with dosa & idly.

Tomato matar rice || Thakkali sadam in pressure cooker || Tomato bath restaurant style|| Tomato bath

Friday, February 4, 2022



 Ingredients of tomato rice: 

*1 cup rice 

*1 cup water 

*1 cup coconut milk 

*1/2 cup matar( soak matar for whole night/boil it for 15 min) 

 * medium sized onion

 *5 chopped tomatoes 

*whole garam masala 

*1/2 tbs sompu 

*salt to taste

* 1 tbs chilly powder 

*1 tbs mutton masala 

*1tbs dhanya powder 

*1/2 cup mint leaves 

* 1 chilly pieces 

*2 tbs oil 

*1tbs ginger garlic paste 

*2tbs curd 

Preparation of tomato rice in tamil:

oil+whole garam masala+sompu+onions+chilly+mint leaves+ tomato+ matar+ cook it well+salt+dhanya powder+ chilly powder+ mutton masala+curd+ cook it untill oil oozes out+coconut milk+water+rice+ 2 whistle+tomato bath is ready

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