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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yamaha RD 350CC

RD350 is a Yamaha produced motorbike which is 5 speed bikes and in India it is assembled between 1983-1990 it’s a very rare and demand in the market youngsters is wanted to have this bike as a prestige status. Yamaha RD 350 is a very powerful bike. RD 350 was the very first super performance offering to the Indian Customer in the year of 1983, but the original Japanese RD 350 had 40bhp but the Indian edition was 30bhp due to lower fuel quality in India it also increases the mileage. Yamaha RD 350 is a classic 2 stroke bike and most of it has a tuning and some modification applied to any 2 stroke bike can be performed. Now days most of the youngsters wanted have this bike even though it has a high demand in the market. If the bike having its originality it will around 1.3L to 1.5L based on the condition of the bike but now days they wanted to have it in a stylized one according to their taste and some modification happened the assembled Yamaha RD 350 CC cost around 80K to 1L.

The first set RD was given to the Indian Traffic Police so that it helps them to catch the criminals quickly. Before RD they were given Enfield Bullet and later RD came they proven that they had a control on catching the criminals very fast. RD was a crotch Rocket capable to hit 165 KM/HR in 6th gear. It can be handled only by the experienced rider because of the high redwing 2 stroke and it can’t be controlled by the inexperienced riders. RD has twin exhaust and the Indian models only have 150mm drum brakes at both the ends. The drum brakes lacked the bike of a disc and the abroad models had a front disc brake, which is absent in Indian models. RD still has a bench mark of any production bike in India even after 25 years. Later RD was modified and used for track. The top speed was excess of 250 KM/HR and it has 25ltr fuel tank, has disc brake at the both the ends and thin sponge cushion for seat.

Features of Yamaha 350

Engine – 357 CC
2 strokes                                                                                                    
Power – 59 bhp
Top speed – 120mph
Weight – 45mpg
And the features will differ from the year of manufacture.

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pandora’s Box – A Deep View

Pandora’s Box

According to Greek Mythology, Pandora (All gifted) was the first woman on Earth and the Pandora’s Box was an artifact. Hephaestus, the God of craftsmanship, was ordered by Zeus to create Pandora and Hephaestus created her with water and earth. Other gods granted her with many gifts, Aphrodite gave her beauty, Hermes gave her persuasiveness, Apollo gave her music and many more to follow. The “Box” referred here is a jar, which is some times as large as a small human. This jar was used to store grains, wine etc and ritually it is believed that this jar was used to burry human body. It is believed that this jar could have been made out of clay or bronze metal (unbreakable prison). When Prometheus stole fire from heaven, the Zeus wanted to take revenge.

Pandora Box image

The Zeus handed over Pandora to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus and gave her a jar and ordered her not to open it under any situation. Propelled by curiosity Pandora opened the box despite the strict warning. When the box was opened, all the evils contained in it flew into the world. Pandora got scared and fastened the lid into the jar, but by then all the evils had escaped and only “hope” was trapped in. The Myth about Pandora is old and appears in various distinct Greek versions. According to Hesiod’s poem epic meter, When humans received the fire (stolen gift) Zeus wanted to punish men for the boon they were given. According to the poem, Zeus wants Hephaestus to create a beautiful woman filled with evil. Hephaestus created her and she was dressed in a silvery gown and wore ornaments and garland and she walked before the gods and mortals. According to the poem Pandora stunned them with her looks and they went speechless. There are different interpretations about the Pandora’s Box in the ancient literature.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Event Management

Almost all the companies want to promote their brand image among the pubic to create an awareness and interest about their product. The traditional ways of promoting a company’s brand include advertising, sponsoring etc. Event Management is considered as one of the marketing tool for promoting the brand of big companies. Big sized companies use event management to communicate their product to the target crowd. Event management organizations serve in various areas like, launching a product, marketing the product (road shows etc) and proving the product. Large companies sign a contract with event management companies to market and promote their product. The event management companies market the product by conducting events like concerts, fashion shows etc. Recently Pepsico conducted a cricket competition between various teams from Tamil Nadu and the winner team was made to play against the Chennai Super kings. They called the event as 7 UP Lemon Pattalam. Pepsico did this event in order to promote its new lemon flavored 7 UP among the public. Event management at a simple level includes putting stalls in important places (Shopping Malls, cinema theaters etc). Usually there is an event manager for an event, he drafts the budget plan, site supervising, scheduling, client servicing etc. The event manager also takes care of the lighting, video and security during the event. Event management is not only for big companies, but it is also for events like birthday functions, marriages, etc. The event management is becoming an area of increased interest, since major companies have started to hire event managers permanently to promote and market their products. Many colleges have started offering event management course as a stream of study. Many foreign Universities also offer degree and diploma courses in event management. Event Management is now becoming a new and diversified field of study in India.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Tour Place Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a small and beautiful hill station located in Tamilnadu and it is well known for his enduring beauty and poise. Yelagiri is situated among four mountains and has pleasant climate throughout the year. It takes 14 hair pin bends to reach the hills while travelling through winding Ghat road. The hair pin bends offer electrifying view of slopes and green forest. This hill station comprises of 14 villages and agriculture, horticulture, forestry are the main occupation of the tribal people living in here. An artificial lake called Punganoor is situated in the hills which also facilitates boating. The garden adjacent to the lake has children play area and engages children in various activities. The forest department maintains an herbal farm which has rare herbs, used in siddha and ayurvedic medical treatments. Velavan Temple (Lord Mugugan) is located in the hill attracts the tourists for its elegant look. The localities hold a grand festival in temple in the month of July every year to express their gratitude and devotion towards the Lord. Yelagiri trekking
Tea gardens everywhere  Yelagiri-Hills yelagiri hairpin bend Yelagiri hills and lake Yelagiri Hills yelagiri lake
Jalagamparai waterfalls are another exciting place to be visited in Yelagiri hills. The river ‘Attaru ‘ falls down at a height of 30 mts and it is believed that bathing in this falls cures many diseases  since the river passes through many herbal plants in the forest. There is a telescope installed at the entrance of the Ghat road which offers a good view of the deep slope, green valley etc of the Yelagiri hills. This beautiful hills offer variety of entertainment for the trekking lovers. The trekking routes made through the reserved forests which leads to the waterfalls, viewpoints etc. Punganoor - Jalagamparai and boat house - pulicha kudai are the famous trekking areas in the hills. The Yelagiri hill station is located in the Chennai – Bangalore highway near Ponneri. Buses are available from Thirupathur and the nearest railway station is Jolarpet.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is an important area in today’s organization. The employees need to be satisfied and focused in order to deliver the best at the work place. Human Resource Management deals with many segments in the organization. The segments include Recruitment and Post Recruitment activities. Recruitment means choosing a right person for the right job. The process of recruitment includes, receiving the requirements from the managers, choosing the means of posting the jobs, arranging the interviews and giving feed backs. A recruiter can choose to post the job in the job portal and receive resumes through the job portals. Alternately a recruiter can inform about the job vacancy to the consultancies and hence receive resumes from them. Once they start receiving the resumes, a database (pool) of the resumes is maintained for future reference. After receiving the resumes, they are shortlisted and the resumes matching the job profile are shortlisted (with or without the consent of the higher manager). The shortlisted candidates are asked to come down for an interview. Depending on the candidate’s availability, t he interview could be face to face or telephonic. After the interview the recruiter takes the feedback about the candidate from the interviewer. If there is a positive feedback the same is intimated to the candidate and the position is declared as closed. The recruiter discusses with the candidate regarding the joining date and negotiates on the salary package. The post recruitment activities include issuing offer letters, conducting induction and training programs, payroll processing, grievance redressal etc. Once the candidate reaches the organization to join, the HR Executive gives him the offer letter and arranges training program if required. Payroll processing is a vital part in the Human Resource management, since it involves salary processing.  The HR Executive also makes a note of the problems faced by the employees in the organization and puts in effort to solve them.