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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sundari Silks Best Pattu Collections


Being Indians, we all know the importance of sarees especially Silk sarees, in ancient days this was considered as a long cloth which were used just to cover the body, later when we actually realized the real beauty of Indian women, we also came to know the importance of Sarees which was enhancing the beauty of women. As days passed by Silk sarees has become the prestigious one in every one’s life. So being experts in upholding the traditional and prestigious values of sarees. Sundari Silks plays a vital role in every woman’s life for the past eight decades which has its magnificent showroom in Chennai’s hot spot i.e in T.Nagar.

As the name indicates, you can see the real beauty of the showroom which takes you to the ancient world where people lived unhurriedly, where you can also shop unhurriedly with your full satisfaction and you will get an enjoyable experience in that ambience.


Sundari silk gives you a wide range of varieties for selecting sarees, where you can select the sarees of your choice. It ranges as listed below:



Chenderi silk cotton

Kanchipuram Silks

Kanchipuram printed

Kanchi cottonclip_image003

Kanchipuram soft

Cotton sarees

Crape sarees

Fancy sarees

Gadwall sarees

Jacquared sarees

Kota sarees

Maheshwari silk cottons

Designer Salwars

Cotton Salwars

Fancy Sarees

Mangalagiri cotton

Mysore silks

Traditional silk sarees

Festival silks

Arani Silksclip_image004

Patola silks

Pochampally silks

Poly cotton

Printed silks

Raw silk sarees

Silk cotton sarees

Tussar kantha work

Tussar sarees

Marble sarees

Soft silks and

Valkalam sarees

When we see this list, we would have understood their altitude, they didn’t stop just with this they have Wedding sarees, men’s wear, children’s wear and women’s wear which has created great reputation among the customers.

Sundari Wedding sarees – They have their own exclusive wedding sarees which they have named as manjal kungumam, as the name indicates these wedding sarees has divinity, which makes your wedding meaningful.

These prestigious sundari Silks wedding sarees ranges from Rs.25,000 to 35,000.


For kids we always think about skirts, midis, jeans and frocks we almost forgot our traditional wears for our kids, but Sundari silks deignes does wonders in that too, which makes us to be proud of our own traditional wears and makes addicted to buy these again and again. They are introducing pattu pavada and chutti pavada for cute little girls, combined with traditional and modern touch on the pavada, in which your angels look like decorated dolls. These beautiful Sundari Silks kids dresses range from Rs.1800 to Rs. 3,500.

They also have Beautiful kurtas for boys which are new in collection and latest in design, which makes us to go mad to select just one. This little man will also love to wear these beautiful kurtas, which price ranges from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1200.



When we think of men’s wear we think they don’t have much of choices to select, only shirts, T-shirts and jeans, but apart from these collections Sundari silks clip_image009has our own traditional wears Dhotis and Kurthas. These dhotis makes man perfect when he wears it on his wedding or any other occasion, starting from the olden days we can’t separate dhotis from man, which gave him an identity, now a days due to modern life style we can’t wear dhotis as our regular wear but if a man wants to prove his identity, dhoti is the best wear for him, Sundari has pure silk dhotis for the identical man. Kurtas plays a great role in this modern world which gives comfort as wearing pant and tops, so men are choosing kurtas according to the occasion, it has the collections from daily wear to party wear and its price also ranges according to that, here it starts from Rs. 600.

Sundari Gift voucher:

Sundari silks gives gift voucher facility for the customers, where one can buy gift vouch for how much ever they want and gift it to their loved ones, who has to redeem that voucher within six months and the voucher should contain authorized signature and company’s seal without that the voucher is not valid and which should be minimum of Rs. 1000.


Sundari Silks offers you a wonderful chance to have a shopping experience just by sitting at home through online shopping. You can able to purchase the product after seeing the designs in an photo. Just view the sundari silks gallery, then you will come to know about the latest collection of them. You can enjoy the free shipping for the products within India.

CONTACT DETAILS NAME: Sundari Silks Chennai.

Sundari Silks Chennai Address:

38, North Usman Road,T.Nagar,

Chennai - 600 017,

Tamil Nadu,


Sundari Silk Mumbai:

This Mumbai Branch was opened recently at

#16-A, Nepen Sea Road,

Mumbai-400 036.


Website: http://www.sundarisilks.com

E-mail ID: different@sundarisilks.com

Landline No: +91-44-28143093

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