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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Francis Alukkas – Perfect Bridal Collections

Francis Alukkas is the popular showroom in India. Alukkas story was started before 50 years back in Thrissur. They offer different kinds of jewellery which are unique in collection for wedding. All the Francis Alukkas jewellery are designer, trendy, fashionable, classical, traditional and perfect impurity. The founder of a Francis Alukkas was A. J. Varghese. They got good frame in the society just due to the quality of the service and gold which is offered by them. In simple words, we can say that Francis Alukkas are the ultimate jewellers since 1956. Francis Alukkas Platinum jewellery, is authorised by the Platinum guide international (PGI) and certified by union laboratory. From the Francis Alukkas advertisements you can able to know the latest jewellery products, offers and schemes which are available for the customers.


If you get the product from Francis Alukkas showroom, then you will have a BIS hallmark certification. It is a kind of promise for the purity of the gold. You can check the purity of the gold depending upon the carats that you select.











White Gold at Francis Alukkas:

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to purchase white jewellery Metals such as silver, white gold, platinum, titanium. It is even fashionable to wear. Usually this Platinum are very the expensive and available in 18 karats. So the demand for white gold is increasing day by day.


Francis Alukkas Antique Jewellery:

Woman likes to wear wonderful jewellery which suits their dress. When you wear different models of dress, at that time this Francis Alukkas antique jewellery will be perfect. Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gwalior, Kashmir, Kapurthala, Patiala, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Mysore are well reputed for having this grand antique collection.

Francis Alukkas Bead Jewellery:

Today’s youth want prefer to go with this bead jewellery because only the elders show much interest in purchasing this as it is related to the Indian culture. Elderly woman and men, pundits, swamys and people who prefer to go to the littermates would wear this beaded jewellery. Normally this beaded jewellery is made up of Coral, pearl, semi-precious and precious stones, crystals (spatikam), Tulasi beads, Rudraksham, Sandal beads and Navarathna.

Francis Alukkas Imported Jewellery:

The world has improved a lot and they are latest technologies that have been inventing by scientist. Similarly for inventing the best jewellery which attracts the youth was also concentrated and discovered various types. Today we can see that jewellery participate in all the major international shows and develop new ideas and also import jewellery. We all know that South East Asian countries are recognised have the new market in this generation.

Francis Alukkas Casted Jewellery:

The young generation prefers to go with this kind of jewellery and much huge factory work for making plain and studded jewellery in this method.

Francis Alukkas Fusion Jewellery:

They are various educational institutes that are coming up for the field of jewellery. So the competition has created a new creativity and ideas. The work is mixed with German and Italian style. Francis Alukkas rhodium plated jewellery which is mostly preferred by the today's generation.


Francis Alukkas will also offer the Indian jewellery is from different states. Below are the list of Indian jewellery which are available.

Kerala Jewellery:

Kerala is one of the popular places where most of the people use jewellery which is of high in quality. In Indian design, you can able to find different forms of nature such as leaves, flowers, birds, snake, art and spiritual forms. If you go with the lightweight ornaments, automatically it will be less in expenses. This jewellery is designed by the traditional goldsmiths who are called as thattans. Kerala is famous for adiga chain, chittu, maekathu mothiram, pavan maala, aanaval rings, pulinagham, sankaraabharanam, vaalika, psslskks Thaali, kaasu maala, nagapadam, astha laxmi, light weight jhumkas, mango maala, ottiyanam, dasa avathaaram and many more.

Karwar Studded Jewellery:

If you want to know about the best designs in studded jewellery, then you must certainly know about Karwar. It is a small town which is years to gova, it is a small industry where they make jewellery and prominent studded.

Agra Jewellery:

Mogul jewellery is really very famous for the Indian culture and which should be proud of it because it consist of excellent art work on it. Normally, Mogul jewellery consists of cut and uncut precious stones, kundan work, meenakari work. And even some of the jewellery has flat stones, cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and fine basra pearls.

Bengali Jewellery:

The jewellery is made by the well experienced Bengali goldsmith or else they are also called as Bengali babus. They are one of the best featured and stylish jewellery which are mostly preferred by each and every one.


Francis Alukkas offers wonderful jewellery as a wedding collection. It is the perfect place where you can able to get all the designer jewellery for your special occasion to make it more pleasant and beautiful. They are offering this wedding jewellery for 60 years. They are more than 15 lakhs bridal have chosen their collections from Francis Alukkas. Francis Alukkas even conducts the bridal feast from August 17th to December 31.

· You can even get the assured gift with every wedding purchase.

· Francis Alukkas Honeymoon package for the couples.

· Francis Alukkas special package offer for wedding jewellers .


They offer different models of jewellery colFrancis Alukkas  Deisgner Jewellerylections which are excellent and even traditional to look at. They offer designer and trendy gold jewellery for today's youth. So you can purchase any jewellery such as drops (earrings), trendy rings, chain, necklace, bangles, pendent, vanki, Hip Chain, Talai matal, papidi billa, designer vaddanam, Traditional hangings and many more.


Diamond really precious and while purchasing it you need to take proper care. Each time it is unique and special for you. If you want to check whether the diamond is perfect or not, you need to observe carefully with a magnifying glass.

If you want to clean your diamond jewellery, then you can clean it with your tooth paste and then it will regain its radiance again. But remember that you need to use the soft brush. Don't touch the time and with your fingers it may accumulate dirt into the gaps of the diamond. Keep your diamond jewellery away from the chemicals like bleach because it may discoloured your jewellery. When a diamond jewellery you can able to find different models of rings, bangles, kamal, pendent, chain, necklace and many more.


The college going students will prefer to purchase this Platinum jewellery as it is best to look and attractive. It is costlier than the gold jewellery. This Platinum jewellery will be suitable on the latest modern dresses such as jeans, long skirts, Punjabi suit, half saree and many more. If you purchase your Platinum jewellery at Francis Alukkas, it is really safe and secure because it is authorised by Platinum guide international. Each and every piece of jewellery is stamped with pt logo and has unique identification number. When you spend such a huge amount of money, it is very important to take proper care.


When you want to gift wonderful jewellery to your friend or to your beloved one, then you can choose this because it is cheaper in cost as well as excellent in design. If you just visit the Francis Alukkas showroom, over there you can able to find different jewellery which is made up of silver. You can find necklace, silver chain, rings. Not only this, you can able to get the silver accessories such as puja Samagri, anklets and many more.


Some people believe in wearing the navaratna stone. But purchasing the best quality of stone is really very important to have some results. So I would suggest you to move on into the Francis Alukkas showroom and purchase over there because you can able to find different models of gems which suits you. These gems are given depending upon your birthstone. Some of the gems available over there are cat’s eye, coral, pearls, diamonds, ruby, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, gomeda, emerald.


Francis Alukkas even offers the best job opportunity for the youth who are having the excellent talent and skill in marketing, sales, accounting and many more. Now the Francis Alukkas employers can work in a great environment. Now you can able to apply for the Francis Alukkas job right now through online. They will call you back when they have requirement.


Francis Alukkas Calicut:

Ram Mohan Road,


Francis Alukkas Cochin:

Near KPCC Junction, M.G Road,

Cochin, Ernakulam.

Francis Alukkas Kannur:

City center, fort road,


Francis Alukkas Kannur:

AVK Nair Road, Thalassery,


Francis Alukkas Calicut:

NH Bye Pass Road, Vadakara,


Francis Alukkas Trichy:

No,42, Sathyam Shopping Mall, Singarathoppe,

Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Francis Alukkas Trichy:

No.31, N.S.B Road,

Trichy, Tamil Nadu.

Francis Gold Trade Calicut:

Ram Mohan Road,


Francis Alukkas Corporate Road:

Alukkas Jewellery, Ram Mohan Road,

Calicut, Kerala.

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