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Friday, December 2, 2011

Palam Silks Chennai


Palam which refers to bridge, Palam silk is creating a bridge between their customers to their silk sarees. In India we have varied culture for silks like Japan and China, our Harappa and mohenjo daro civilization which was about 4000 yrs ancient is very famous all over the world, people of these civilization were lived vary rich culture who were well aware of using dye with madder and they didn’t select one place to live, they were travelling all over the world on sea roots. Our 15th century textile history also very famous for sculpture and painting, our climatic conditions and geographical features also contributed lot for our evolution in silk.

The weaving culture was growing widely from that stage, with naturally produced silk moths whose cocoons gave silk threads which was suited for weaving. We were also considering silk to be pure which needs no wash often and we were giving importance for luxury and finely woven elegance silk for grand occasions. There was another type of silk we introduce which was mainly weaving for Jain’s and orthodox Brahmins, wherein one doesn’t have to end the life of the insect just to obtain the silk fiber out of it, this process was considered as best for them. By holding this great traditional values behind them Palam silks is offering you delightful rich collection of both traditional and fashionable silk sarees.


Their sarees collections are very eye catching, they have beautiful 13 collections of sarees, and each one is unique in their design, style and weaving pattern. Here comes their collection,

Palam Silks Casual Sarees – which are very fancy, made out of pure georgette with dots on body, jari in the border, pure shiffon, Printed tussar silks and pure crepe.

Palam Silks Concept Sarees- which are unique from other shops, very rich in look which has concept on each saree, created from Angarika Pattu, Golusu pattu, Mobile pouch saree, Navarasa pattu, Prepleated silk, Readymade saree, Readymade silk, thrishala pattu, Vogue silk, wrinkle free saree, and Sayana collections.

Palam Silks Cotton Sarees- these are from pure cotton which has simple jari in border, jari in pallu, printed and embroidery collections, mostly used in summer.

Palam Silks Designer Cotton Sarees- these are colourful fancy cotton sarees which has work on it, they have printed body with attached border, printed body with embroidery, light embroidery and fancy sarees.

Palam Silks Diwali Collections: these are specially created for diwali which has grand look with bright colours combination.

Palam Silks Dupion Sarees: these collections are unusual which are very beautiful, it comes with embroidered body, printed embroidery, jari work jute woven design light weight pure silk, embossed designs, jute and jari woven motifs duplion.

Palam Silks Fancy Sarees: these are very latest which are very fancy in look, it comes with, black print embroidery, light embroidery, thin jari border, synthetic saree, art silk and jari motifs along with border and pallu.

Palam Silks Kanchipuram Silks: which refers to pure silk, it comes with, pure handloom silk with pure jari thread woven, same with temple rakes along borders, same with self-lined jari on body, border and pallu, same with buttas on body, same with polka dots on body, pure kanchipuram silks, same pure kanchipuram silk with pure jari with mango on upper portion, same with double side border with temple work, same with motifs and mangos, same with bavanji border etc.

Palam Silks Light Weight Kanchipuram: pure silk with light weight for youngsters, it also comes with latest design which has woven with half fine jari mostly with jari border with embossed body, jari in pallu and border.

Palam Silks Pavadai: they brought wonder in pavadai by printing wonders of the world in the border and polka dotted pavadai which suits for youngsters with half saree and for kids with pavadai and tops.

Palam Silk Border: which mostly comes with jari in body, pallu and border, they have crushed border sarees, elephant motifs, peacock motifs, kalamkari patch work, printed body, pallu and border, and embroidery pallu and body etc.

Palam Silks Soft Silk: which comes with light weight kanchipuramPalam Silks silks with light jari border and different motifs on it?

Palam Silks Wedding Sarees: which are trendy muhurtham sarees with grand look in vibrant colours.

These all new range of silk sarees is going to create silk evolution in the market.

If you visit their website you will be fainted with these beautiful collections, they show their creativity in their website by introducing new column for draping saree in which you can learn how to wear saree and yes they do have the online shopping facility. So go ahead to have a look of their grand trendy collections.


Sri Palam Silk Sarees Chennai:

1st floor, 115, Pondy Bazaar,

Opp. Hotel Saravana Bhavan,

T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017

Ph: +91- 44- 24323334

Mobile: +91 - 9282105070

Email: info@palamsilk.com


Sri Palam Silk Chennai:

9/4, 1st Cross Street,

T.T.K. Road, Sri Ram Nagar,

Alwarpet, Chennai - 600 018.

Ph: +91- 44- 24352120

Mobile: +91 - 9282105070

Email: info@palamsilk.com.

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