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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sri Lakshmi Jewellers Gandhipuram

Gandhipuram Sri Lakshmi Jewellers (SLJ) is one of the leading jewellers who are having the experience of 50 years in this industry. They offer different models of jewellery which are really made up of glittering gold, dazzling diamond, precious Platinum and sparkling silver. Each and every jewellery at Gandhipuram Sri Lakshmi Jewellers is masterpiece for any occasion. The quality of the Sri Lakshmi jewellers is really perfect. They use the latest technology and systems for modern manufacturing. The jewellery at Sri Lakshmi showroom are certified by various bodies like GCC, pt, BIS, GII, etc..,


Gold is one of the precious metals which are having huge demand nowadays. Pure gold is bright golden yellow in colour. The gold metal is available in different shades such as, rose gold, white gold, green gold, blue gold. At Sri Lakshmi showroom you can able to find be yes hallmark jewellery which has been identified by the government of India. So it is better to purchase this kind of approved jewellery which is really safe and secure. Next coming to the other certification, that is 916 KDM jewellery, this kind of jewellery comes with KDM stamp. 916 KDM jewellery means it is soldered with cadmium. Cadmium is nothing but kadium. Similarly, you can even get diamond jewellery, Platinum jewellery and even silver jewellery at Sri Lakshmi jewellery showroom.


In designer jewellery, you can able to find the unique models of jewels which are excellent for your lifestyle. They are basically two types of designer collections such as customised design collections and handcraft design collection. In customised design collection, you can able to design your own jewellery and you can able to enjoy it by wearing. This wonderful opportunity of jewellery design is available only at Sri Lakshmi jewellers Gandhipuram. Next coming to the Handcraft designer collections, this kind of jewellery are amazing then machine designs.

Sri Lakshmi Antique Jewellery:

Most of the youth prefer to go with this antique jewellery this is just because of the traditional and fashionable designs available in it. Here you can able to get the traditional motifs and antique finish.

Sri Lakshmi Wedding Jewellery:

Wedding is one of the sweet moments which occur in everyone's life. At the time they would like to add more glamour and great look. For them here is a best Sri Lakshmi bridal collection, which is really unique and can make their stay more special. By Gandhipuram Sri Lakshmi jewellers a great wedding jewellery set was designed which was ranging from 15 soverigns to 200 soverigns.

Sri Lakshmi Sahana Jewellery:

Here they offer the excellent combination of traditional and modern technology such as Naqashi, tarbeni, Kundan, Minakri, Filegre, polki. So many people prefer to purchase this wonderful Sahana collection. It can add value to the jewellery that you purchase.

Sri Lakshmi Tamorri Jewellery:

Tamorri have the power to attract anyone of different age group. They offer a wonderful amethyst, pink tourmaline, citrine, peridot, rhodolite and blue topaz with their frames of brilliant pave, enhanced with the finest quality diamonds. Especially they are designed with lightweight diamond collection. So it looked gorgeous and makes you special in the party.

Sri Lakshmi Valentine Jewellery:

For Valentine's Day, this jewellery with the a wonderful gift for your girlfriend. Here you can able to get a white gold studded with real diamonds. The strings are comfortable and even make your relationship strong and which is known as “ekkam”. Especially lovers prefer to choose this Valentines jewellery.

Sri Lakshmi Spiritual Jewellery:

This will be great news for the people who have great feelings towards the God. You might have heard about the various religious spiritual jewellery such as karma and Divvya Vinayak.

Sri Lakshmi Vallaya Collections:

Vallaya means bangles. Here you can able to get the excellent bangles which are studded with diamonds, gold. On each bangle you can able to find the unique art. You can even find the lightweight bangles which are used in your daily life. For the woman who has great respect towards the Indian culture, they have a gold bangle in the daily use. For them the lightweight bangles would be comfortable. You can even get such a wonderful collections along with party wear bangles.


· Calcutta jewellery

· Chettinad Jewellery

· Hyderabad Jewellery

· Jotha Akbar Jewellery

· Kemp Jewellery

· Kerala Traditional Jewellery

· Kundan Jewellery

· Nagas Jewellery

· Nellore Jewellery

· Rajkot Jewellery

· Traditional Jewellery

· Kasu Malai


They offer different kinds of saving schemes so you can able to choose the one which will suit your budget and economical position. Some of the saving schemes that was introduced by the Sri Lakshmi jewellers Gandhipuram are have listed below:

· Atcharathana

· Balanidhi

· Lakshna

· Sadurta

· Vruksha


Here is a gold investment plan with which you can able to save lots of your money for every month by participating in this. You can able to get the 916 hallmark jewellery which will surely satisfy you. They are lots of benefits by joining this investment plan at Sri Lakshmi jewellers.

Benefits of Sri Sangamam Gold Investment:

· You can get various gifts and complement if you join this scheme.

· If you introduce at least five people to this scheme then you will get a 1/2 gram of gold coin.

· Similarly, if you introduce 10 people in to this game then you can get 1 g of gold. The maximum limit is only 10 people.

· At the same time, you can able to get a gift which is worth of Rs. 400. If you introduce 10 members.

· Instant liquidity.

· Lowest rates of interests when used as collaterals.

· Can be used as an emergency fund.

· Gives you a sense of security.

· Installment Rs.1000 – Rs.10,000 per month.

· Enjoy from any part of India.


· Bhandhamitra

· Lakshmi Vanthachu Contest

· Jewellery Designing Contest

· Guess the Price Contest

· Gold Rush Contest


Gems are really believed by everyone and to think that this will bring good luck into their life. Here at Sri Lakshmi jewellers, this gem stones are given based on names, birthday and planet.


Now you can able to purchase the wonderful and unique designs just by sitting at home as you can able to get the online shopping service from Sri Lakshmi jewellers. This is one of the great opportunity with which you can able to complete your shopping very easily and quickly. If you want to visit the jewellery designs which are available over there, then you can visit the website and enter into the Sri Lakshmi jewellery Gallery. Each and every image is available over there are really attractive and beautiful. It is really very safe to have a shopping at Sri Lakshmi jewellers because they offer a wonderful order tracking system with which you can able to trace out the products that you purchase through online.


Sri Lakshmi Jewellery Gandhipuram :

36, Cross Cut Road,
Lakshmi Complex,


Tamil Nadu- 641012


Phone No- (91)-422-4335144, (91)-422-4335121, (91)-422-2499123, (91)-422-2236354.

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